What people say about us

Patty Fogarty

Simple Marketing Formula is like Marketing 101 Bootcamp. In just six days you’ll learn and implement the foundational marketing steps every business needs. You’ll know how to set goals, track your progress, plan the right types of marketing for you, and talk about your business in any situation. Mostafa is all about taking action, so he will push you to complete each exercise. DO IT! He’s not pushy, but he will ask you to commit. 

 And a marketing plan in one page? Who could resist? Take the class. I know you’re busy, but it’s well worth your time.

Gloria Pierre

I’m in the Simple Marketing Bootcamp with a group of inspiring entrepreneurs and the bootcamp is facilitated by Mostafa Hosseini. This is the most comprehensive marketing training I’ve attended. I now understand how all the pieces fit together. After 3 days and under Mostafa’s guidance and with feedback from my peers in the bootcamp, I honed in on exactly who I wanted to serve And now have the tagline and ad lib. That’s huge and within 3 days! I have learned so much and am now more focused. Mostafa’s experience and passion for what he does shows every day. He delivers 7 out of 5. There is a Chinese proverb that sums up why any business owner who wants to learn how to market their business effectively should connect with Mostafa: to know the road ahead, ask those coming back. Thank you, Mostafa!

Patricia Maltz

I recently attended Mostafa Hosseini Simple Marketing Formula 6 day class (2 hours/day). What a blessing it was. His promise was a to walk away with a One Page Marketing Plan! I did! Plus I met a collection of interesting and engaging people and felt supported through the entire process. I have a clear path as to where I should direct my attention, strategies to successfully do so AND ways to measure the return. I encourage both those starting a service and those already offering such to take advantage of his program. It is fast moving, deep diving and relevant!

Terry Jenkins

I would like to give a massive shoutout to Mostafa Hosseini and his team for the training they delivered this week in his Simple Marketing Formula Bootcamp. If you are in business, you absolutely need this training. It is a six-day course, three hours a day, which is a real commitment I know, but all of the students on the course were blown away by what Mostafa and his team delivered for us. At the end of the course you will have not only created your one-page marketing plan but will have discovered the following: 1) A clear target for your business revenue for the next 90 days and 12 months, including the number of new clients you need to attract to achieve those targets and the price you should charge them. 2) A precise definition of who your target market is and a targeted way to tell people what you do in your business. 3) How to discover the perfect offer for your target market. 4) How to generate new leads for your business. 5) How to convert those leads to sales. 6) How to retain clients so they keep coming back to you for more products or services. 7) A one-page business plan that will put you ahead of 99% of businesses out there and give you clarity on your day to day focus. 8) The skills to churn out these plans every 90 days for your business so you continue to grow. If you haven’t enrolled in this course yet, then do yourself a massive favour and do it now. I promise you won’t regret it.

Minesha White

I just finished the Simple Marketing Bootcamp and was blown away by the simple solutions and metric-driven processes that was introduced in this course. Mostafa strategies help me see immediate results in my business. My favorite “ahah moment” was when I used his 6 question Market research process- it was through this experience that I was able to identify my niche market – this 1 revelation opened up a floodgate of opportunities and marketing strategies to sustain my business over time. I’m so thankful and highly recommend this course.

Robert Abbey

Mostafa and his Simple Marketing Formula condensed to 6 Days is Intense! Everyday there were multiple take aways .. including discovering where bottlenecks occur in the sales process (found a big one)! I could go on and on … Just take the course – stick with it – and you will be further ahead in your business (online or offline) than you can ever imagine. I am very honored to have met you and I’m incredibly grateful for this course – thank you.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 7/5 take the course you’ll understand!

Marie Campanile

I just completed a 6 day intensive boot camp with Mostafa Hosseini and can’t say enough positive things about the experience. Simple Marketing Formula Bootcamp was a well thought-out program that had many tools, templates and worksheets to help me clearly see the next steps necessary for my marketing plan. I am just at the beginning stages of a business and was unsure whether I would be able to participate and find value over the 6 days, and it only took one break out session to know that I was in the hands of an expert that really cares. From the prep checklist, to the break out sessions, to the tools and exercises – it was one thought provoking moment after another. I highly recommend the program and the value it will bring you.

Pouria Keshavarz

Mostafa is marketing expert, I attend his marketing boot camp and I learned a lot. I recommend him as go to expert for your marketing needs and having him as your mentor and marketing strategist.

Elizabeth Johnston

I attended the Simple Marketing Bootcamp and was blown away at how easy yet comprehensive the content was. Mostafa guided us through the entire process of creating our marketing plans. It has transformed my relationship to the numbers side of my business. I’m very thankful for the experience and Mostafa’s expertise. I highly recommend this course.

Heather Pearce Campbell

I just attended Mostafa Hosseini Simple Marketing Formula bootcamp, and can’t begin to describe the value of what he delivers. It is the most comprehensive training on marketing that I have attended in quite some time, maybe ever. Mostafa delivered way more than I anticipated, and every business owner, every entrepreneur, should give themselves the gift of having this level of dedicated training and support in examining their business and coming up with a 1 page plan to address their business growth and marketing needs. It was fantastic!!!

Aryana Rollins

Mostafa delivers great value, is authentic, and easy to work with. In just 6 days he helped me create a marketing plan that I feel excited to implement. I highly recommend doing his Simple Marketing Formula Book Camp

Derek Hachey

I just recently attended the Simple Marketing Formula class given by Persyo. It was excellent and Mostafa did not hold back from delivering value! He also did an excellent job of facilitating a large group of like-minded business owners during the course. Mostafa also brought in some excellent guest presenters that opened up whole new topics for us! If you are a business owner that is looking to scale up your business in 2020, I highly recommend attending Persyo’s Simple Marketing Formula Class

Lana Kirtley

If the Pre Joint Venture Event Coaching is any indication then the Simple Marketing Formula Course is worth 10 x’s the going rate! Mostafa Hosseini is patient, graciously constructive and Super encouraging. Confusion to Clarity ! Just sign up!

Viola Vanaga

I’ve taken SIMPLE MARKETING bootcamp and wasn’t disappointed. It is very well designed, that it speaks to variety of people and businesses. Myself being novice in marketing it gave huge boost and understanding of different leads, including market research. I would happily repeat bootcamp in some time as it is hands on work and really makes you think and do things for your business.

Meike Okhuijsen

I had the pleasure to attend Mostafa’s Simple Marketing Formula and was veeeeery happy.

Margie Dunk-Jacobs

Mostafa Hosseini’s expertise comes through on Day 1 of this 6-day highly valuable intensive workshop that allows you to create your tag line and your one-day marketing plan along with the templates and workbook to make it clear. If you show up, do the step by step work, you will walk away with a one-page marketing plan that makes sense and puts you right into implementation! Highly recommend!!!

Ashley Fox

Really valuable class, focused and clear directives each day. Great feedback and an overall positive atmosphere and experience.

Emma Auriemma-McKay

The Simple Marketing Formula is not only simple but it is also fast. Mostaffa fast tracks the process but dives deep into each aspect of the key elements for a marketing plan by explaining the implications of each. His process gets you focused so the steps of what you need to do are clear and ready for action. There is great support from the hot seats Mostaffa offers as well as from the group. There is a perfect mix of instruction and interaction with others in the group and no time is wasted. He is dedicated and guides you to get your stuff done. And now my plan is done! If you want yours done, take this class.

Sarah Coolidge

I have taken a lot of business trainings and can confidently say that within 1 day of starting Persyo’s Simple Marketing Bootcamp I received more than enough clarity and information to make the investment in the class worthwhile. Mostafa Hosseini’s teaching is clear, organized and on point, giving his students a great experience and a great result in learning how to better market their businesses. If you want to make sure your upcoming year is organized and profitable, get connected with Mostafa and Persyo!

Sam Salari

Mostafa is really passionate about what is he doing and very honest about the message that he delivers. This course gives you good insights and introduce you the tools that you can use to start or improve your business, if you are determined to.

Sara Sheikh

The is the most value packed course I have ever taken. Mostafa pours his heart out for 6 days and covers everything you need to properly start and build your business. The webinar was interactive so you don’t get bored or feel lost. We were able to complete our Marketing formula during the session. Excellent to say the least

Susi Vine

Mostafa distills his years of industry experience into targeted, effective information that gives you the clarity and focus to take action and get the results you’re looking for. In one intensive program I got to the root of many sources of frustration, was able to create the tools to resolve those issues, as well as concrete methods to track my results and continue to implement more tools as I reach my goals. He is passionate about his work and his clients, and it shows!