The Simple Follow-Up Method To Get More Customers


0:00 Introduction
5:13 Common mistakes in follow up efforts
10:00 Follow up strategies for growth
15:00 Bonus tips and overcoming objections
20:00 Business growth, legacy, and parenting
25:00 Personal values, mentors, influences

The Simple Follow-Up Method To Get More Customers with Mostafa Hosseini


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0:00 Introduction
– Improving business growth through effective follow up and retention strategies.
– Mostafa shares expertise on fixing follow up and optimizing customer experience.

Dan Kuschell 00:25
Welcome to, the show that brings you inspiration transformation, and a method to be able to go out grow your business with a lot less stress. Today, I have a question for you. Are you in a situation where you’d like to grow with a lot less friction?

In your business, maybe you’re realizing that there’s a lot of money left on the table in your business? Or maybe you’re like, golly, if I just if I just followed up with my clients better, I know I would have a bigger impact and it would probably drive more revenue, more referrals and a whole lot more. Well, if that’s the case, then you’re gonna love today’s segment.

But if you’re not looking for a way to focus on follow up or retention or referrals and a lot more, well, then this may not be for you. Today we have a friend and guest expert. His name is Mr. Mustapha Husseini. And he has quietly in many ways, for the last 12 years has been helping people, founder CEOs, maybe just like you help transform their business by fixing their follow up, right by fixing their follow up.

And for 12 years. He’s also the founder Persyo, as well as the founder of the simple retention formula, like what would happen to your business if you had greater retention, and greater follow up? How would it change the game for your business, right? And in a world where most people are focused on automate, automate, automate, automate. Here’s a perspective I have I’ve been talking about for over a decade.

Most people are so focused on automation. They automate themselves, right out of business. They automate themselves right out of business. We don’t I don’t want to see that happen to you, which is why Mr. Alpha is here today.

Because we one of the top experts of being able to show you how to fix your follow up and how what we refer to internally as the hop experience, one of our frameworks, humanize it, optimize it, personalize it, like what would happen for your business, if you had ways that were profitable, where you could humanize it, optimize it and personalize it, one of those simple ways is having more effective follow up.

And we’re gonna dive into that today. Mostafa, it’s great to have you here, brother. How are you?

Mostafa Hosseini 02:48
I’m good, brother. I’m good. Thanks, man. Thanks for having me. Great to be here. And I look forward to our conversation.

Dan Kuschell 02:53
Absolutely. So let’s dive in. Right, right off the bat. Everybody’s got a backstory. Like why they’re doing their deal? Why? are you focused on fixing people’s follow up? For sure. So

Mostafa Hosseini 03:07
I ran a marketing agency from 2010 to 2018. And we did A to Z digital marketing for our clients, along with coaching and consulting them. And so, back in the day, I learned from Dan Kennedy about the power of retention and follow ups and how nobody does it. And it’s like the low hanging fruits, with the businesses, and how profitable it is, and the rest of it.

And so, the story is that every time over two years, I ran out of cash, or customers, or, you know, referrals and leads and whatnot, I would pull my hair out for a few days. And then I would come to my senses and realize that I have a list that I could call, then I would pick up the phone, make a round of calls to my list. And then the day off or shortly after, I would get cash appointments, referrals, introductions, and you name it. And so.

And then in 2017, I started teaching what was working with us during the agency days in a course called simple marketing formula. And that’s where I help people create a simple marketing plan and a more simple marketing strategy. And then the last module is always retention. So we go through, you know, everything, including last three modules were lead generation, lead conversion, and customer retention.

And then when it came to retention on like, people, here’s the script, here’s the process, pick up the phone, call your list today, and you’re gonna see a results today.

And nobody would do it. And I’m like, That’s interesting. But these are your people. These are your customers, you have a relationship with them, like you shouldn’t really be scared to pick up the phone, and I’m giving you the script. And I’m like, people just have a very friendly and nurturing conversation, not a pushy salesy kind of conversation.

They still wouldn’t do it. So later on, I had a guy who was making calls for us and he was looking for more work and I And then what happened was were like, a few times during the course where like, we have a guy who could make calls for you to your list who wants an introduction? Everybody? Like Interesting, interesting.

So that happened a few times. And I’m like, what if we do it for you, and we manage it for you? Who wants us to do that? Everybody? And that’s why we started the call center specializing in follow ups, retention and referrals. That was the sorry, the long answer to your simple question.

5:13 Common mistakes in follow up efforts
– Neglecting website visitors and lead magnet downloaders.
– Failing to reconnect with existing customers.
– Relying solely on automation over personalized engagement.
– Not implementing a regular follow-up system.

Dan Kuschell 05:30
Now, that gives some great history and also a lot of depth there. A lot of distinctions. And by the way, if you’re watching or listening right now, thanks for joining us. Thanks for being a part of our show. I’m just going to come out and give a blatant promo for Mustapha, because for our companies, our clients, and they’ve been doing this for 30 years, one of the magic models is simply putting a follow up model in place, it just is.

And so I want to encourage you, and here’s the best part with Mostafa and his team, if you qualify, and there’s a fit and you work together, he guarantees that you’ll get a 200% ROI, right, which nobody that I know of in this space of doing follow up does.

So if you want to just if you have leads coming in, and you have offers that are bringing in clients, or you’ve been building clients for a long time, and maybe in that you’ve got a sense a feeling in your heart of hearts that you’re like, God, if I could just follow up like I you know, but I’m a smaller, leaner team, they’re already busy enough.

And I tried that it didn’t. Well, what would happen if you could have a fractional call team for you to love level up? You know, we’ve seen many times with the clients we’ve worked with, in our own work that we’ve done over the years, where adding the simple follow up, will double a company, triple A company, quadruple a company, sometimes even 10x, the company almost overnight, I don’t want to make this too good, because we don’t know if you’re a fit.

But if you are looking to work with a provider, where they guarantee their results, if there’s a fit to work together, then I’d encourage you to check out my stuff is working. There’s the links on the page somewhere here that you can find. You can go learn more, and I will actually give you misafir how can people reach you? How can they reach you get in touch with, you

Mostafa Hosseini 07:17
could go on our website at propel That’s p e r s You can find me on LinkedIn, message me on LinkedIn. And we will we’ll have a chat and set up a time to chat. And you can find me on Facebook, I’m all over the place. So awesome. So I

Dan Kuschell 07:33
encourage you go to And you can look to get something’s got it. Now, that being said, my staff, I mean, I’ve been doing this for 37 years, it’s you know, there’s so many people come and go. And you’ve got sustainability doing what you’ve been doing for the last 12 years.

Right. You know, Warren Buffett. In fact, I don’t know if you’re watching or listening right now. But Warren Buffett, you know, if you study some of his works, what he looks to do is to find companies that have and he has his own name of this, but I’m just gonna simplify it and dumb it down, which is a competitive advantage.

Right. And when he analyzes the financial statements, he’s looking for the competitive advantage. And one of the criteria is it’s not a never, but it’s a huge factor in his decision making. Because he looks for long-term companies. He’s not looking for the up, he thinks more like a mutual fund mindset versus a stock day trading. You know, let’s get in on this. And then 10 minutes later, let’s get out or basically a stock picker, right?

His original mentor was Ben Graham, and when he looks at is a company that’s been around for at least 10 years, that’s part of his minimum criteria to decide whether to work well. Again, coming back to this capability of fixing follow up or even adding follow up that’s even better than maybe you’d have right now. And maximizing and really putting us to energy, again, can help you skyrocket your valuation, which can set you up for getting free, more free in your business.

If that’s what you’re looking for. It can help set you up for you know, being in a place where you if you want to exit you can if you want to sell the business if you want to essentially take the company public with a valuation that gets maximized, right, which we as a company, we’ve been able to help you know all of those types of companies over the year so Mustapha looking at you know, follow up what you become an expert at all these years. What are some of the big mistakes that you see that most providers or most companies most founders, running those companies make as it relates to the follow up.

10:00 Follow up strategies for growth
– Qualifying leads and having friendly conversations about downloaded content.
– Probing for challenges and financial qualification before offering next steps.
– Reconnecting with existing customers to uncover potential deals.

Mostafa Hosseini 09:40
So the biggest mistake they make is they just don’t do it. So 50% of salespeople and never follow up a second time. Think about that, that that’s like 50% of money that you’re leaving on the table. And I learned this from Jeff occurred years ago. And he one day he said, about 80% of transactions happen within the first 18 months of the first point of contact 18 months.

And so considering that about more than about half to half the business owners and salespeople never, never follow up a second time, they’re leaving multiple 678 or nine figures on the table, depending on the type of time for the business. So the biggest mistake as is that they just don’t do it. And so they’re focused on the people that want to buy now. And I who has had cash handy, and they wanted to give me money today, and that’s about one to 3% of the market. Right. And the rest of them are just more of a long term play. And long term problem means different different length of time, depending on the type of business that we’re in.

Dan Kuschell 10:51
Yeah, and you as you’re watching, or you’re listening right now, right, if you’re not doing follow up, encourage you just simply pick up the phone or reach out to some of your clients. And you can do this even with a voice message and voice text and just say, Hey, I was thinking about you, and Mustapha. And then explain to them something that you might sincerely write, don’t use flattery, because people can smell it a mile away, but sincerely, you know, share something in your heart, on your mind about them that you’re grateful for.

And if you make this a habit every day, or every week, you’d be amazed at how you actually get inbound calls, coming back to you to want to talk instead of you even having to reach out to convince somebody to talk. You’re compelling someone to talk instead of convincing, especially if you’re a lean team, right? Or you also care about humanizing the experience or personalizing the experience or have your sales team do it if you have one, right.

There’s so many different points on top of that, build a system where you follow up regularly. Right? You follow up regularly, so speak to the idea of like, what do you what do you see? You know, Mustapha, like if someone were here with us today, they’re sitting next to us in this, you know, in this brainstorm together, if you will. And they were like, you know, Mostafa, like, what are one to three, you know, profit strategies I could like put in place like right now, like, what, what would you tell him?

15:00 Bonus tips and overcoming objections
– Engaging website visitors and subscribers in multiple ways.
– Collecting phone numbers on opt-in forms to increase qualifications.
– Following up proactively until customers are ready to decide.

Mostafa Hosseini 12:16
So let me let me talk about the three places that people leave a lot of money on the table. Would I be alright? Absolutely. Let’s start with your website. So usually, you spend a lot of money to bring in traffic on your website. Now, there’s a bunch of people that would probably sign up and opt in and get something from you. And there’s a big portion that does not get anything from you, they just come in, and they leave, for whatever reason, maybe they got distracted, maybe they didn’t like the text or the audio or the video or the color or whatever.

So what most people do is they do not follow those people around. Because Facebook and Google allow you to create so what we call pixel them or on Google, you can add them to your remarketing or retargeting list. And you can follow these people around and show them ads so you can bring them back. And they would be a more qualified list of people because they have expressed interest in what you do. They’ve clicked on your ad, they came on your website is spent a few minutes, and they engage with you in a way too.

So that’s a probably one of the first or biggest places where people leave money on the table. Then there’s the people that come in and download a lead magnet, a checklist a video, opt into a webinar or whatnot. And then again, most businesses do not follow up with those people. So there again, so I’m sure Danny will probably you know, it cost anywhere from one to $500 to bring a lead in, depending on who you were what you’re doing. So you spend all this time and money and energy and resources to bring this lead in. The person comes in opts in to get something from you. And then you just leave them up in the air. They’re just sitting in your database or CRM somewhere collecting dust, right? That’s the second place that people leave money.

The third place is your existing customers. You ever run into this problem when you when your vendors call you when your payment fails? They never did. They never call you otherwise, that’s like a bad strategy. You’re leaving a lot of money on the table. So you could simply pick up the phone call your leads. Hey, how’s it going? Now you have a reason to call. We say hey, our system shows that you have downloaded this checklist. Does that ring a bell?

And they’re like Well, yeah, if it’s recent, of course it rings a bell or if maybe someone else put their you know, email in which is a different story, but usually it rings a bell because they did it. Now, here’s what the next thing I would say is like, Dan, I’m sure you are not trying to you know waste your time by doing this. Do you mind if I asked you what was the problem that you were trying to fix? But a problem you were trying to solve by getting this checklist.

Now I’m opening up the conversation, see, what’s the biggest challenge? What were you trying to do? Right? And then I would just sit there and listen, ask follow up questions. How bad is this problem?

How badly is this hurting you and your business? So now we’re confirming and doing some needs analysis. And then I would qualify the customer and say, Do you want to fix this? Right? And they’d be like, yes or no, I and they will tell you either they were just looking around and whatnot, or they’re like, this is a Chris Voss calls it a bleeding neck, if I’m not mistaken. Or someone else looks like they have a problem.

They’re dying. So they need to fix us. And then the next step is the financial qualification. Are you in a position to invest in your business to fix this problem? Right? And if they say, Yes, you know, I’m ready to invest, then boom, then the next question is, would you be opposed to booking a call with one of our team members to see how we, to see if we might be able to, you know, help you fix this problem? Right.

And so, so here’s, here’s the approach, the approach is very friendly, and nurturing. So we’re not doing the pushy salesy. I have this offer Do you want to buy now we’re like, first, we’re like, does this ring a bell? You’ve done this, right. And so that’s what the people that opted in for your existing customers, like you said, you could just pick up the phone, call them up and say, Hey, Dan, how’s it going? Mostafa here. The reason I’m calling I just I just wanted to say hi.

Right, I noticed we haven’t spoken for a while. And if you haven’t called them for a few years, you just want to bring it bring it up first and say, I understand that I haven’t been in touch. And I took a course I don’t or I heard Mostafa, talk about this on some podcast. And I just wanted to call say and say hi and see how things are going. And then you’d be surprised how often people will thank you for for doing that.

They’re like, Oh, my God, thank you for thinking of me. And so that was long answer to your simple question. Again, it’s like, those are the three places that people leave massive money on the table. And you could just easily and simply pick up the phone and have conversations because you have a reason to. And with your existing customers, when you have a friendly conversation, a lot of times, you could you could either steer that conversation is into, is there anything I could do for you? Is there any way shape or form I can serve and support you?

And sometimes they’d be like, Oh, my God, I’d be wanting to call you to do this for me, and you just get a deal or an upsell right there. And then or you can always end the call with and we always ask for a referral. Right. Be like Dan, you know, we’ve been working together for a long time. Who do you know, that may be having issues with their follow ups? Right. And then out of every if you asked that question 100 times, you’re probably gonna get a few, at least one referral? Absolutely. I can guarantee one referral if you ask it 100 times. Yeah,

Dan Kuschell 18:09
just ask like, and that’s the second thing is, again, just ask just do it. Just take action. I mean, I feel like as you’re watching or listening right now, like what would happen for you, if you applied and implemented what Mostafa mentioned, you recognize that there are people coming to your website right now, today, this moment?

And they’re leaving? That’s the majority, like, you know, 75? It depends. But the over 70%, probably, on average daily, depending on the type of sources you use. Yeah, but let’s call it 50% 50% are leaving your site? Well, what if you just followed them around and re engaged and missed off and shared a way to do that? Number two, is for the people that are opting in for a tool, a event a webinar a whatever they opt in, after they opt in initially, number one, check in with them. Right, don’t just leave it to some automation sequence.

Actually try to create a dialogue with them and connect with them collaborate with them, right? Think about that. Like How simple is that? Right. So it’s not an either or? Oh, okay. Well, Dan, what are you saying? You’re saying to ditch automation? No, no, it’s an end. You use them both. Right? Because the automation does allow you to stay in touch and unique, fun creative ways on top of using something as simple as a call right?

Number three, what if you just follow it up with some of your clients like Mostafa had shared with you? Hey, I was thinking about you. Do you think you’re gonna get a positive response? Right now here’s the key don’t do it just one time. Now build it as a muscle build it as a habit build it is something that you do daily, right during the week and carry and or your team and or if you’re looking for a team to help you do it. They want to encourage you to learn more by going to

So I’m sorry Again, all the links are down here in the show notes as well. Now, man, this is like been a masterclass already in like 10 minutes. Do you mind if

20:00 Business growth, legacy, and parenting
– Sharing a personal story to emphasize the importance of follow up.
– Expressing gratitude to wife for long-term support.
– Letting kids experience and learn from mistakes rather than shielding them.

Mostafa Hosseini 20:16
I add one more tip here? Absolutely go for it. So make sure on your opt in forms, you’re collecting phone numbers. And you could do it either as a mandatory field or as an optional field. So I’ll share my experience with you on the webinar opt in forms.

When we do it optional. As an optional field, we get 40 to 50% opt ins for the phone number, and here’s how we do it. And a works for us, you might want to test it, here are the fields, there are three of them. First Name, best email, best phone number, those are the labels. And so and then that’s all we say. And now if you want, you could leave the phone number as an optional field or leave it as a mandatory field depending on the source of the traffic and where they come from.

With cold traffic. When you make the phone number field mandatory, you wouldn’t experience a drop, what when we do it with JV traffic and with affiliate traffic, we get between 50 to 80%. opt in, by having a phone number is as a mandatory field. And so another mistake that I see people make is like, put your phone number in. So I’m going to send you reminders. Don’t do that. Because that’s when I when people read that they’re like, I don’t want to get reminders, I’m good. All you would say is first name, best email, best phone number, that’s it, and then people will fill it out. Okay,

Dan Kuschell 21:34
and I’m gonna even plus this a bit because everything that Mostafa is sharing with you is accurate. And I would even encourage you to put an action verb in front of first name, email, phone number and add the words enter your enter your enter, you’re in front of all three, and you will likely see an increase in conversion rate is as well as simple as it sounds we think people may know to do that. Well, not necessarily.

And we have found that we can lift conversions, a fairly significant amount by including it versus not. So apply that strategy. So Mostafa, we’ve covered a lot in a short period of time, like what is something I should have asked you that we didn’t get a chance to cover yet that you think could be also a another type of profit breakthrough.

Mostafa Hosseini 22:20
So a myth that people have around follow up, which we already talked on, let me share, share some about that, which is something I deal with all the time. And people say a myth is I don’t want to bother my customers. Yeah, I’ve heard that from clients all the time. Yeah, that’s what’s stopping about 99%. Or maybe, maybe less.

So people say I don’t want to bother my customers. And the fact of the matter is that you’re not bothering your customers, when you follow up. As a matter of fact, you are actually serving and supporting them.

Now there is a fine line between serving them and bothering them, if you’re calling them and every hour that’s bothering them. But if you have a friendly and nurturing approach, when you follow up with them, they actually thank you for doing that. Now, the other pieces that people say, Oh, I’ve called them once, and they said that they’re busy, they want to think about it, I don’t want to you know, do this and that.

The fact of the matter is that as much as it hurts me, I’m not the center of the planet and the world for my customers, they have things to do. They are busy people, these are like entrepreneurs, business owners, and even salespeople.

They have other things in their life. So it’s your job, and it’s on you to follow up properly and consistently until they are ready and in place to make a decision and maybe purchase or not. Right. So by a lack of doing that you will be hurting yourself. And here’s my follow up philosophy without whatever you okay, if I share it, yes. Here’s my follow up philosophy and the philosophy is that I would if I know that I have a solution for you there.

For example, if I know you have a problem, and I know I have a solution for you, it is on me and it’s my responsibility to follow up with you. Until you’re I can help you I’m in a position to help you. And if I don’t do that, the other side is I’d be hurting you. You’re your team, your family, your bank accounts and everyone around you. So that might help you overcome your fear of follow up. If that if that is how you think about it’s like I need like think about this.

Let’s say that I have a heart attack. Right? And you’re a doctor and I come to you are you going to think about like, I don’t know if I should follow up this guy, right and like the guy is dying. Let’s go help it. Right. And then the doctor would like it’s on them I guess to follow up and make sure that they deliver proper service. So follow up as a portion of our business to make sure that We do properly follow up with this person, and we’re there for them when they need us and the rest of it.

So I get I get excited about this, because I love this and I love my relationships. So managing and maintaining your relationships with your customers and with your prospects is a big deal.

25:00 Personal values, mentors, influences
– Prioritizing family, growth, learning through reading widely.
– Citing Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson as influences.
– Being intense when working but otherwise relaxed.

Dan Kuschell 25:25
Absolutely. And speaking of which, you know, I want to give you something to think about as you’re watching or listening right now, right, what my staff has shared, right? You know, a lot of times, you know, these principles can sound so simple, and yet not as powerful. Yet they save lives, they save businesses, they help you get on the right side of a statistic as far as making an impact growing your revenue growing your profitability, and more.

Right, and kind of to Mustafa’s point related to the doctor example, you wouldn’t potentially walk away, but some people do, which is kind of funny, I’ll give a quick story. My dad has a has had a very rare form of cancer, which he was diagnosed with many years ago. And he was in Tennessee at the time, which is where him and my mom lived.

And for a come to find out he was got into some conversation with a few other patients, one of them had the same very rare type of cancer. And that person chose not to take advantage of the certain type of specialized chemo combined with some other things that they were going to need to do. And my dad was like, What must officer Well, of course, I need to do it well, along in the short is that other person died less than 30 days later. Right now, this isn’t cancer.

You know, it’s not to that degree. However, if you’re not applying, follow up. It’s costing you impact is not what you want. If that’s not what you want, then I encourage you to apply and implement what Mostafa is sharing with you today. I encourage you if you want it done for you then explore at least be you know Dan the Explorer and go explore and talk to Mr. Alphas team to see if there’s a fit and if they might be able to help you and if they can, you’re back by their guarantee and ROI return.

So, Mostafa, again, one more time, how can people reach you? How can they connect with you?

Mostafa Hosseini 27:28
You can find me on LinkedIn search for my name Mostafa Hosseini, and you could find me, you could visit our website, you can find me on Facebook, but LinkedIn would probably be a good place and on our website.

Dan Kuschell 27:39
Awesome. Now you’ve been married nine years? Yes. Well, I’d like to shift these from business to some personal things, right? You’ve been married nine years, if we were if you were going to turn to your wife today.

Later, you probably do this even as a practice knowing you the little bit than I do. But if you were going to turn to your wife later today and say thank you, honey, for how you’ve shown up to support me this way. What would you be saying to her? What

Mostafa Hosseini 28:11
would I be saying to her so I actually went out and bought her roses this morning. That’s my my silent way of saying thank you. And I do that I tried to do it on a regular basis. And she loves it. But how would I say thank you?

I would, I would probably say it exactly as you put up as you did like thank you for being there for all these years and putting up with me. And being there through the ups and downs and and being an awesome and amazing wife and amazing mother and the rest of it.

Dan Kuschell 28:46
That’s awesome. Thanks. Thanks for your vulnerability. Thanks for you know, giving us a look. A little bit.

Mostafa Hosseini 28:53

Dan Kuschell 28:54
absolutely. Now you have two kids also.

Mostafa Hosseini 28:56
Yes, yes, I got two boys one is two and a half. One is six and half. Their names are Ali and Sina. All

Dan Kuschell 29:03
right. Which one do you like better? No, I’m kidding. No. Kidding. So what are you hoping to do or demonstrate for your kids as far as like, you know, if we use the word, the legacy word, right, which is kind of a convoluted word. But like if we were going to talk about leaving footprints or thumb prints behind for your kids, like what would you hope that they get to recognize value most from you Mustapha.

Mostafa Hosseini 29:35
From me Well, the way I tried to raise my kids is like, I let them experience everything and I do not block them from feeling or experience or experiencing pain. Like when I see them when they’re about to fall, I don’t stop them. I tell them like if you go there, you’re gonna it’s going to hurt you. And I don’t start stop them because I want them to experience faster and in front of me when It’s supervised so I can be there to help them and save them.

And so that’s one thing that I do is like, I don’t stop them from experiencing things. And I, I’d like to grow and raise confident kids. So when they make mistakes, I don’t, I don’t I don’t give them shit. Sorry for pardon my French. So I’m like, alright, you know you did that, but here’s probably the better way to do it. And so like, here’s, here’s how this is gonna hurt you. And then that’s, that’s the biggest piece with me, I let them experience everything.

So I want them to grow up and be who they are, I don’t want them to be followers, I want to, if they want to become engineers, great, go become an engineer, if you want to become a business owner, perfect. Whatever you decide to do, I’m going to be there. And I will not act like I know everything. And I will not act like they should act and be like me. So that’s me.

Dan Kuschell 30:58
That’s awesome. That’s awesome. What are our 123

Dan Kuschell 31:06
Personal core values that are just part of your DNA and limited to one to three.

Mostafa Hosseini 31:10
So my top three values are family business and growth and learning. So I spend 99% of my time in family business and growth and learning. And that’s, that’s me. I spend a lot of reading, doing my business, a lot of hanging out with awesome people like yourself, learning from people like yourself and constantly like, even when I’m out on a drive by myself, I’m like, Alright, here’s your tool. Let’s listen to this guy and see what he has to, you know, to say and what, what I can learn. And when I get frustrated when I’m when I’m burned out from learning, I’m like, Alright, let’s do one more.

Dan Kuschell 31:54
One more, one more, and that’s the DNA of an overachiever. Right? And again, as you’re watching or listening I encourage you if you’re at all sparked by what Mostafa has been sharing with you go check out his work or check out LinkedIn go check out his site for for precise PR. P And again, all the links are on the page anyhow, so go to Percy Oh, check out what Mostafa is doing. Who is who is been your I don’t know favorite mentor, influence or coach that you’ve worked with Mustafa

Mostafa Hosseini 32:33
favorite cowshed and I am a huge fan of Dan Kennedy and his way of thinking when it comes to marketing and the rest of it

Dan Kuschell 32:40
for you is lumpy as Dan, what time are you as grumpy as Dan?

Mostafa Hosseini 32:45
I’m not No. No. I could be sometimes.

Dan Kuschell 32:51
What would your wife say? Like if I asked your wife? would she say you’re pretty grumpy or? Well?

Mostafa Hosseini 32:55
No. She wouldn’t

Dan Kuschell 32:57
really say my dad’s grumpy.

Mostafa Hosseini 33:00
They probably wouldn’t say that. Sometimes I am like when I’m sometimes like like six or 7pm. And I’m like really tired. And we just went out to the park and played for two hours we come home and he’s like, Dad, let’s go play soccer. I’m like, Dude, I’m not a robot.

Dan Kuschell 33:16
I hear you. I can’t my kids will tell you that I am super intense. intense, intense,

Mostafa Hosseini 33:25
intense. All right. Intense to where I’m like, I’m well on a desk. I’m pretty I’m a high D high high i. So when we get to do business, I’m like, Alright, let’s get to it. Let’s not chit chat and talk about weather. Let’s get to it.
So I could be intense when I’m like when I walk in with an intention of doing something. But otherwise, I’m pretty chill. I would like to think you would have to ask people, but people that have had influenced me got Jim Rohn I’ve done I’ve done quite a bit of reading and studying Jim Rohn Tony Robbins back in the day I’ve I’ve studied his stuff quite a bit. Russell Brunson has had pretty good influence on me and what he has achieved. So these are some of the people that I’ve been following and studying.

Dan Kuschell 34:14
That’s, that’s amazing. And as you’re watching or listening, you know, here’s, here’s the deal. Most Successful people you’re going to meet I’m going to meet we’re going to work with, they stand on the shoulders of giants, they stand on the shoulders of experience, right? And, you know, if you’re looking for a way to fit your follow up, if you’re looking for a way to get you know, greater retention, greater referrals, greater, you know, mobility greater leverage greater optimization strategies with something as simple as follow up, then I encourage you go to that’s P er SYOP er Check out my stuff is work. You won’t be disappointed at the end of the day, right at the end of the day, because let’s face it, when you We’re working with your clients. And let’s say they opt in or you know, they, you know, attend an event, you’re starting a relationship, see, we’re not in B to B, we’re not in B to C, or any of that nonsense, or an R to R, that’s relationship to relationship, P to P, person, to person. Right. And if you, you know, if you were at a restaurant, let’s say you were single, and you’re at a restaurant, and you met someone where you had a little chemistry, and maybe you got their number, if you waited a month to contact them back, what would the chance be that really you’d reignite the initial chemistry, it’s few and far between, isn’t it?

Mostafa Hosseini 35:39
Don’t go away, if you

Dan Kuschell 35:40
had a little chemistry, if you had a little chemistry with that person. And you’d been dating for a couple of weeks, and then all of a sudden, you vanished for a month, because there’s some people go, I don’t want to email too much. So about once a month is about it. No, if you had chemistry and been dating a couple of weeks, you’d probably be you know, messaging to three times a week, it could be more could be less, right, or phone or fit meeting or whatever, especially if you had chemistry.

So there are different stages to be aware of. And again, when stuff is one of the best, so go check out his work. I’m Dan KUchel. This is growth, the freedom. Thanks for making us part of your day. Seize the day, make it a great week. We’ll see you next time on growth.

Mostafa Hosseini 36:23
Bye for now. Bye.

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