How can self-talk increase self-confidence? with Jeff Heggie – Ep.10

Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs Show Episode 10.

Join my friend Jeff Heggie and me to know how to “Build Confidence with Powerful Self Talk”.

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  • What is Self-Talk?
  • How can Self-Talk impact your confidence?
  • Does Self-Talk increase confidence?
  • Can changing your Self-Talk improve your confidence?


9:16 – Reticular Activating System (RAS), is basically a filter in your brain to filter out things that are important to you.

11:51 – If you’re talking and thinking negatively in your head, you’re going to attract that, and you’re going to make it happen.

12:13 – The first step is to gain awareness of what is happening in your head, then once you gain awareness, you can start working on changing things around.

33:05 – Learn how to create a bigger future with proper self talk.

37:33 – Everything in your life is affected by your self talk and inner talk.


Mostafa  0:02  

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening. Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs. My name is Mostafa Hosseini. Today I have an amazing guest, Jeff Heggie. Welcome, Jeff.

Jeff  0:15  

Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity to be here with you. 

Mostafa 0:15  

It is great to have you. I’m going to do the introduction here. Then we’ll tell you about who we are, what we do and I’ll get to do the proper introduction for Jeff.

At Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs our purpose and our goal is to help entrepreneurs with their confidence and self-esteem and help them improve their confidence in an area of business. We share tips and actionable advice that you can use on a daily basis, hence, daily confidence. That’s basically what we do.

If you haven’t done so already, grab our checklist of 52 things that you could do to boost your confidence instantly from the following link that I’m going to post in the comments here. This is a list of 52 things that I have gathered over the past 20 years that you could do and instantly boost your confidence.   

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Welcome, Jeff. How are you doing today? 

Jeff  1:39  

I’m doing great, thanks. 

Mostafa  1:40  

Fantastic. So let me do the proper introduction to Jeff here. We’re going to get right into it.

Jeff has been an entrepreneur all his life and comes from a diverse background. He has spent a number of years as a professional rodeo cowboy. Spent some time in the banking industry and real estate. Has coached basketball for about 20 years. Wow! You’ve been doing a lot.

In 2005, he walked away from a great job as a bank manager to start making rocks. He founded Kodiak Mountain Stone with one of his mentors, which was a company that manufactured artificial stone veneer.

As they’ve faced a number of challenges in the building industry since 2005. They have pivoted Kodiak a number of times. They’re no longer in the manufacturing side of business. Focusing now on distribution in Southern Alberta and Phoenix. So by the way, I have found another Southern Albertan to chat with.

Over the years, Jeff had the opportunity to mentor and coach many other entrepreneurs. With his years of entrepreneurial experience along with his banking experience and much training, this has become a passion for him.

He still operates as a CEO of Kodiak Mountain Stone. Also puts a lot of focus into his coaching courses and masterminds to help other entrepreneurs develop the mindset and tools that are required to take their lives and businesses to the next level. Welcome, Jeff. 

Jeff  3:16  

Thank you. I appreciate it. Thanks for that introduction. 

Mostafa  3:20  

Fantastic! It’s good to find another Southern Albertan that lives in the US. We were through some mutual friends. It is good. How’s your day going?

Jeff 3:32  

It’s going great. I grew up in Southern Alberta, lived there till 2016. Then because of what we were trying to do with some of the things with Kodiak Mountain Stone, I actually moved to Arizona at that time. Strictly for the purpose of extending our season because winters are a little bit warmer here.

Mostafa 3:54  

Beautiful. So I understand our topic is building confidence with powerful self-talk. I love that topic. I can’t wait to explore and dig into that topic and, you know, learn more from you. Hopefully, people that are watching and listening later could benefit from that as well. Please tell us what your story is.

Jeff  4:20  

So my story, a lot of it you already recapped in the intro there with quite a diverse background, from professional rodeo cowboy, a banker, doing some real estate, stuff like that. Then I got into the banking industry, which I loved. It was a great opportunity to meet people and really have an opportunity to sit down with people and dissect their businesses and see those sorts of things.

In 2005, one of my banking clients had given me the idea to start a stone company which I didn’t have experience in. I found someone in Missouri that was able to train me and we started Kodiak Mountain Stone. For those that do know, Southern Alberta, we started it in Leavitt, Alberta. Over time, we moved it to Cardston. Then we opened another factory in Utah, and then grew it from there. Like you said, now we’re strictly in the distribution part of it. We don’t do the manufacturing anymore.

But one of the things throughout the years since 2005, I had a lot of conversations with one of my partners, my CFO, about the things we’ve learned as entrepreneurs. The opportunities we have during that process to mentor other people. I’d love the opportunity to become a coach.

A couple years ago, he introduced me to one of his other clients, who has a similar background to me. He was in the manufacturing industry in the housing industry. Now he’s a very successful coach. I sat down with him one day, and he basically said why aren’t you doing it? That gave me the confidence to kind of take that step forward and put myself out there.

I started doing the coaching. I’ve had some great experience with some one on one coaching. Being able to put some online courses together. It’s turned into a lot of things with the coaching courses, mastermind groups and two podcasts now. So that brings us here. 

Mostafa  6:21  

Love it. So tell us, what do you mean by self talk? What actually is self talk?

Jeff  6:28  

I’ve worked with a lot of clients that once they can get a handle on their self-talk, it can change everything for them. If you think about the conversations you have in your head, they’re going all the time. They’re almost always in the form of questions. But so often that it’s in the form of negative questions. “Why can’t I do that? or Why do I think I could do that?” Those sorts of things.

When you start to get a handle on being able to control that self-talk. The questions that you’re asking yourself, you can have drastically better outcomes than when you’re having those negative conversations in your head.

Mostafa  7:10  

I have first hand experience with this. At some point, I started writing down my self-talk. Becoming more aware of it whenever it was made massive. I can’t wait to explore this further, and see what comes out of it. How does self-talk impact our confidence?

Jeff 7:42  

The way I look at it is when you’re looking at your confidence. There’s kind of a pattern of how things work. It starts with, if you look at four squares, and they’re going in a clockwise pattern. You start with potential and take your potential. Put all your potential into action. You’re going to get results. Those results help your belief in certainty. The more belief and certainty that you have in yourself, increases your potential. It’s kind of a Success Cycle.

As we improve our self-talk, and improve the things that we’re having going on in our head, that belief in certainty, can rise to another level. Which helps our potential and our actions and our results rise in conjunction with it. We’re able to increase our confidence because as we get better results ourselves, our confidence is automatically going to grow with that. 

Build Confidence with Powerful Self Talk with Jeff Heggie Ep,10
Start focusing on the positive thoughts and change the conversation in your head.

Mostafa  8:50  

Got it. What are some of the ways that we can go about changing our self talk?

Jeff  9:02  

Yes, that’s a great question. You had mentioned, that you started doing, writing them down, is a great thing to do. What I like to teach, is to take a step back from that. First is, if you’ve heard of RAS or Reticular Activating System, that’s basically a filter in your brain to filter out things that are important to you.

It’s what goes into action. The example I use a lot of times is when we moved here to Arizona. I bought my daughter a Mitsubishi Spyder convertible car. One I’d never seen in my life. We got this car and all of a sudden, I started seeing it everywhere. It’s not that all of a sudden. They showed up at the same time that we bought that and they were already there. But now it was something that my brain was recognizing. I was seeing it.

Just like when a woman buys a dress, and all of a sudden she sees other women wearing that dress. It is what’s important to you. 

To go along with what you were saying about writing it down. One of the things I teach is, I split it up into monthly, weekly, and then daily. But on a daily basis, I’ve got a list of questions that I have people go through every morning. What that does is, it creates things in their minds that it’s gonna help them.

The RAS recognizes that these are important things to them. As they go through those questions, it’ll help them with their own self-talk. Help them with questions they’re having on a regular basis in their mind. Then at the end of the day, there’s another set of questions that kind of relates to it. It’s just the habitual questions that you’re continually asking in your mind. 

When you’re conscious about asking yourself questions, every morning, every evening, and then paying attention to those throughout the day, you can gain a lot more control on those self-talk you’re having.

So when you do ask, all of a sudden you find yourself asking yourself a negative question, it is still going to happen, but you can recognize it, and you can reframe it and look at it in a different way.

Mostafa  11:05  

Love it. Welcome Sheree. It’s good to see you. She said, it’s all about RAS. I love this. Yeah, I think awareness is a massive part of this. Self talk is a huge topic. I believe my  experience has been that self-talk, basically, largely determines our results in our future. What we have and what we don’t have.

I don’t know if you learned this from Napoleon Hill, or a bunch of other gurus. He says something along the lines of “You become what you think about most of the time.” Your self talk is what you think about most of the time. In your head, if you’re talking and thinking negatively, you’re going to make that. You are going to attract that. You’re going to make it happen. 

The first step, I agree with you 100%, is to gain awareness of what is happening there. Once you gain awareness, you can start working on changing things around.

Jeff  12:19  

Aabsolutely. Another quote that I heard was, “If people realized the damage negative self talk can do, they’d never have a negative thought again.” But it’s like you’re saying with Napoleon Hill, you look at all of those, some of those classic books that have had such impacts. They’re all about thinking, you know,  “As a Man Thinketh”, Think and “Grow Rich”, and “It’s All on the Mind.”

Mostafa  12:49  

I just started reading a book from Napoleon Hill called Outwitting the Devil. Have you read that book? 

Jeff 12:57

I have.

Mostafa 12:58

It’s all about negative thoughts.

Jeff 13:00


Mostafa 13:01

It’s amazing. It seems like I didn’t know about it and it was just released just a few years ago. They were holding back on releasing it. Recently, just released it. I’m halfway through. I aabsolutely loved it.

Jeff  13:20  

Actually I did. I can’t remember if it’s in the book, or where I read it. Yeah, it talked about how he didn’t want to release that. That’s why it was just recently released because of some of the content in it but it’s amazing.

Mostafa 13:36  

It is amazing. What’s your story behind self talk? How did you get into this?

Jeff  13:43  

You know, I think it was probably some of the training I did through Tony Robbins that got me thinking about it. But I was actually part of an international summit a while ago that was focused on women entrepreneurs. They just left it wide open for me to pick a topic that I wanted to talk about. It gave me the opportunity, stuff like Napoleon Hill, and all those different things I had been studying for so long. I knew the power of what it could do.

So I made the decision that’s what I wanted to speak about at the summit. It just turned into something that the more I studied, the more power I saw behind it. The more I started to teach it to people I was working with. It just kind of morphed from there. A subject that I’ve loved because I’ve seen people implement some of the things and the successes they’re having with it. It’s just something I think more and more people need to be aware of.

Mostafa 14:51  

Aabsolutely. So what did they do and what did the process look like for you? What was the change? How was it for you?

Jeff 15:01  

I think the first part was when I started really putting a lot more thought and effort into it. The first time that I was just like, Whoa, I just had that thought. It was a negative thought. I’m making myself aware of it. Rather than just kind of continuing on with that, it was a realization that, like I said earlier, you’re still gonna have those thought. You’re gonna have negative thoughts. It’s a matter of being able to be aware of them. So that you can change that. Change that conversation that’s going on in your head

You need to be aware of the negative thoughts, so that you can change the conversation that's going on in your head.

Mostafa  15:39  

I just remembered another quote, I think it was from Winston Churchill, where he said, and I’m paraphrasing, and I may be butchering it. He said, “I don’t know about positive thinking. But I know that negative thinking usually works negatively.” 

Jeff 15:16


Mostafa 15:58

When you focus on the negatives, it usually brings in the negatives. I’ve had experience with that.

So when I’m running around and fighting myself and other people in my head. I usually don’t have a good day. The results are not that great.

Jeff 16:12

Right, exactly.

Mostafa 16:14

But when I do the positive, usually the day and the results are much, much, much better.

Jeff  16:20  

Yeah. It’s outstanding how when you’re starting to pay attention to those things, that you may not even recognize it previously.

But when you’re paying attention to it, you realize, hey, what I’m starting to focus on is the positive thoughts. Changing that conversation in my head, I’m having a lot better. At the end of the day, I’m less stressed. I’m accomplishing things. My day was crazy. But I was able to keep it under control and still accomplish the goals that I had for the day.

Mostafa 16:51  

Good stuff. How do you help people to change their self-talk? What does that process look like for you? 

Jeff 17:05  

I start with helping them to understand the concepts behind it, and all those things. Then as I went through earlier, with the Success Cycle, in the Momentum Cycle, I try to teach them that were looking at potential. Your actions, your results, and your belief in certainty. How that all works together in building your confidence and doing each of those things and how the self talk plays into itself.

But it’s like we were saying a moment ago, the more that you’re aware of it, the more you can start having an impact on it. I think that the biggest thing is making sure that you’re aware of it so that when those negative things enter your mind, you know.

I’ve had lots of experiences with people when they’re like it was all great. Then something happened, and it triggered me. I knew I was having those negative thoughts in my mind. But I was triggered, and I didn’t care that I had those negative thoughts. I was just going with it.

Even though they weren’t able to switch those thoughts, right, then there was still the benefit of they recognized it. It took a little longer, but the discipline helped them to recognize that and then down the road, make things better and better.

Mostafa 18:27  

Aabsolutely. Sheree says maybe yeah, you are what you eat. Should be you are what you think. You know, that’s true.

Jeff 18:36


Mostafa 18:38

For those of you who are joining us later, we’re talking about building confidence with a powerful self talk. I think, as human beings, a lot of us catch ourselves, well maybe not even catch ourselves. We’re like, during the day, or during the week, we spend a whole bunch of time in our head dealing with things that don’t even exist.

Like in a negative type of situation, imagining if someone did this or said that or didn’t do what they were supposed to do. Then next thing I know I’ve done this, and I probably do it still to a certain degree where I catch myself.

I’ve been struggling with something that doesn’t even exist for like three hours. I’m struggling in my head with someone. Then it doesn’t even exist. It hasn’t even haven’t happened yet.

This is an essential topic for business owners, for everybody, I guess. But so the purpose of our show is to help business owners so that’s what we’re focusing on. So tell us about your Momentum Cycle. What is that about?

Jeff  19:53  

When things started with the pandemic, thought there’s gonna be a lot of things just coming crashing down on people throughout this. I wanted to look at a way that I thought I could help people somehow. So I just created this Momentum Series. It’s just three videos.

In the first one, I really talked about the Momentum Cycle or the Success Cycle. I spent a lot of time explaining how that works. Using different analogies and different examples from it and stuff. Showing how you can purposely change things through things like self talk. You can create a better future and create better outcomes by doing those ahead of time. So I did that.

Then in the second part of the series, what I help them focus on is figuring out where they want to go. One, people were losing jobs. People were out of work. All the different things that have been happening. Where do they truly want to go? Looking at it is, this is devastating. All these different things that are happening, sicknesses, and economy, all the things.

There’s some incredible opportunities coming out of this. You look at every downturn in the economy throughout history. Some of the biggest companies that exist today came out of bad times.

That’s one of the things we need to start with is just having that self-talk. Convincing ourselves that, maybe I just lost my job. This sucks. But you know what else? It’s an opportunity. I get to start fresh. There’s no better time to start fresh. You can start now. If you’ve always wanted to be starting a business, now’s the time. 

In the second series, what I do is help people figure out where they go and what the path is to get there. 

The final part, it’s probably what I feel is the most important part of it. Figuring out why. We look at each one of those things. Those goals that we set up in the second one, and determine what the Why is behind it.

I go through a process that I learned through Dean Graziosi. It teaches basically you look at ‘Okay, this is my goal. Why do I want that?’ As you go through this process, you realize that why do you want that is really on the surface. That as you start digging down, there’s a lot deeper why to it. Once you can figure out the real Why behind it. What the real Why is? Then you’ve got the motivation.

You’ve got the real reason that when things get tough, when you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, that Why is what’s going to push you through. So that’s what my hope was. To put all this together. That people can go through this and realize that regardless of what we’re going through right now, let’s make the best out of it. Let’ s take this an opportunity and change our lives.

Build Confidence with Powerful Self Talk with Jeff Heggie Ep.10
No negative thoughts allowed.

Mostafa 23:07  

Yeah.  Got it. So do you also have a book? Can you tell us about your book, please?

Jeff  23:18  

Yeah, I’ve got a couple e-books out there. I’m actually in the process of just being a co-author on another book. But the one that is most applicable to what we’re talking about, is Fear into Fuel. What it is? It is the one I had mentioned earlier when I spoke on this topic. There’s 18 coaches from around the world that were participating in it. We each wrote a chapter in this book. In this book, that’s what my chapter is on this topic.

Mostafa  23:51  

Got it. What’s the title of the book? Fear into Fuel? 

Jeff 23:55

Fear into Fuel. Yes. 

Mostafa 24:00

Fantastic. Now, Jeff, tell us about yourself. What do you do for fun?

Jeff  24:07  

What do I do for fun? One of the things that I loved about the pandemic, especially during lock down, was it locked my whole family here. At nights, my older kids weren’t out with their friends and going and doing their things.

All our lives, all my kids have been involved in sports and stuff. I’ve been a coach and so in evenings, no one’s around. We’ve had a lot of opportunities to spend time together. We played a lot of board games, card games and stuff like that.

But other than that, I’ve dedicated a lot of my life to my kids for a long time. That’s why I had mentioned, I’ve been coaching basketball for 20 years. Most of that has been involved in coaching my kids to some degree. So I really enjoy that. Even this morning, I got up and went for a run. Then spent a couple hours in the gym with my daughter shooting hoops.

A lot of our fun time is focused around family stuff. When it’s not a pandemic, we love traveling. Those are some of the things we really love doing. My son is a football player and my daughter’s going on to play college basketball right now. We love supporting them and the things they’re doing.

Mostafa 25:35  

Wow. Good for you, man. You must have started having kids pretty early, right?

Jeff 25:42  

Well, my oldest daughter is 20 and she actually just returned home from a mission and served for our church. She’s going on to play college basketball now. My son is going into senior year. I’ve got another daughter, that’s 13. My youngest son is nine.

Mostafa  26:06  

Very nice, good for you. Love it. Jeff, do you have any processes that can boost your confidence when you realize you’re not feeling good?

Jeff 26:20  

Yeah. I’ll actually share a bit of a story with the last one. Knowing your why, because that’s going to be your real motivation for doing it. But it’s actually something I talked about in the Momentum series. It’s basically creating the results in private, is where you’re going to get rewarded in public.

Going back to what it would be in 2019. Yes, it would have been the 2019 NBA playoffs. The Golden State Warriors were playing the Houston Rockets. Houston had beaten the Utah Jazz. What has happened is Klay Thompson is one of the elite shooters in the NBA. I think we were in game three. He had been playing terribly, and couldn’t make a shot. It’s funny for the games before the commentators kept telling always in a slump, you can’t hit anything.

But the funny thing is, you watch them. Just because he wasn’t making things, he didn’t stop shooting. He kept shooting then we got into this. I believe, I don’t remember the game three or game five. In the first five minutes of that game, he had more points than he had in the rest of the series all together. They’re talking about it, oh, his shots are back. He’s out of a slump and he’s going on and on about that. 

Basically, the reason I use that as an example is, looking at what he’s done in private, to be rewarded in public. He didn’t stop shooting because he knows he’s put years and years and years of practice into this skill. There’s not a shot that he can take in a game that he hasn’t taken in practice and made. He knows that he’s got that skill and can capitalize on that skill. Just needed to get things rolling again. 

I think when we’re working on a skill that we have, or whatever we’re doing, if we reflect back on everything we’ve put into that, or the times in the past that we have had success, then that’s going to allow you to look forward.

Say, ‘okay, things are crappy right now or whatever but I’ve put the time in, I’ve worked at this. I know I’ve got the capabilities to do it. I’ve just got to have the belief and certainty in myself, that I can keep going and have that confidence.’

There’s actually Savers. I believe it is his name. He said, “even when everything is going terrible, I have no reason to be confident, I just decided to be.”

I think that’s part of it too, is having that self talk. I’m going to be confident. It’s going to allow you to get there. That’s when you know you’re going to take those actions. You’re going to start getting the results back. Then your belief and certainty are going to build up and you’re going to be able to get it back.

As long as you know your why behind what you’re doing and you’ve got the abilities and capabilities to do that. You should be able to get your confidence back and be able to build on it.

You've got to have the belief and certainty in yourself, that you can keep going and have that confidence.

Mostafa  29:51  

Love it. Knowing your why and I think knowing your goals, helps quite a bit in moving forward and boosting confidence every time. Every time I feel like I’m not achieving much or I feel like I’m hitting a failure or things are not working the way I want it to.

One of the things I do is I grab my bucket list. I review my bucket list. That reminds me very quickly that this is where I’m going to design the stuff that I’m going to do. What’s happening right now is kind of temporary. We’re not going to stay here. 

Going back to your ‘Why’ has the same effect as this is why I’m doing what I’m doing. What’s happening is, it may happen for like a day or two or a week or two and bam! It’s over. We’re going to move forward and reach our goal and serve our purpose.

Jeff 30:47  

Aabsolutely. Going back to those mindset questions that I asked myself every day and every evening. The other thing I do every morning, when I go through those, is I write out my goals. Even though I wrote them out the day before, everyday I write them out. So that’s just the same as going to your bucket list, is reaffirming those things in your mind.

Mostafa 31:08  

What I do is I actually read out my goals. I have it printed out. It’s about six pages long. About what my life should look like and I have spent quite a bit of time sitting down and basically writing down exactly what I want each component in my life to look like. I read it out loud. It takes me about half an hour to go through the whole thing. But boy, do I feel good. I don’t do it every day. But I do it often.

I don’t know if I should talk about it right now. But one of the things that actually has worked for me in the past 20 years, is reading my goals every day or as often as possible. Like everything that I put down on a piece of paper has happened.

Jeff  32:02  

Well, one of the things about that too, is your RAS.

Mostafa 32:07


Jeff 32:08

Your brain, you know something that might happen that you normally wouldn’t use attention to or recognize, your brain is going to help you recognize. ‘Hey, that’s going to help me achieve that goal and I know that because I’ve gone through it so many times.’ I love that. 

Mostafa  32:25  

Exactly. I mean, I’m with you 100%. This is something we can talk about our course as well. Once you remind yourself or your Reticular Activating System that I want you to find clues to help me reach this goal. The more you remind yourself that your brain is bogged down on a daily basis, the more that goal stays on top of your mind. If you get there faster, it’s just a logical process. 

I understand that you’ve got a couple of gifts that you’re giving away.

Jeff 32:59  

Yeah, aabsolutely, I noticed. So if you go to that link, it’ll take you to the book that we were just talking about. I would love you to go there. Get that book and read my chapter there. It’s gonna go into more detail about some of these things I’ve talked about.

But it’s also got 17 other chapters from different coaches, from all different backgrounds. Actually, from all around the world. The lady that organized this was from the Czech Republic. We’ve got some great content in there.

Also you can get the Momentum Training, grab that and go through these three videos. I know they will help you get some of these things going for you. Build your confidence and help you to have a bigger future.

Mostafa 33:52  

Love it. Again, the Momentum Training from Jeff and his book, what was the title of the book again, Fear into Fuel, you got these two gifts from Jeff.  He got a three video series from Momentum Training, which helps you boost your confidence, go to

You get gifts, gifts and gifts from our previous guests. The library of the gifts is just adding up every week as we have our guests. We keep adding more gifts to that library. Go there and get in and work on boosting your confidence. Thanks, by the way, for giving the gifts. 

Jeff 34:45


Build Confidence with Powerful Self Talk with Jeff Heggie Ep.10
In Momentum Cycle or Success Cycle, you can purposely change things through Self Talk. Then create a better outcome by doing those ahead of time.

Mostafa 34:47

Yeah, which is amazing. I always ask this question to my guests. The question is if you had a Facebook Ad that everyone on the planet would see with your message, what would that ad, say for you?

Jeff 35:05  

Well, that’s a good one. I think it would say, learn how to create a bigger future with proper self talk.

Mostafa  35:25  

Love it. One more point I want to make on that self-talk is that if you have a goal, say, to make $100,000 this year, right. If your self-talk is against it, it’s not going to happen. 

Jeff 35:50


Mostafa 35:51

That’s a problem with most people that have a problem reaching their goals because their inner talk, or their self talk is against the goal that they have set. Consciously, they are pursuing that goal of $100,000 or a million bucks. But internally, subconsciously, they have something against that. Unless you fix the self-talk, it is unlikely to happen. I’m trying to get out there.

Jeff  36:22  

If they have said that’s their goal, even if they’re writing it out, reading it every day, but in their mind being like, ‘well, that’s really out of my reach. I’m not really gonna do it. But I hope it happens.’ It’s not gonna happen.

Mostafa  36:36  

Yeah, if you in your mind, you’re going ‘Who are you kidding?’ That’s aabsolutely good. Now, Jeff, any parting words? Anything you want to mention that I haven’t asked before we get going?

Jeff 36:49  

No, I love this. Besides, I do this. But I also do business coaching. I love that as well. Again, just to mention, I’ve got a couple podcasts, they should check out the Jeff and Heidi Show, Episode 24. That would be your episode. It’s a great episode. Thank you for being on that. They can find me at 

Mostafa  37:19  

Fantastic. Jeff, I don’t know if you can, but please go ahead and put your link in the comments here. Do you have access to that for the comments?

Jeff  37:30  

Actually, no. I just have it on the chat and can put it in there for you.

Mostafa  37:33  

There you go. So gang, thank you for joining us. Thank you Jeff, for sharing your experience. Your amazing gifts that you’re sharing for people to change their self-talk and boost their confidence. In turn will help them with their life, with their business, with their communications.

Everything in their life is affected by their self talk and their inner talk. Aabsolutely love this topic and could probably sit down and talk another couple of hours on this. I definitely appreciate that. Let me just get Jeff’s email here. I’m sorry, his website. This is Jeff’s website.

Gang, in the comments is For those of you that are listening, it is There you can learn more about Jeff. I appreciate it. Thank you very much, Jeff. 

Jeff  38:30

You’re welcome.

As long as you know your ‘Why’ behind what you're doing. You know you have the ability to do that. You should be able to get your confidence back.

Mostafa 38:31

Now for those of you that are watching and listening, one way that we help our listeners and our audience boost their confidence is to help them create one page plans for their business.

We do that through our core Simple Marketing Formula. That’s where we help you build your One Page Marketing Plan. Clarify your marketing, focus and know exactly what you’re going to do to grow and scale your business. 

As a matter of fact, last time, I just talked to Jeff about the course we had a price on, but we just decided to offer the course for free. So for a limited time, you can go to this link and sign up for the course for free. We’re starting the next round starting on Monday, July 27, just a few days from now.

Get in, bring your friends in. Let’s work together as we believe in simplicity and community. We’re all about everything on one page and we work in a community in a live environment. We do a lot of breakout sessions, a lot of hot seats to make sure that you gain clarity and you’re well supported on your questions and on your business, and the amount of clarity that you get.

You should read some of the reviews that people, our previous students have left for us. So go check that out. 

If you have any questions for me or for Jeff, leave a comment on the show and reach out to Jeff or me.

You could follow the show on Apple podcasts, on Spotify, on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, pretty much all over God’s green earth, we are present. 

Again for you to qualify for the draw, you could like, subscribe, comment on the show or tag your friend and ask questions. Your name gets entered into the draw, and we’re going to give away more gifts. Jeff, can I get you to give one more gift for this draw?

Jeff  40:25  

As I mentioned, I do some business coaching. I’ve got another course called Marketing Accelerated. Even the bonuses in that course alone are incredible. But it’s a five module course to help businesses just get more leads, more conversions, everything. I will give one of those to one of your listeners.

Mostafa  40:53  

Fantastic. We’re going to draw and we’re going to let you know. We’ll connect you with the winner. Another way for you to enter the draw is to subscribe, download and rate our show on Apple podcast. That qualifies you to enter into the draw. Get more gifts from us and from Jeff and our other guests.

That’s it for me. Thank you for joining us and thank you Jeff, for your time and for your expertise. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Looking forward to our other next shows that are coming up and keep an eye on the podcasts and different platforms.

We will come back with more interesting messages and guests. More education on how to boost your confidence in the future. My name is Mostafa Hosseini, your host for Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs with my guest Jeff Heggie. I wish you a great day and a great week. Thank you for joining us. 


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