The Simple Marketing Plan Template: 

The fastest way to simplify your marketing and getting results!

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The Simple Marketing Plan Template is a strategic one-sheet designed to simplify strategies and numbers that matter most to leaders and experts.

 It’s based on our experience in the market, reading 100s of books, attending seminars and webinars. This template has been practiced and tested by us and our students over the past 10 years.

It’s imperative to stay on top of your marketing in today’s changing world. Download the template to learn how to put a simple and effective marketing plan together, and ditch the confusion of marketing

Use this template to setup:

  • The most important numbers you need to know for your marketing
  • Your Niche Market
  • Your Profitable Specialty
  • Your Strategic tagline –  a few words that people know you by
  • Your lead generation strategies
  • The systems you need to convert leads to actual paying clients
  • The processes your need in place keep your customers, and get referrals from them