What people say about us

Kenny Dusseault

I sat down with Mostafa and told him that I was planning on starting my own business. I showed him my plans, told him what I had thought of, and asked for any advice he may have on starting up on my own. Not only did he thoroughly review every plan I had made already, he then laid out a simple marketing plan for me, as well as next steps. He then sat down with me again two days after his son was born and took an hour to walk me through how to run market research questionnaires, pricing structures for my new business, lead generation strategies, time management strategies, as well as oh so much more. If you are starting a business and are concerned with the amount of work you have ahead of you, you NEED to meet Mostafa. His business coaching strategy and guidance lays things out so easily and makes it almost impossible to feel disorganized or overwhelmed. Thank you Mostafa, you are so obviously passionate about what you do, and incredibly helpful!

Tim McCann

I attended Persyo’s quarterly planning workshop and feel I obtained the tools to achieve my long and short term business goals. There is lots of introspective work required but it’s definitely worth it. Goal setting is one of the most important things you can do for your business success.

Vishal R.

What an amazing workshop by Mostafa Hosseini of Persyo Inc. Can’t wait to start implementing what I’ve learned here today and take my business to the next level! Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a veteran, I highly recommend this quarterly workshop.

Richelle Wiseman

I attended Mostafa’s 90 Planning Workshop two weeks ago and it was terrific. He is an excellent communicator and has developed great tools and resources to help business owners get clarity and motivation to set goals. I highly recommend Mostafa as a business coach. He is very knowledgeable, and has great insights.

Chacha Chansiri

Persyo Marketing is great, I would highly recommend you to use this Marketing company. Mostafa Hosseini, the owner is a generous marketer. His advise was amazing when I found difficulty time on my marketing challenge. He will definitely giving you a great advise and guild you through difficult economic time.

Tricia Breckon

I had a goal setting session with Mostafa and he was fantastic! He followed a clear plan/outline and helped me see connections between my goals to help me develop a strategy to set myself up to succeed in meeting those goals. I’m looking forward to taking action and am excited to see where I go from here!

Tulio Sanchez

Im an entrepreneur and my experience with Peryso was amazing. I worked with Mostafa and he helped me a lot with the launch of the marketing campaign for my business furthermore the coaching and mentoring time whit him was terrific. I strongly recommend Peryso for your marketing activities.

Ahmad Hamed

When I joined Simple Marketing Formula, I had very little information about marketing techniques. This course is rich in content and provided me with lots of new ideas. I enjoyed the course as well; it is simple and designed for simple people like myself to understand. Objective of course is clear & to the point. The course is interactive and organized into six main units, each has its own goals and objectives. Course instructor is very good in getting the ideas through, prepared and knowledgeable. He is very patient with students and an excellent listener and speaker. I would encourage business owners to hire him as their business consultant.

Tracey Morrison

I have taken a couple of courses provided by Mostafa at Persyo and have been very happy with the results. Since taking the last course, my time management has improved, I am much more organized and I am following his marketing suggestions with noticeable results. If you are looking for a business coach, I would highly recommend Mostafa.

Michael Newton

Mostafa Hosseini provides an activity based system for getting tangible sales results for any business. He is generous, trustworthy and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve a higher level of sales in their organization.

Yvonne Chang

I did a free session with Mostafa and I am impressed with his knowledge and the information that he shared with me. I am anxious to put the information into practise. Thanks Mostafa, you have done a great job and it is highly appreciated.

Tanysia Komers

Mostafa helped me cut through the mental clutter to create a clean picture of what my next steps are. He wasn’t afraid to point out my assumptions and gave me practical advice for future growth. I appreciated how organized and specific his business planning approach is… Thank you Mostafa for lending me your time and expertise.

Tracey Delfs

I recently finished Mostafa’s course called Simple Marketing Formula. I was very impressed with the content of this course and thought it was great value. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that’s self- employed and is ready to take their business and marketing to the next level. Thanks Mostafa!

Angela M

Mostafa was able to help me get to the heart of what benefit I create for my client and help me craft an elevator pitch that is clear and full of value for my intended audience. Thanks for helping me dial that in Mostafa!

Marie-Pier Fortin

I had a coaching session with Mostafa, and it helped me narrow down my goals and come up with a better work/life balance. I cannot express how energized I felt after our meeting. Any business owner or manager feeling overwhelmed should add Business Coaching to their resources to add perspective and focus to their business approach.

Nader Rad

I had a goal setting session with Mostafa this week. It was a well deserved productive meeting in order to list my important values and subsequently conclude my precise goal. Having a very clear understanding of my goal after this valuable session is optimizing my efforts to achieve the results . I highly appreciate his efforts on this process. I look forward to my next meeting in near future

Will Jabali

I would like to thank Mostafa for all of his help. Working with him has been a pleasure. He is dedicated to providing high quality business coaching and will do whatever it takes to ensure we achieve nothing less than excellence. His care for high quality work is a passion of his and I highly recommend working with him. He will make you shine and make your business look exceptional next to others. I will definitely continue to work with him to bring our business to the absolute highest level. Sky’s the limit. Mostafa has saved me between 2 to 5 hours / week (at least), by giving me a simple marketing plan. His daily schedule template gave me the ability to become not only efficient, but effective. I was spoon fed exactly what I needed to know and he made me realize how much we lack in the marketing department. We are taking our business to an olympian level with Mostafa’s coaching and help. His information is backed up by statistics which ensures they stick. He’s also fun and cares about his clients success. Thanks Mostafa!

David Lanciault

In a 1 hour meeting with Mostafa, I learned more about marketing, and how to grow my business with actionable items that I had learned in a few years of training via books and online seminars! This has given me the confidence and trust for me to deal with Persyo on an ongoing basis!

Carole Perkins

Mostafa is skilled with business owners in developing their marketing strategy. He has a keen ability to listen and provide solutions outside the box, which result in action plans that fit the industry of the owner. His work is timely and he stays on schedule

Mikhael Horvath

While Mostafa certainly appreciates the importance of a long term vision, he’s not a pie in the sky kind of guy.  For me, who has struggled to determine what are the tangible next, bite-sized, CONCRETE steps that need to be taken, Mostafa has been a breath of fresh air.  Mostafa paints the big strategical picture first, but in no time gets down to the nitty gritty of the do list.  His marketing counsel is well researched and his advice is sound.  I personally find Mostafa’s can-do attitude to be very motivational.  I would recommend (and have) Mostafa as both a marketing consultant and a business coach.

Nikki Griffin

I knew I had to do something with my marketing plan for my special needs/accessible travel business but it all seemed so overwhelming! I met Mostafa and he made me feel like I could actually do this! You know how a lot of marketing feels like you are going in circles and you have no idea what the hell they just said?!? That is not Mostafa! He was very supportive and I especially liked his no BS approach! One of the biggest take aways from Simple Marketing Formula for me was the weekly homework. It was straight forward and extremely valuable in creating my marketing plan! If you actually do the work, you will gain such a greater understanding of your business, your ideal client and how you can reach them. Thank you Mostafa for this great course! I highly recommend Persyo to any small business looking for some marketing answers!