How to Use Confidence to Build Solid Business Relationships with Shadeed Eleazer – Ep.007

Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs Show Episode 007.

Join my friend, Shadeed Eleazer and me on How to Use Confidence to Build Solid Business Relationships.

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  • How does confidence play when it comes to building relationships?
  • What struggles did you have but managed to overcome when it comes to building your confidence and business and dealing with people?

  • What are the tips for business owners that are starting and struggling with their confidence in relationships, communication, and running their business on a daily basis?



7:51 – Confidence can be manufactured later in life.

17:17 – Get over the fear of rejection that holds back many entrepreneurs from building authentic connections in confidence.

27:56 – Focus on the engagement, focus on enriching lives.

39:26 – It’s taking on activities that allow for self reflection.

42:06 – The Success Board is a board of your accomplishments that you look at to design or to take on new challenges. 


Mostafa  00:02

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs. My name is Mostafa Hosseini, and I’m your host for the show. 

At Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs, we help entrepreneurs to boost their confidence and their self-esteem. And our aim is to share actionable tips and advice that you could use on a daily basis for your business, hence the name Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs. 

Now, if you haven’t done so already, we have a checklist called Confidence 52! This is a checklist of 52 things that you can do and use and apply on a daily basis to boost your confidence instantly. 

I shared the link here in the show notes and in the chat box, visit there. Download this checklist and you will have a chance to boost your confidence instantly. 

There are so many items on the list, that if you don’t like one of them, you can always try the next one. 

Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs helps entrepreneurs boost their confidence and self-esteem by sharing actionable tips and advice that you can use on a daily basis for your business.

Now, today I have an amazing guest, Mr. Shadeed Eleazar. Let me invite you into the room, welcome Shadeed.

Shadeed  01:23

It’s an honor, a privilege and a pleasure to share the airwaves with you and your listeners, Mostafa.

Mostafa  01:29

Thanks for joining us. So I have known Shadeed here for the past few months. And he is an amazing character. He knows his business and he helps a lot of business owners on an ongoing basis. Let me do the proper intro and we’re gonna dive right into it and talk about how to use confidence to build solid business relationships. 

So Shadeed Eleazar is Baltimore’s leading small business advisor who serves as President of SCORE, the nation’s largest network of certified business mentors funded by the Small Business Administration, responsible for creating 181 new small businesses in 2019. 

He helps six and seven figure entrepreneurs and public figures convert their influence into a steady stream of online leads and sales. He is the leader of the most prominent business, a strategic partnership network on the East Coast of the United States. 

As a venture capitalist, he has invested in over 200 small businesses. Wow, that’s a big number. He actively reinvested in philanthropic projects to rebuild broken and underfunded communities through ownership, entrepreneurship and education. 

Welcome  Shadeed Eleazar. 

Thank you. 

So Shadeed, what is your story?

Shadeed 02:57

Well, Mostafa, every point begins, it has its origin. And for me, from the time that my 10 toes touched down on planet Earth, I have been involved in this essential theme of family business.  

My earliest opportunities, my earliest memories were in helping my family go and achieve a dream. From grandma to uncles to aunts, down the line of published books with my uncle. I have worked in my mom’s company. She’s worked in mine. So my earliest Joint Venture Partners in looking back on my life’s journey, where my family. 

So a central theme in my life has been family as the first business. And when we look at, let’s say, how that filters into how I view the world today, I tend to have longer term partnerships and partner with the person in their ideas versus their product or service. So family values is how I view entrepreneurship as a whole.

Mostafa  04:10

Beautiful. And tell us more about how you got into the business that you’re in today. What’s the story behind that?

Shadeed 04:18

Well, when we look at  service-based businesses as a whole, they tend to come from our main talents or our gifts. Now, what I do in terms of helping six and seven figure entrepreneurs or working with large scale organizations, all comes from my need to serve the primary skill set that I have is Active Listening. 

So when I was much younger, my talent far exceeded my maturity. So I literally would talk to the milkman, for example and say, Well, you should be operating your eBay store and intuitively in a conversation, pick these things up. 

But my maturity in terms of giving unsolicited advice, especially at my age, was not well received. So what I learned to do was to listen first. And when people ask for particular advice, then I will share what I felt is my gift, what I was born to do. Which is to find the gaps in what people’s potential is and help them to reach that particular goal. 

So over time, I started to go deeper into how businesses operate, and not just lean on my experience being raised in a family business, But learning the ins and outs and combining that with my gifts and talent. So that when I work today, it feels like I’m manifesting the best version of myself, in helping business owners survive and thrive. 

Mostafa  06:06

Got it.  Do you have a story around confidence? Maybe you went from, you know, that you just mentioned that as a kid, you had a lot of talent, but it didn’t match your maturity? Did that affect your confidence in any way?

Shadeed 06:23

Well, the interesting story that I often don’t tell is that I shared a bedroom. My older brother, his shoes are literally in the Hall of Fame of our state. 

So being raised alongside an older brother, who is an Olympic hopeful, and all his life had an extreme talent, extreme attention, and everything is extremely hard work, it made me question myself at a very young age in that, what am I good at?

If I’m not as good as my brother, Aaron, what am I good at? What can I learn to do? And in that self discovery, where everyone wanted me to follow in his footsteps, or everyone expected me to be exactly like him the next coming, so to speak, what that caused me to do was to carve out my own identity. 

How to Use confidence to build solid business Ep.007
This is what I want to do. And it's not what you expect me to do.

So at a very early age, I had to say, this is what I want to do. And it’s not what you expect me to do. And face the rejection, the criticism, are you sure about this, you’re young, you shouldn’t understand what you’re doing. And so that really made me stick to my guns from a very, very young age.

Mostafa  07:44

Love it. Now, do you think confidence is manufactured in childhood, or is that something developed as an adult?

Shadeed  07:51

The first eight to nine years of a child’s life are essentially the most important. Now, when the child’s self image is being formed by their external environment, from their primary role models. This is the time where confidence can be developed. 

So that starts with self talk, that also helps with activities that teach a child, let’s say if you fail to keep on going forward, that can be manifested through sports, through, let’s say, activities through chess, numerous ways. But I will say that confidence can be manufactured later in life. 

But those first eight to nine years are a goldmine of resources that will allow for a child to set a framework to help them succeed throughout life. And when life’s difficulties hit them, then they can go back to those lessons that they’ve learned in the formative years.

Mostafa  08:52

Got it. Now, how does confidence play when it comes to building relationships? What should business owners and entrepreneurs think about that, and what’s the best approach?

Shadeed  09:13

Wow. This is the question and this oftentimes goes back to childhood and that when you’re looking to form a relationship that may be based on business or joint venture partnership, and let’s say a person is higher up on the totem pole of success. 

There’s a funny trick that we begin to play on ourselves through our self-talk. Where we start to tell ourselves the story of why we are not worthy, or why we are not able to follow through. And so we disqualify ourselves before the conversation takes place, or when a conversation takes place. 

A person who is more successful says I love what you do. We often self sabotage, and we fail to follow up. We fail to give our best effort. And that’s where self talk comes into play. 

So what the entrepreneurs who are listening and watching can do, is to take inventory. Literally take a sheet of paper before any call. 

Or let’s say, with the 52 giveaways that you have is to make an inventory of what they are good at, what they are naturally talented in delivering in. 

Make sure they commit to that particular process so that when the self talk comes in, they have the rote memorization of what they bring to the table.

Mostafa  10:49

Love it. Love it, love it, love it. Yeah, getting that inventory of writing down what they’re going to bring to the table, it gives them awareness, I guess, correct. I’m a huge fan of awareness. 

And I’m a huge fan of writing things down. Because as things are in our head, they are intangible, and we can’t have or don’t have a solid crystallized reference to what’s in our mind. I mean their thoughts. But once we put it down on a piece of paper, our mind and our brain can actually reference the information, and it helps us boost our confidence instantly, before or after a meeting and the rest of it. 

Love it. Love it. What do you think are some of the best things that help us boost our confidence? I mean money and fame. A good indicator that would help us boost our confidence.


How to Use confidence to build solid business
Writing down what we need to say gives awareness and boosts our confidence.

Shadeed 12:06

Well, money and fame in today’s world are interesting benchmarks that we have to unpack on this episode. In that when you look at certain visually driven social media platforms, the classic advertising angle of I’m the one with the private jet, in the garage with my numerous cars. And using the backdrop of success to market a product or service is sent home the subliminal message that if you follow what I’m saying in this ad, you will also mirror this success in your life. 

So what it is to convince a generation especially of young entrepreneurs to do is to lead with a hollow image of success without the substance to back it up. So if we reverse engineer this, and if we say it is money, or success, then what should you leave with in order to build your confidence? 

The answer or the rephrase is that I am enough in the substance that I bring to the table through my character, through a clear definition of my value and clear communication of my values. As well as the ability to follow up and follow through gives me the substance that someone who is more successful or someone who is on my level can connect to.  We build those partnerships together and allow for the money and success to follow.

I am enough in the substance that I bring to the table, through my character, through a clear definition of my value, and a clear communication of my values.

Mostafa  13:57

Okay, so speaking of things that we want to have, and models that we look up to, should entrepreneurs and should we fake it until we make it? And how does authenticity play in the whole game there?

Shadeed  14:15

Fake it till you make it. This is such a common theme, such a powerful theme. Instead of faking it till you make it. Here’s a simple exercise that I want your viewers, listeners and subscribers to implement. 

When you consume content, I don’t care if you’re listening to this and you are on public transportation, you are down to your last $5 for your ad campaign and you don’t know where you’re headed in terms of your career and or your business. What I want you to focus on is building relationships with the person who inspires you. 

So when you read a book, I want you to reach out to the author and give a genuine connection request and look to build a relationship with that person. 

When you watch your next webinar, reach out to the person who produced the webinar when you are, let’s say, in a Facebook group, reach out to that owner. 

So instead of putting forth a veneer of success that is not backed by your track record, instead, look to build bridges to deeper relationships with those people who inspire you. 

Instead of putting forth a veneer of success that is not backed by your track record, look to build bridges to deeper relationships with those people who inspire you.

The one thing to keep in mind is that every author in the world who has published a book has overcome a major challenge. Writing a book in itself is a self development hurdle that many people fail. And they’re putting their thoughts to the world to be consumed. That is a vulnerable feeling. 

When you validate that by saying, here’s how your book changed my life, specifically, chapter three, helped me overcome a challenge.  That provides a genuine connection that you don’t have to fake, in order to deliver, and people genuinely connect to authenticity. 

So instead of faking it when you make it or until you make it, form and build bridges and connect with people as you travel through life’s world.

Mostafa  16:30

Okay. Love it. Connecting with people, you know, on a deeper level. What would you take from there? 

Welcome everybody. Welcome, Parvana. Welcome, Robert. For those of you who are joining, our guest is Shadeed Eleazar.  We are talking about how to use confidence to build solid business relationships. 

So should it? Where would you take it from there? Let’s say that I have contacted an owner of a book. A famous owner of a famous book. Where do you take it from there? What’s the next step?

Shadeed 17:17

The next step after you get over the fear of rejection that holds back many entrepreneurs from building authentic connections in the confidence, self-talk issues that many of us suffer. 

The next is to have a conversation. Ask for a moment of their time that can be delivered through a phone call that can be delivered to other platforms, such as Skype, or Zoom. But you want to take that connection and ask a genuine question. 

Make sure if you’re going to ask for a connection, here’s a few tips. I always like to go back deeper into a person’s work, especially in the earlier days when, let’s say money may have been less and ambition may have been higher, and ask questions about that particular time. 

If you have a platform, such as a podcast, or interview show of some sort, offer to share their story. 


How to Use confidence to build solid business
You need the ability to follow up and follow through.

The reciprocity, and that is that when someone is more successful they innately have it’s like a feedback loop where someone has given to them in order to make it to that level. And now they’re always looking to give back in some way. So offer to share their story on your platform or written form through your blog. 

But in a nutshell, you want to take that interest and use the Law of Reciprocity and allow them through your platform to share their story, which allows them to complete the feedback loop of someone giving to them and now they have the opportunity to return a favor to a larger audience who they want to help or they see themselves with it.

Mostafa  19:08

Absolutely love it. Love, love that approach. I have personally done this myself. And it works really well when it comes to trying to connect to someone that has, let’s call it, a higher status in the business world and you want to connect with them because they are well known. Maybe they are because they are a celebrity of some sort. 

And so going back to your example of someone that has a book, if they have a book launch coming up, if they and obviously the people that have written a book, they want more exposure to new people and new tribes to introduce it to share their message on. 

So if you go out, reach out, for example, let’s say Shadeed has a book which he does. He is launching a book, which he is. Then I could go and reach out to Shadeed and say hey, I noticed that you have a book launch coming up, I would love to support you and launch your book. And I would love to introduce you to my tribe. 

How many people I have in my tribe? Here is the quality or the type of people that I have in my tribe. Would you be interested? And the answer 99.9% of the time is, hell yes! I would love to introduce the message of my book, to your tribe and to someone else. 

And now, here is the next step, piggybacking on Shadeeds’s feedback there. If you do that, and then introduce them to other people that can help this person share their message. That’s the ninja trick. That’s like helping on steroids. 

But okay, I helped you. I also know a couple of other people who have tribes where you can tap into their tribe, and share your message with their tribe. And that’s an easy way. 

Please hear this is the easy way to build a relationship with someone that you want to reach out to, otherwise would people usually find it impossible? It’s like, how do I even reach out and make friends with some big shot? I think we just shared the easy way in.

Shadeed  21:21

Think that, as I listened to share this golden advice, I’m actually thinking if the listeners understood how closely you live this actual advice in the results that I observed, then they would rewind this particular section and transcribe it. Golden advice, golden advice.

Mostafa  21:46

Thank you, I appreciate that. I mean, you do that too. So that’s the easy way around. 

I mean, in the past two months alone, I’ve had a few friends of mine who were launching their events. And I knew that they were interested in promoting their events. So I reached out and said, Hey, I know you have this event coming up, I’d be happy to promote you on my list, and help you bring in more registrations. 

That’s the fastest, fastest way to make friendships with people out there. So I’m with you, 100%. on that. So what are some of the qualities that attract higher status, successful entrepreneurs to work with?

Shadeed  22:36

Give this topic a great deal of thought. And as you ask this question, there was something that came to mind that I’ve never shared before that I just realized during this conversation, and that you are a person who walks the talk, but you kind of reverse engineered some of the reasons why. 

So what higher status entrepreneurs find appealing about newcomers is the willingness to invest in their assets. Here’s what I mean by this, that if you spend your time manicuring your email list, sharpening and fine tuning your network through the repetitional occurrences of introductions, endorsements, referrals, and testimonials. 

What you begin to do is develop your own assets, and those assets will grow in value. So that when you’re able to have a conversation, it’s not from the standpoint of, I simply admire your work, which can be genuine. It begins to take on a real world connotation and impact when you can say, I admire your work and I’d like to share it with my asset, my tribe, my asset of my Facebook group, my asset of my email list, my asset of my live event. So, the number one quality that I would develop is continuous focus on developing your resources in assets. 

If you spend your time manicuring your email list, sharpening and fine tuning your network through the repetitional occurrences of introductions, endorsements, referrals, and testimonials, what you’re doing is developing your own assets, then those assets will grow in value.

Now, going down the line with this briefly, you also need the ability to follow up and follow through, I cannot tell you how many great relationships have been derailed, paused and or have not reached their potential, simply because a great idea did not have the follow up message that allow for action to take place. 

When you have your initial discovery calls with a potential partner or you attend an event that is fueled by community that is centered around partnerships, joint ventures, strategic partnerships, the conversations will always be warm and heartfelt. Because the community is great at filtering people who are heart-centered and give first. But we have to take it to the next level if you have to honor the time spent on the conversation. And you have to route that to a tangible deliverable. So follow up, you have to also invest in your assets. 

And finally, you have to be able to have a conversation and utilize active listening. If I have a conversation with Mostafa, and all I’m thinking about is what I’m planning to launch, or what I have going on, then I miss the opportunity to connect his ideas and his goals to my network of resources, because I’m only focused on what I’m going to get instead of what can I give. 

Ask yourself the question, what can I give in any interaction and who can I connect that person to? And your value to industry and your partnerships will skyrocket. That is a promise.

Ask yourself the question, what can I give in any interaction and who can I connect that person to? And your value to industry and your partnerships will skyrocket. That is a promise.

Mostafa  26:25

Absolutely. And so another thing I’d like to add to that is that sometimes people say or think that, Oh, my list is not big enough. I don’t know a lot of people. And let me tell you, when it comes to promoting an event, promoting your business, promoting your book, you know, promoting a person in general, I honestly don’t think or in my experience, the number of people in my list hasn’t mattered so much. Because I mean, Shadeed, you have a book launch coming up right? 

Shadeed  26:59

Yes, I have. 

Mostafa  27:00

I have 300 people on my list. Would you like me to introduce you to the 300 people on my list? 

Shadeed  27:07

It could be a game changer, Mostafa. 

Mostafa  27:09

I mean, would you say no to that? 

Shadeed   27:11

Absolutely not. 

Mostafa  27:12

I mean, and some people think 300 people on a list is a small list, which in the grand scheme of things, it could be a small list. But what I’m trying to say is 300 people is 300 people. Even if it was 50 people, that’s 50 people that will hear from someone’s message. 

So if you think that you’ve got a smaller list, or a smaller tribe, it doesn’t matter. You can still play this game and reach out to someone that is a bigger shot than you are and say, Hey, I would like to support you in promoting you and your business, whatever you have going on. And that’s an easy way to build the business. What do you have to say about that? Do you have any experience with that?

Shadeed  27:56

Well, from years of live events, 15 years consecutive to be exact. If you take the example of 300 people on a list, and you put those same 300 people in a, let’s say, a hall, or a conference room, then things begin to get interesting. And what I would advise for the listeners to focus on is not the numbers, but the engagement and your consistency in communicating with your tribe. 

The beauty of having a tribe is that they are there for a reason, whether it’s values, whether it’s shared interest, so you’ve filtered correctly, and allow your clarity to get them through the door. 

The more that you engage, the more that you provide them with tips, tools and resources to keep them pushing forward along the journey, the more they’ll reciprocate by having interest in that which you share with them. So focus on the engagement, focus on enriching lives. 

Focus not on the numbers, but the engagement and your consistency in communicating with your tribe.

Remember people’s birthday in your tribe, and you’ll find that the numbers will continue to increase but the excitement that your audience will deliver to anything that you share, will grow and will provide value to anyone that you introduce them to.

Mostafa  29:31

I love that tip about remembering people’s birthdays in your tribe. Can I add to that? 

Shadeed  29:37


Mostafa 29:38

I think it’s best if you’re the first person during their birthday to write a birthday wish or a birthday note, like 7 or 8 AM say Happy Birthday and they will remember who you are because you were the first person that said Happy birthday. If you do it like a day before, like, Hey, your birthday is coming up tomorrow or a couple days from now. I hope you have a great day. 

Yeah, and you’re like, oh, and that the ninja trick here is that Facebook tells you whose birthday is coming up. So you could go out and it shows us how much you care. And that’s an easy way to, I guess strengthen your relationship. 

You know, love it, love it, love it.

Mostafa 29:38

Now Shadeed, what are some of the struggles that you have had that you managed to overcome when it comes to building your confidence and business and dealing with people.

Shadeed  30:42

When it comes to the struggles I face, number one is identity. What is my specific place in the world? For most of my childhood, I was known as the phenom younger brother, Aaron’s younger brother. So with that being said, carving my own identity was the first aspect of who I am and who I have come to be. So that would be the first job. 


How to use confidence on building solid business Ep007
Who am I? And then you start answering the question: I am.... And you just keep going.

Now, the second would be, let’s say, getting outside my own comfort zone, in meeting new people. Many people would not believe this today. There was a time in my life when I was extremely antisocial, extremely shy, extremely unwilling to connect with people unless we were, let’s say, from the same town, or played the same sports, so on and so forth. 

So I really struggled with meeting new people. And you can imagine in a business setting, how difficult that can make running a business if you’re not willing to introduce yourself, or you have to wait until someone talks to you before you talk to them. 

And finally, public speaking, when, for example, I was to do an interview on the Mostafa Hosseini show 15 years ago, whatever version of that show may have been. I would have literally and I’m not exaggerating this, I would have written every single word that I was going to say on the show by hand, because I was so afraid of making a mistake, or being caught in a situation where I froze and didn’t have the next word planned. 

So you can imagine how difficult it may have been to speak at a meetup event for 10 minutes that may have been four pages of notes. 

So many struggles that I face in terms of my own confidence with speaking, also connecting with others and as an individual, just being myself because I was raised in the shadow of a superstar.

Mostafa  33:14

Got it. Going back to getting to know yourself. And for those of you who have joined us later, my guest today is Shadeed Eleazar. Shadeed is a business owner, entrepreneur, philanthropist. He’s got a lot going on for him. 

If you go back to the beginning of the show, you’ll see my full introduction and maybe in the show notes. We’re talking about how to use confidence to build solid business relationships. 

Now for those of you that are watching and listening, we are doing a giveaway today. Now I am going to give away tickets to my Quarterly Planning Workshop to people coming up this weekend, Friday and Saturday, June 26 27th. 

Now, for you to qualify to enter the draw, you will need to ask 

  • Number one, ask questions. 
  • Number two, comment on the show. 
  • Number three, tag someone that could benefit from this conversation in the show notes and tell them that, hey, you probably should listen to this conversation. 

The ticket that I’m giving away today is valued at $2,000. And you might want to get into that Shadeed do you want to jump in on that giveaway and give something else away on top of your gift at the end of the show?

Shadeed  34:28

Well, in addition to the gift at the end of the show, what I’m willing to do for the listener who tags the most, who comments the most insightful, and who generally is in this giveaway to win it. I’m willing to give you my Rapid Revenue Strategy Call. 

What is the Rapid Revenue Strategy call? Something that I’ve completed 1500 in 32 times since day One First 2019 and that I can find the missing $10,000 in revenue in 20 minutes or less. And normally around seven, eight minutes once I’ve learned your story. 

What you receive is a recording of the call and action plan from the call and up to four different proven strategies to help your business to generate revenue, which is extremely helpful during this time. It will be scheduled at your convenience. I personally will deliver the call in order to help you with the Economic Stimulus Package during this time. 

And you can go to Mostafa’s weekend event, which is going to be the Quarterly Planning Session, use those strategies and then get a boost of revenue generating strategies to help implement the plan if you’re going to work with Mostafa to deliver.

Mostafa  36:00

Love it, love it. So there are two additional gifts. So comment, ask a question or tag a friend. Now, what did you do to get to know yourself? Because you said you had some identity crisis if I’m not mistaken. And then how did you overcome that? What happened? What’s the story behind that? What were some of the action items or action steps that you took?

Shadeed  36:26

Activities that help you face the mirror up to yourself and look at your weakness and strengthen that would be the central theme. 

So number one, would be taking on long distance running. Running marathons. I’ve completed six total marathons, but it’s not just race day itself. It’s overcoming waking up the coldest point of the year at 6am on a Saturday. 

Running, you know, 1015 miles to get ready for it is the training that helps you develop confidence. That training during the coldest point of the year, gives the mindset that if I can do this at the most uncomfortable point of the year, then other uncomfortable areas in my life I can face and overcome. 

Next would be martial arts. I’m a very active martial artist. And it allows me to look at stress in a way that stress is energy. And how is this energy being misdirected? And how can I redirect it into a positive channel in that Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are aspects of life that I will never fully master, because there’s so much to learn, and so much that your body has to do to get to the highest level that it humbles me, each time I step on the mat, because there’s something greater than me that I’m always chasing. 

So in my business life, I know that when I come into contact with Warren Buffett, or someone who is at the elite peak, I can say, Well, I am enough, because I’m walking in my path, you know, my journey. And at some point, I will reach the peak of what I’m destined to do. And I don’t have to, let’s say diminish myself in the face of elite tier greatness. 

I would also say daily check-ins using the gift that I’m providing, which is the Daily Accountability Journal, in that I look at my day to day priorities. And I give myself a grade and I check in to say, Well, how am I doing each day? And when I’m on my path and accomplishing my goals, that builds momentum, which equals confidence to overcome current and future life challenges.

Mostafa 39:14

Okay, could you please give us a quick recap? So you were playing Jiu Jitsu, doing your accountability notes, could you do a quick recap on that, please?

Shadeed  39:26

Absolutely. So in a nutshell, it’s taking on activities that allow for self reflection and essentially a mountain to climb that you will not reach on day one. 

  1. So that includes long distance running, so electing to train for marathons. 
  2. Also, martial arts, which is another mountain that stepping on the mat provides a certain amount of humility and 
  3. Also daily check in with accountability.

Take activities that allow for self reflection. Activities that help you face the mirror and look at yourself, your weakness and strength.

Mostafa Hosseini  40:04

Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Can I share my two cents on that? 

Shadeed  40:12


Mostafa  40:13

So one thing I’ve done about getting to know myself and the identity crisis, which we deal with at some point in life is writing down on a piece of paper. And on top of it, this is a white piece of paper and you say, Who am I? And then you start answering the question I am. And you just keep going. I am Mostafa, here is what I do, here are my qualities here is and then you just explain yourself and who you are. 

This is a very good exercise to get to know yourself and describe yourself on paper. And once you describe yourself on a piece of paper, you can actually see it, then you can go back and edit and modify and add to it later. Right. 

Now, here’s my other ninja trick. On top of that, you can create a document about who you want to be in the future. This is who I am now, and this is who I want to be. And you read that on a daily basis. On another day and another show I will go into more details on this. 

But I love the tips that you shared, martial arts, the running, doing the daily accountability, and getting to know yourself. 

I think so far in the past 20 years, nothing has boosted my confidence, more than getting to know myself and knowing my strengths and weaknesses. Here, here’s what I’m good at. Here’s what I’m not good at and admitting that, hey, I’m not really good at all these things. 

So Shadeed did you have any experience with that, by the way? Describing who you are, writing down a future version of yourself?

Shadeed  42:06

Well, describing who I am and writing down a future version. Yes. In that I do host Vision Board Workshops, but the twist to it is hosting or creating what I call Success Boards. 

So the Success Board is a board of your accomplishments that you look at to design or to take on new challenges. So whenever I take on a new challenge, I will go to the Success Board and say, if I did this, I’m able to do that. 

Now there’s a second exercise that goes with that, is what is a written exercise where I answer the question, what from that triumph can I take and extract in order to overcome this challenge? And in writing that out or journaling it allows me to see patterns. Okay, this particular challenge or obstacle or opportunity has this particular part of it that I need to overcome. Here’s the skill set. Here’s the personality trait that I have, that I may need to amplify in order to overcome it. 

So it makes overcoming challenges a bit more transparent. And that the emotional aspect of what am I going to do or this seems like it’s overwhelming or it’s going to take years to accomplish is more tangible because it’s now based on the tools in my wheelhouse that I can use to overcome it. So putting the puzzle pieces together versus climbing a mountain which is very important for making things happen in this world.

Mostafa   44:06

Love it, love it, love it. I’m just gonna read a comment here from people that are watching the show Adeal Hussein says it seems like I’m working on a hobby rather than a business as I don’t see much movement in my business. Accountability seems like a good option for that. So yeah, ideal, accountability, absolutely, an absolute must, it helps quite a bit. 

Shadeed  44:27

Yes, it does. 

Mostafa 44:29

Accountability is huge. I mean, as business owners, as lonely creatures that we are. If we just leave it up to ourselves to do whatever we feel like doing, some days we may not feel like doing what is supposed to be done. 

But once there is accountability there, and if you become part of a group, you work with a coach or you work with a consultant that helps you and holds you accountable and supports you along the way. 

Speed of implementation just goes up significantly. And that’s something a lot more would happen with accountability. 


Once there is accountability and you become part of a group or work with a coach that helps and supports, speed of implementation just goes up significantly.

Shadeed, what’s your experience with working with coaches?

Shadeed 45:14

Well, from going back to athletics, my coaches provided me, my early coach, this is so important because as an opportunity as an adult to go back and thank my coaches and reflect on the journeys, that they gave me a framework on how to approach myself and how I’m showing up in the world as it relates to competition. 

So sports was the original framework that I use to judge and measure myself against. As I moved into business, the idea that I had all the answers or that I knew where all the blind spots were, as I became more successful, I realized that even let’s say, you need someone to look at the blind spots and point out where you may fall short. 

So I’ve had, most importantly, mindset coaches, or I’ve had business therapists, where they look at how your abundance mindset is set up and go back to the earliest parts of your life where that script or that stories begin to be told.

Technology coaches, essentially, every aspect of my business at some point has had some form of coaching. I do believe that if you’re going to give advice, sell a service that is business to business or work with solopreneurs, you should have a coach. I believe that coaches need coaches. If you look at elite athletes, especially all forms of elite activity, have a professional “that guy”.

Mostafa 47:06

Absolutely, absolutely. Shadeed what are some of your tips for business owners that are starting, and they are struggling with their confidence in relationships and communication, and with maybe running their business on a day to day basis.

Shadeed 47:24

There’s a few ideas that I could share briefly, one would be momentum. Momentum is your number one mission, meaning you need to search actively for any signs of positive momentum work. In the sports world this is called Bulletin Board Material. 

So let’s say the opposing team will look for any comments, or any form of sleight from the other team that they use to motivate themselves to push through the difficult part of preparing for that particular contest. 

So within the entrepreneurial context, you need to look for any wins. You need to look for any form of success. 

Daily accountability is one of those in which I completed these tasks today. And use that as a springboard to do more, I would offer to look at, let’s say your qualities if you can’t find what is working for you now, affirm your best quality. 

So I’m able to speak well, I’m good with Facebook ads, I’m a great coach, and affirm your best qualities. 

So if you focus on aspects of daily check-ins and surround yourself with a community this could be as simple as a meetup group in your particular city or a town or using what I call the Co-Op Model. Where a group of entrepreneurs come together with the idea of working on their businesses not charging each other but giving you a particular skill or talent to the growth of that group.  

Where on that particular day, you’re working on problems you’re communicating, and then each person is on the hot seat. What this will allow you to do is to move out of the silo of growing a business as an entrepreneur and connect to a community which will help you form partnerships, grow faster, and essentially use fellowship and community in order to achieve success on a greater scale. 

How to Use Confidence to build solid business relationships Ep007
People genuinely connect to authenticity.

Mostafa  49:45

Love it, love it. Love it. I understand that you’re sharing a gift with our audience here. Can you please tell us about that?

Shadeed  49:56

Ladies and gentlemen, first of all, I thank you for participating in this conversation and supporting my friend Mostafa in the growth of his platform now. 

The contract that you write with yourself through how you show up is the most important agreement that you’re going to set. 

Second, would be the agreement that you set with the world around you through your overall agreements. 

What I’ve provided for you is a daily template for you to sharpen those particular skills. So the Daily Accountability Journal allows you to clearly list your priorities for the day, and give yourself a grade. And as you travel through the week, you can look at the progress of how you’re showing up in the world and give yourself feedback to check in on where you stand. 

As a special, special offer for this particular show, I’m giving you unlimited email support on your accountability journal, I’ve never offered this before. 

So with your Daily Accountability Journal, you also receive direct project management from me where you can say, Okay, I’m struggling in this area, and you can send an email, and you’ll receive the direct support,my feedback, my templates, I may get on video and tell you where you’re falling short, or where you just simply need to step up your game in order to, again, meet the agreements that you set with yourself and a contract that you write with the world around you. 

So you can download the Daily Accountability Journal that, with an S at the end.

Mostafa 51:56

Yes, yeah, I love that generous offer. That’s very generous. Shadeed, thank you very much for that. So could you tell us a little bit more about what this Daily Accountability thing is about, like, in about 10-15 seconds. What are people gonna see on it? What’s included in this package?

Shadeed  52:23

It’s a PDF document, which allows you to list what your priorities are throughout from Sunday to Saturday, and a section to write your progress down. This will sharpen and help you hyper focus on what you’re delivering in the world in terms of your word, your agreement, and the contracts that you set.

Mostafa  52:47

Love it, love it. I’m 100% in love with what you’re sharing, because my number one tip for entrepreneurs to boost their confidence on a daily basis is to write a to-do list. Right? 

And the tool that he’s sharing with the gang here is absolutely invaluable in terms of what it does for you from as it goes from Monday to Saturday, Monday to Sunday, 

Shadeed  53:12

Every day of the week. No days off. 

Mostafa  53:15

So if you’re interested in that, go to, with an S at the end. I shared the links here in the show notes and in the comments. I will include it in the show notes as well. Go get it and Shadeed graciously offered unlimited email support for those of you who download this and get involved and start making your to do list this will boost your confidence, and it will help you take your business to the next level. 

Now Shadeed I really appreciate your time, and your participation and your generous offer to our tribe here. This was a really good conversation. I would love to go for another hour or two. And I think we easily can. But just out of interest of time. I know you’ve got a busy day coming up. We’ll have to kind of start wrapping up the show.

Shadeed  54:11

Excellent. This was time well spent. And again your community is very heart-centered. You are the leader of a tribe that I grow more and more impressed with every interaction. There is one metric that I think you lead the league in Mostafa, and that is to, write this down listeners, Value for Interaction. 

When you interact with Mostafa through his platforms, through his events, you will grow, you will improve and I’m just thankful that we’re able to have this conversation and I support your growth. And this conversation has taught me a lot of lessons as well.


When you interact with Mostafa through his platforms, through his events, you will grow, you will improve and I'm just thankful that we're able to have this conversation and I support your growth. And this conversation has taught me a lot of lessons as well.

Mostafa  54:54

Thank you. I appreciate I learned quite a bit from you and I really appreciate your message. 

Now for those of you who are watching and listening now or later. One way that I serve and support people on their business and help them boost their confidence is through my workshops. 

Now, I believe in community, and simplicity, there are two main workshops that I run to help people achieve that. One that is coming up, actually, this weekend, Friday and Saturday, June 26-27th. And it comes up every quarter, is my Quarterly Planning Workshop. That’s where we work on building our simple One Page Strategic Business Plan that allows you to know exactly what you should do to grow and scale your business. We tackle people, strategy, execution and cash in this workshop. 

It’s a two day workshop, where we work in a live environment with other business owners who are in the same shoes and same boat as you are, and work on helping each other to come up with a simple plan that we can actually start implementing on Monday. That’s one I shared the link with. Right now we have some COVID pricing on this workshop, I’ll let you go click on the link on Eventbrite. 

Now the other workshop that I help people gain, clarity, focus and confidence through that on their marketing side of the business is Simple Marketing Formula boot camp. 

Now, this is a six day live boot camp, where we work on building a One Page Marketing Plan. The Quarterly Planning Workshop, we do our One Page Business Plan. Simple Marketing Formula, we do our One Page Marketing Plan, it’s about two and a half, three hours a day, we go from Monday to Saturday. And on Saturday, you walk out with your One Page Marketing Plan completed. 

Next round is coming up. I left the link there in the comments, and we’re gonna include it in the show notes as well. 

I would love to have you in both workshops and work together. Come experience us. And we put the prices on both these workshops at next to nothing. Both of them are about 90 to 99% off. So it’s a great time to jump in.

Build your business, Build clarity and focus. Boost your confidence. Work in a community and tap into the potential and collective wisdom and intelligence of people who are in the same shoes as you are and follow a proven simple method to grow and scale your business. 

Now for those of you who are watching, and listening later. Another way for you to start winning our prizes and tickets to our workshops are Mr. Eleazar’s really generous offer is by liking, subscribing, and commenting on the show, even after we’re done on our podcast on multiple platforms on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Apple podcast, Google podcasts, Spotify, and all over God’s green earth. 

You enter your name into a draw, to win tickets to our workshops that are transformational. And I could be biased, but I like to think that they’re life changing as well. Because you get to simplify your business from relationships, you get to practice talking with people. 

And here’s another aha moment that people get, and that they share and talk about it in our workshops all the time. And that is when I came to the workshop and I went to a breakout room and I talked to another business owner, I realized that I’m not the only one with the problem. I am not the only one because sometimes we have problems. And we think that we are the only crazy people that have this problem and we start beating ourselves up. 

So like I said you work with other business owners who are in the same shoes and same boat as you are. And it would be a lot of fun. You get to experience an amazing sense of community and belonging and simplicity and focus. 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the show. If you haven’t downloaded our Confidence 52! checklist. You can also download that on our website at daily 

Thank you for joining us, Shadeed. Thank you again. It’s been a pleasure hanging out with you and chatting with you again, my friend. 

Shadeed  59:19

Thank you so much. Thank you.

Mostafa 59:21

Thank you and we will see you on our next show. You can also just for those of you who are watching this live. This show will get published in our podcast platform on Apple on multiple platforms within the next few days after the show is aired live. 

My name is Mostafa Hosseini, your host for Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs. Stay put for our next show you will get the notification on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and multiple platforms. I look forward to chatting with you and seeing you later. 

Another thing I would like to add before I go is if you have any questions, post it and we will respond to those questions after the show is done. 

Thank you and have a great day. Bye now.