Entrepreneur Mental Health: Strategies for Well-being

Understanding Entrepreneur Mental Health

Today I want to talk about Entrepreneur Mental Health and the chances of getting some sort of mental problems. Now, in Canada, one in five Canadians, about 20% of the population faces some sort of mental problem or mental illness.

That number for entrepreneurs and business owners is 70%. So 70% of business owners and entrepreneurs have a chance of facing or experiencing a mental health issue or illness or problem during their career.


High Stress Among Business Owners

Because running a business and the entrepreneurial world is, it’s a tough job, it’s not easy, okay. And, you know, running day to day trying to figure everything out malt, wearing multiple hats, dealing with all sorts of problems and issues. And being responsible for a million different things puts a lot of pressure on our mind.

Reducing Mental Health Risks

Now, one way to reduce the chances of facing a mental issue or illness, and I’m sure there’s like 1000 different ways to go about this. But having a clear goal, and a clear plan to achieve the goal reduces the chances of facing or getting a mental health problem or issue.

Now, most people or business owners deal with, and I have dealt with, don’t really know exactly what they want.

The Importance of Goal Setting

Right? So when you ask them, What do you want for your business? They say, hey, I want to grow my business. Well, yeah, how much do you want to grow it? Well, you know, lots and lots, how much is lots and lots for you?

Well, you know, I just want, you know, a lot of money and customers and a lot of everything, right? But so what happens is, when the brain doesn’t know exactly what it wants, or what you want, then the brain cannot possibly help you get there.

The Power of Planning

And the brain goes, Man, I can’t deal with this, it gets all messed up. That’s when we get anxiety, that’s when we get all depressed, because we’re shooting in the darkness. And we don’t exactly know where we’re going and how we’re getting there. But by setting a clear goal, and an action plan to get there, we make it a lot easier for our brain to come up with ways and to implement a plan that we just created together to get there.

So to help with this, and to help reduce this chances of getting some sort of mental issues or illness, we’re getting together on Friday, March 20, to create a quarterly plan for the second quarter of 2020. This is a chance to sit down for a day to give your mind and give your brain a chance to sit down on plan and thinking review and sit down with other business owners.

Community Engagement for Mental Health

Now the other part side of the coin is that we we do a lot of sharing and masterminding at the at the workshop. So you get to share your experience and either hear other people’s and other business owners experiences. So that you will see that you’re not alone in what you’re experiencing. Because the entrepreneurial world and the business owner world is a lonely world usually.

But once we get together and put our brains together and you start sharing and helping each other, that helps us mentally, spiritually, and sometimes physically as well, so that it’s not so hard on us. So you don’t have to do it on your own and face the chances of facing mental issues such as depression or anxiety.

Let’s get together, spend a day and figure out what we’re going to do for the business. I’m going to leave the link to today’s event so you could check it out. Check out the workshop and learn all about it. See some testimonials from our previous graduates. And some of them are coming back again.

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Entrepreneur Mental Health - Strategies for Well-being with Mostafa Hosseini


Why is it important for business owners to talk about mental health?

It's important because many business owners face stress. Talking helps us feel less alone and find solutions together.

How can setting clear goals help with mental health?

Setting clear goals helps our brains focus and make plans. When we know where we're going, it's easier to feel calm and less stressed.

How can entrepreneurs get help with mental health and stress management?

Entrepreneurs can get help by joining supportive communities, like workshops, where they can share experiences and learn stress management techniques from others.

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