Fear of Marketing and Sales: and how to Deal with it!

Addressing the Fear of Marketing

The other day, I was talking to a business owner, and I was just presenting solutions on growing and scaling their business. And they were just saying no to the solutions.

And I started digging and asked them why. And the concern was that they had a fear of growth and fear of marketing as a whole. And I said, “Why?” 

Then they said, “I don’t want to get too much business.” 

Because I’ve been hearing this over and over for years, I thought I’d create a video about this and address this issue.

Understanding the Fear Loop

A lot of business owners out there don’t do marketing, and they don’t even think about it because they think they’re gonna get too much business, while they’re starving for business, but they have this fear. So they’re in this loop that is just there. 

It just doesn’t really go anywhere. So the fear is, what if my phone rings too much? What if too many people line up at the door? What if I don’t have the capacity to deliver? What if I don’t have enough products? What am I going to do with all that?

What if we’re not able to handle all that business? Another business owner told me that Facebook said, “No, get this, Facebook said, ‘Hey, us, $10 to promote this article or this post that you have, and we’ll show it to 7,1000 people with a $10 investment.'” 

And he said that he was scared. “What am I gonna do with 17,000 people?” Okay, so that number right there stopped them. So let me share with you my two cents after working on marketing and helping people grow and scale their business for the past eight, nine years, and hopefully, it will help.

Overcoming the Fear of marketing

First of all, it won’t happen as fast. Just because you pay Facebook $10 or you spend 50 bucks, 100 bucks on Facebook or Google or YouTube or whatnot, doesn’t mean that your phone is going to ring off the hook for so long that you’re not going to be able to handle it.

There’s this thing involved in there called conversion rates. If you get 100 people on your website, maybe you will get anywhere from one to three phone calls or inquiries or whatnot. That’s if your landing page is working, that’s if your offer is good.

That’s a lot. There are a lot of ifs in there. So it won’t happen as fast. With $10, you’re not going to become a millionaire. The other thing is, if you start small, maybe you start with a $500 budget, $1,000 budget, maybe a $2,000 budget, start small, see what happens, and then slowly grow your budget.

Embracing Growth Opportunities

Even if you get too much business, okay, that would actually be a good problem to have. Oh, I get too many phone calls from people, I cannot believe these people, they’re trying to give me their business. What’s wrong with these people? Right? That’s a good problem. So here are a couple of things that you could do.

Either you turn them away or you make your waitlist. And this fear of marketing and growth as a whole, I would just set it aside. And if you have any problems with setting it aside, feel free to book a free coaching session with myself, and I will hopefully get that fear out of you.

I hope you like this video. If you resonate with this message, like the video, leave a comment, let us know your thoughts and your experience, and if you think you know someone that could benefit from this, please share it with your network.

Looking forward to seeing you on our next video.

Mostafa Hosseini

Your business and marketing coach

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Fear of Marketing and Sales and how to Deal with it!


What is the fear of marketing?

The fear of marketing is being afraid of growing your business because you might get too much business and not be able to handle it. But it's something you can overcome with the right approach.

How can I handle the fear of marketing and sales?

You can handle the fear by starting small with your marketing efforts and gradually increasing your budget. Also, consider that getting too much business can be a good problem to have.

What if I'm scared of getting too many customers?

It's natural to feel scared, but getting too many customers can be a good thing. You can manage it by either turning some away or creating a waitlist for your products or services.

How can I start marketing my business without feeling overwhelmed?

Start by investing a small amount in marketing and see how it goes. Remember, marketing won't make your phone ring off the hook overnight, so there's no need to worry.

Can fear of marketing stop my business from growing?

Yes, fear of marketing can hold your business back from growing. But if you learn to overcome this fear and take small steps, you can unlock the potential for your business to thrive.

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