Video Marketing and Video Case Stories with Ian Garlic – ep 68

Join Ian Garlic and me and discover more about “Video Marketing and Video Case Stories” 📢 Ian is one of the country’s “go-to” Experts in Video Marketing and Storytelling.

He is a best-selling author of 3 marketing books. He’s recorded 3000 episodes of “The Garlic Marketing Show”, created over 10 marketing courses, and produced more than 2,000 videos for his clients.


  1. Intro to video marketing. 0:01

    1. The history of authentic web and how it got started.

  2. How did you get into marketing and video? 3:50

    1. High-converting videos and professional services.

    2. Storycrewscom, a resource for learning and finding marketing.

    3. How rosemary got started in marketing.

    4. Rosemary’s last name is garlic and her maiden name is curry.

  3. Why should we care about video marketing? 7:08

    1. Why video marketing is important.

    2. The mere exposure effect and why branding works.

    3. How to get customer case stories and video case stories.

    4. The case story tackle box.

    5. The first step to collecting customer stories.

    6. The best time to get a video story.

  4. How to get your customers to share their stories. 14:34

    1. The importance of collecting customer stories and testimonials.

    2. How to break through the fear of asking.

    3. The first question to ask, what’s the story?

    4. Always talk to your customers.

  5. Biggest mistakes people make when creating videos. 19:27

    1. Biggest mistakes people make when it comes to creating videos.

    2. YouTube is the second biggest search engine.

    3. Four questions to ask in direct response marketing.

    4. Why why should they keep paying attention.

    5. The four questions to answer for every video.

    6. The importance of understanding the hook.

  6. A challenge story about lead generation. 25:57

    1. Embarrassment and challenge stories.

    2. The four questions to answer when talking to someone.

    3. Who is the go-to source for direct response marketing.

    4. Infomercials and copywriting books.

  7. The importance of having a strategy in place. 30:02

    1. Brian Kurtz is a genius in marketing.

    2. Confidence on video is important.

    3. Have a strategy and watch your videos.

    4. Be polarizing and be yourself.

  8. The importance of delivering the message. 35:32

    1. Delivering the message is more important than how well the video looks.

    2. Watching yourself for improvements.

    3. Best place to put a video on a landing page.

    4. How to get more views on videos.

    5. The $100,000 question.

    6. The best way to get more views on YouTube.

  9. Tips on creating videos for YouTube. 42:05

    1. How to get better on creating videos for YouTube.

    2. YouTube rewards length of time.

    3. Consistency and feedback is most important.

    4. Video testimonials and case stories course.

  10. How to get access to the video case story course. 46:49

    1. Get access to the video case story course.

    2. How to get more information about Iron

    3. Stand-up comedy classes and improv theatre.

    4. Favorite books to read and recommend.

    5. Steve Jobs and Gina Wakeman.

    6. The one advice that has made a massive change in life.

  11. Advice to your 20 year old self. 53:03

    1. Advice to 20-year-old self, publish more content.

    2. The story behind the email list.

    3. Reach out to iron garlic on his website.

    4. Tell us what you liked about this interview.


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Mostafa Hosseini    0:01 

Welcome to daily confidence for entrepreneurs. My name is Mostafa Hosseini  , your host for the show at daily confidence we share tips, strategies and actionable advice to help you boost your confidence in different areas of business. Today, I have an amazing guest ion garlic. Welcome iron.

Ian Garlic  0:19 

Mustapha, thank you for having me.

Mostafa Hosseini    0:21 

Great to have you. And we’re going to talk about video marketing, video case stories, everything about videos, this is going to be a really important and interesting conversation. Ion Is he really knows his stuff. And so as usual, make sure to like the show, subscribe to show on whichever channel you’re watching. If you have any questions, pop them in a comment. And if we’re live, we will answer it live. And if we see later, we will get back to you on the questions.

If you know someone that could benefit from the conversation we’re having, which is about 100% of business owners out there, tag them and have them watch this video because video marketing is very, very, very important and you need to do it. If you don’t know how to do it. You just tune in and learn about video marketing from mine garlic. Now let me do the proper introduction.

And we’re going to dive into a very interesting conversation with one of the top experts in the country now. ion is one of the country’s go to experts in video marketing and storytelling. He is the best selling author of three marketing books. Not one, three. He has recorded 3000 episodes of the garlic Marketing Show. That is major. It’s actually

Ian Garlic  1:38 

sorry, it’s 300

Mostafa Hosseini    1:41 

Is it? Yeah, that’s still a lot. It’s 300 episodes of the garlic Marketing Show and I in what is the tagline on that I know you got an interesting tagline on your

Ian Garlic  1:54 

stories and strategies that don’t stink. I love it

Mostafa Hosseini    1:57 

stories and strategies that don’t stink. So go look it up the garlic Marketing Show stories and strategies that don’t stink. And he has created over 10 marketing courses produce more than 2000 videos for his clients. So that’s not 200 Is it?

Ian Garlic  2:12 

No, it’s actually that one’s closer to like 20,000 I think but Oh, won’t combine. So thank you. I’m excited to talk to you today. Talk video. I

Mostafa Hosseini    2:22 

am excited to my man. How’s your day? Tell us about where you’re logging from.

Ian Garlic  2:25 

I’m in Orlando, Florida. How

Mostafa Hosseini    2:29 

is it hot down there?

Ian Garlic  2:32 

is hot and humid all the time. I sweat looking outside.

Mostafa Hosseini    2:37 

Oh my god. Do you guys also have like a tornado like, last week or two?

Ian Garlic  2:41 

No, the hurricane hit New Orleans. So went up past us. But we usually have at least a tornado or two.

Mostafa Hosseini    2:48 

Yeah, yeah, I hear all the time. This tornado was like, wasn’t there. Just one like last week that came through and torn the whole city apart? Yep. But I guess you guys are used to it now.

Ian Garlic  2:58 

Yeah, we’re the lightning capital of the world too.

Mostafa Hosseini    3:00 

Oh, the roof is gone. That’s okay. We’ll get a new one next week. Pretty much. All right. All right. Tell us about your story. Let’s get started. Sure. I

Ian Garlic  3:09 

mean, I’ve been doing video marketing for close to 15 years started in legal marketing in New York City. And then when YouTube was purchased by Google, I was like, Man, this is it. People are gonna be able to get their stories in front of everyone because I know Google’s not gonna let YouTube go down in flames. And you know, back then, I was like telling him like, you’ve got to be on YouTube. You got to be on YouTube.

12 years ago, some people listened and are now very, very wealthy. Some people did not. And are you texting me? I got one. So I was like, listen to you. But yeah, you know, I really believe we started our agency authentic web, and really to tell people store the authenticity, get it out there. Highly converting videos we create. We’ve learned over time to you know, how the formats for the videos, video seo, we work with professional services. And over the years, we’ve really learned how to create video case stories along with nine other types of videos.

We do a lot of about US videos, we’ve worked with lawyers, doctors, dentists, business consultants, other digital agencies come to us all the time for their videos. And you know, we also founded story, which is a resource for learning, as well as finding other videographers around the country that know marketing because what I found out is people think that because someone knows filmmaking, they know marketing, and that’s usually the opposite. When I first started, I was hiring great filmmakers.

And the videos are beautiful and very expensive and did nothing. So it took a lot to learn that and I still I just I find that filmmakers while they’re beautiful films, don’t get marketing don’t get you know that you have 10 seconds. So we found a story You know, worked with businesses of all sizes. And you know, my favorite thing I hear from clients is that you know, they not only Get leads, but they get the people that they love walking through the door ready to work for them. So ready to work with them before they even have talked to them because they feel like they’ve seen them they know like and trust them already.

 So that’s, in a nutshell my story. I mean, I’ve done a lot of other stuff in my life. And we can get into that if you want.

Mostafa Hosseini    5:20 

Tell us about other stuff, too.

Ian Garlic  5:22 

I started out. Yeah, I mean, I’ve been in computers since I took my first programming class when I was seven years old. And I always loved marketing too. And, but I was a math major, gotten into economics went to work for a hedge fund out of college, traded through like the stock market, boom and bust. Then went to New York and bartended for a little while, then went to New York City got into commercial real estate was there for that bust.

 And then that’s when I realized I’m like, Really, marketing is my thing. It’s my thing. So you know, like, said, started the company in New York, but have really a national presence, which I love and fly all around. Do love speaking. And fun fact, my last name really is garlic. And my wife’s maiden name was curry. So

Mostafa Hosseini    6:13 

love it. People just throw jokes at you all the time.

Ian Garlic  6:18 

i Yeah, but last thing like garlic. And it’s a given. Yeah, and like and my mom decided, You know what, why call him in? That’d be too easy. We’ll call mine so everyone doesn’t know how to pronounce his name.

Mostafa Hosseini    6:31 

Interesting. Rosemary said What says Well, I’m in Lakeland and one video project ASAP. Awesome.

Ian Garlic  6:39 

Well connect with me i in that story.

Mostafa Hosseini    6:43 

Yeah, we’re gonna share all the stories and stick around and we’re gonna He’s gonna share his gift towards the end as well. So, um, you so you do a video marketing and do the SEO and, you know, and the rest of it to do it for dentists, lawyers, digital marketing agencies and, and a whole variety variety of businesses that you work with? Yep. Okay. All right.

So tell us about video marketing, what what is video marketing? Why should we care about it. And for people that are that are watching YouTube all day long, but don’t do their own stuff.

Ian Garlic  7:17 

I mean, video marketing is it’s I think its essence, it’s connecting you help people. And you can help them and and you help them all along their journey, we talk about people’s story. Like you have to know your customer story, right? You have to know their story. And when you do, you understand their situations we buy because of situations people think that people buy because of who they are, we buy because of what moment in time we are in, you know, like we’re talking about, like, you know, your son walks through the door, your mind is dad mode.

 And you’re doing stuff because of dad mode, because he walked through the door versus you know, you get your tax bill at night, and then you’re in drinking mode. But you know, it’s we change. And so we can create videos and deliver those videos at the specific times, and really help people out. And when we help people out, and you create the videos in a certain format that attracts them gets their attention, and then provides value to them.

They know like and trust you and they know your voice. They hear your they see your face. And there’s this thing called the mere exposure effect. That’s why branding works. And that’s why people put their logos everywhere because the more we see someone’s see something the more we like it. And when someone hears your voice hears sees your face, they think they know like and trust you. I mean, I call it the Oprah refract right because people everyone thinks they know Oprah. And what’s Oprah famous for being I mean, originally being famous.

She wasn’t a doctor, she wasn’t a dentist, he was a TV show host that we just saw over and over and over again. And eventually everyone trusted her same thing you can become really well known to your ideal client and put all these videos along their path and you move them along a path and you can not only get leads but you get people that like I said no one can trust you.

So when they walk through the door, they feel like your friend, it’s easier to work with them, you become the authority to them. And then you can provide great customer service and on top of that video case stories write your customer stories or your if you if you didn’t video if you don’t want to be on video, you just get your clients on they’re telling their stories, not testimonials, but their stories. Man that’s what video marketing is it’s just connecting with people like you would in real life but online.

Mostafa Hosseini    9:45 

I like that if you don’t like to be on video, get your customers a story and have them on video. And you can hide behind the curtains. Have them do your job.

Ian Garlic  9:55 

Yeah, yeah, you have enough stories. You have enough people I mean referrals right I call it virtual referrals. If you have enough people telling their story, and we’d like that person, like, oh, that person’s like me, oh, that person has the same problem like me. Oh, that person’s done this. They wants the same things as me. What did they do? Oh, they did this. I want to do that.

Mostafa Hosseini    10:16 

Now that Capello says Video Marketing is great. I’ve seen huge growth in my career since I started creating content and publishing on IG TV and LinkedIn. Awesome, nice Canfield. Keep up the great work. Yeah, keep it up, be consistent. That’s the key, and reach out to iron and get some good feedback about about how to, you know, take it to the next level, because this guy knows his stuff.

Ian Garlic  10:38 

Yeah, feel free to reach out.

Mostafa Hosseini    10:40 

So how do we go about getting customer case stories and video case stories?

Ian Garlic  10:47 

Awesome. Well, first of all, you asking for their story, right? And you need to, we do this thing called, you’ve got to plan it out a little bit what you want to do with them. The best salesperson I knew, when you know, best salespeople I know, they were collectors of stories, but they knew what they were going to use it for it.

 So they would go find the stories. And that’s what you have to do. You have to be intentional about going out and finding them. You have to plan we do this thing called the case story tackle box. And I’m gonna throw that in at the end with my gift. But it’s a planner for the stories because what I found was that people didn’t plan their story. So they didn’t know what they want to get out of the story. And they didn’t know where the stories were. And it’s like, I call it the tackle box. Because if you’re gonna go out and say,

Hey, we’re going fishing today, you would want to know where I’m going to fishing, what we’re fishing for what the weather is. And then you go to the the sporting goods store or the tackle store and go, Hey, I’m going to these places, these are the hooks I need. This is the stuff I need. But for some reason we go out into marketing campaigns, we get, you know, clients get in the middle of marketing campaign.

And I’m like, so do you have any customer stories? Like, oh, yeah, I

Ian Garlic  11:55 

didn’t think about that. Oh, you know what, we have one? Hey, Julie,

Ian Garlic  11:59 

Where’s where’s that customer story? Right? And you know, where’s that testimonial, no one would know, it’s your most powerful thing in your business. And people wouldn’t know where they were. They don’t know how they have it.

So it’s first of all, planning out knowing what you want to get out of it. And then just constantly asking people for their story. Don’t ask for testimonials. Because testimonials will be about you. You want people to ask for you wouldn’t say hey, we would you mind sharing your story. Everyone wants to share their story. And that’s love where it starts.

Mostafa Hosseini    12:32 

That’s a great one. And we’re going to add this as a quote to the transcription. Ask your customers for their stories, not a testimonial. Know that. It has people connect with stories. Yep, more solid and saying, you know, iron was great.

And he knows his stuff, you should definitely do business with him. But if they shared a story off here was my challenge. And I will dig into that. I definitely connect and resonate with the idea of asking people do you have a story or a testimonial? They’re like, I mean, you mentioned someone that does have something.

 I’ve seen a ton of people that are like, You know what, I have a lot of great customers, but I haven’t collected anything. Right? And that’s even worse. That’s like the next level.

Ian Garlic  13:18 

Yeah, yeah, there’s a lot of people out there that don’t make this a habit. Or, you know, they just have testimonials. And it’s like, yeah, Mustafa is great for himself. Oh, yeah, of course, he’s great. You’re gonna tell me that? Why is he Great? What did he do for you?

Mostafa Hosseini    13:34 

Yeah. So tell us about the best time to get an video case story. How did I time this?

Ian Garlic  13:41 

That’s a great question. It is a super important thing to think about, especially if you have a complex service, right? If you provide a service, you know, like, I know, I mean, not that your services complex, but like the one page marketing plan, there’s different points in that customers journey, right. And so we want to actually collect stories along that journey, like when they first start, you know, right after we want to collect that story, a year later, maybe when they first implement things like if you’re a design agency to do websites, you should get that story as soon as that website launches, and then get another version, that story six months later, and you want to install.

You don’t stall those points along the way that you asked for the story. So I would be constantly, you know, asking for stories. It’s a fundamental of Yeah, I think, you know, one of my favorite stories about fundamentals is just basketball. You look at basketball. And it’s, you know, you look at the greats like Kobe, right? Yeah.

And, you know, you would think, like, Okay, how much he goes to practice every day. If you watch videos of him, he would play championship games play his heart out after the game, what will you do? He’d go shoot free throws, every day, practice free throws your customer stories or the free throws of your business. Yes, collecting them is not sexy, but it’s always gonna win. So you need to make it a habit. You need to always be collecting them.

Mostafa Hosseini    15:06 

Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Yeah, I actually I discovered more about Kobe last year, a few months after he passed away. And I have developed massive respect for that guy. I’ve watched God, God knows how many minutes and hours of hidden talking. Yes, you guys just his discipline is just beautiful.

Ian Garlic  15:27 

It’s amazing. His drive is amazing. I mean, you look at him. Yeah. And guess what? A loss. Yeah,

Mostafa Hosseini    15:33 

what a loss. So this is great. I’m loving, by the way, what we’re talking about here. So we’ve talked about topic, how do you make it or for the people that are watching? I think one of the obstacles is, I’m too afraid, or I’m too shy to ask my customers for their stories and testimonials. What’s the best way easiest way to break through that?

Ian Garlic  16:00 

So the best thing you can do is, first of all, you should always be talking to your customers, you should always be talking to them. You look at the Great’s I mean, they sat in Steve Jobs multi-center to my big idols, I mean, and what they did, it was always about the customer. And if you’re paying attention them and you’re like, pulling them and saying, Hey, how am I doing?

How are things going? What’s going on in your life? And it just is simple thing to do is NPS score one through 10 On a scale of one to 10. How would you rate your your everything’s going right now? You get the eight? 910? That’s awesome. Would you mind just talking to me about your story a little bit? And if you get the seven or below, let’s talk about your story. Yeah. How can we fix that? Yeah, you should. I mean, Walt Disney would sit in a window and stare at people, which sounds kind of creepy. He would stare at everyone coming in Disneyland.

So he can make it better and better and better. And your customer stories aren’t staring into that window of your customers experience?

Mostafa Hosseini    17:00 

Absolutely. Absolutely. So the trick is to always be talking to your customers and ask them what’s going on in your life. What’s the story? I love that question. What’s the story? Yeah. And that’s like, that’s my first question. Always like, what’s your story?

Ian Garlic  17:14 

Yeah. What’s your story? Talk to me about you? What’s going on?

Mostafa Hosseini    17:17 

Yeah. And they’ll open ins like a beautiful, open ended question that people like will share stuff with you that normally they wouldn’t. And I’m willing to bet that if you ask what’s the story behind this game, we’ll share more. Versus if you ask what’s the problem?

Ian Garlic  17:36 

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Well, and you don’t? Because if you say, what’s the problem, you know, right off the bat, that you’re training someone to look for the problems, right. But if it’s a story, they’re like it, because then you get the two most important things to great storytelling are moments and emotions. Firstly, if the story arc, but if you find those moments and emotions, and like when I asked you about their story, and then they start telling about something, or like, oh, yeah, I start to get leads. I’m like, when did that happen? When was that time?

And it’s like, oh, yeah, I remember when I first got that text. And this happened. I’m like, Well, how did that feel until like, Oh, that was amazing. To start getting leads from the internet, or to have my one page marketing plan done. And I knew heads, I finally had clarity. What was that like having that clarity? Well, I just knew I was gonna be able to conquer the world. I felt so strong. And you will find this, but you have to ask for those moments and emotions, and then make people feel good.

Mostafa Hosseini    18:30 

Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. I just kept thinking up to that one sentence that really stood out for me is like, always talk to your customers. Because most business owners that I know, and I’ve been doing this for a good 11 years, almost literally ignored their customers most of the time. Yeah. And they’re out there on Facebook and LinkedIn looking for new customers. Yep, yep. So always talk to your customers. That’s like the best thing to do. And gang if you’re watching or listening right now live, please like the video. This is like a really important information and valuable content. So by liking the video, will other people could see what’s happening.

And this could make an impact on their business and their life as well. So and if you have any questions, pop them in the chat in the comments, and the chat box and we’ll do our best to cover them. Now. Alright, what are some big mistakes that people make when it comes to creating videos?

Ian Garlic  19:36 

I mean, I probably the biggest one is worrying too much about like, early on. I think people try and sell too much in their videos. They’ve seen so much advertising, they try to make advertising videos, and you need to provide value and really understand your customer and provide value. That’s a big big one. You know And I think I see that all the time. And people come to it of a place where I’m going to try and sell, I’m gonna try and sell, I’m going to try and sell.

I’m like, no, no one wants to be sold. If you provide enough value, that’s what marketing is a price enough value to make someone take action. So I think that’s the biggest mistake, trying to be on all the platforms all the time. is another big mistake. You know, if your client if you’re a b2b, you really don’t need a huge Facebook presence. You got Facebook retargeting, that’s a whole different version, because that goes on a bunch of different platforms.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine. If you’re not YouTube focused, you’ve got to be everyone’s on YouTube. YouTube just overtook Facebook and total traffic over to Netflix and total view time. And if you Yeah, if you have you ever you have kids, I mean, how much YouTube video you want to watch.

Mostafa Hosseini    20:59 

All day long. All day long. They watch Ryan’s world and a bunch of game kids playing games. And

Ian Garlic  21:09 

yep. And that’s not going to change that. It’s gonna take a massive shift somewhere. I mean, tick tock, everything’s YouTube’s making up tick tock right there on YouTube shorts. So I think those are the biggest ones. And then mistaking like I said, filmmaking, for marketing, you can everyone wants to go out and buy the best gear, go get a videographer, if you want beautiful videos, but know that you need someone that knows marketing, because there needs to be a specific format. I’m a big firm believer in direct response marketing, and knowing the essence of direct response, marketing of copywriting, to make your videos more engaging is so important because the content is going to overcome the look of it anytime.

Mostafa Hosseini    21:55 

Love it, give us some tips on that direct response marketing idea and how to make the video more engaging. Sure.

Ian Garlic  22:02 

So I mean, one things we do at the agency and I teach every videographer is you. First of all, you’ve got to know where where you are in the customer journey. So there’s four questions I always ask in direct response marketing that we ask of every video. Who are we talking to? Right? It shouldn’t be like, I’m talking to men or even a demographic like men 35 to 55. I’m like, No, I want to know, I’m talking to Mostafa.

He’s a business owner, he teaches one page marketing plan. He wants small business owners, its clients. He has a podcast, I want to know everything about that person, I’m talking to that one person. They don’t know where they are in their journey. Right? What’s going on in their moment right now when I’m talking to them? You know, and we want to think about that moment, that moment. And I think this is a big mistakes people try and talk to like, very general talk to that moment. Is he in the car? Is he on a pot? You know, is he gonna watch this? You know, five minutes?

Is this playing in the background? People? People tell me all the time they watch, you know, they watch my videos in the background, and listen to him. So think about that, where they are journey. Next, why should they be keep paying? Why will they keep paying attention? What are we going to do? And I’ll tell you one key to that in a second. The final question is,

Mostafa Hosseini    23:16 

what was that third question why?

Ian Garlic  23:18 

Why should they pay attention? Right? Why will they pay attention? We need to think about what’s going to keep their attention? And what would we want them to do next? Don’t have 100 calls to action? I see this whole time.

Subscribe, like, Do this, do this, do this. Call me. You know, email me. Am I what am I supposed to have one thing you want them to do next? Watch the next video. And so if you answer those four questions for every video, you’re going to have a much better video. And then work the hooks work the hook. Understand the hook being the beginning. Now one of my I love Motown. I love Motown music. And there’s a great movie called Hitsville USA. It’s a documentary about it. And Smokey Robinson and the founder of Motown and I just blanked on it, but they’re talking about how they would get in a room for every song and have all the musicians around all the singers from Motown.

So you think about these famous singers, and they would work the first 10 seconds of the song over and over and over for days to work that hook for and that’s why they had Hitsville right. And it you’ve got to think about that hook. What is the thing that’s going to grab someone’s attention? And you know, it’s like, I see somebody feel like, Hey, this is Iran. I’m going to talk to you today about videos. I like videos. Hey, what’d you do in subscribe, blah, blah, blah 30 seconds and I have no idea what your WHY SHOULD BE penitent All right, you’re battling to be done right off the bat. Oh, yeah, the hook, curiosity, whatever. There’s so many different ways to do hooks.

There’s so many amazing books on it. There’s amazing direct response copywriters that I’ve written whole thesis on it, work that book.

Mostafa Hosseini    25:18 

What do you have an example of a good hook that that somebody you heard, and you’re like this, this is a good example for someone we could look up to.

Ian Garlic  25:27 

I mean, there’s so the once again, depends on the journey. But if you you know, when the like all time most famous hooks is not in a video, but it’s a direct response sales letter, it’s probably more like one of those most weeny ones ever.

And it’s they all laughed when I sat down to play sat down in front of the piano, but then I began to play. And it’s a direct response sales letter for piano lessons. It’s one of the most famous ones out there, but that hook, it’s like, I want to know this story, right?

Mostafa Hosseini    25:57 

Oh, that’s a embarrassment story or challenge story,

Ian Garlic  26:01 

a challenge story? You know, one, I’ve had so many of them. And like, it’s we I was looking at some today. You know, I was doing one free agency today, actually. And it was like, you know, I was stuck with lead generation, but I’m much better at my job. And I was sucking at lead generation or something along that ways.

It’s like, we know that we want someone who’s tried lead generation, because we know when we’re talking to someone who’s trying lead generation, owns a business and wants someone to help them with lead generation. That gets my attention.

Mostafa Hosseini    26:37 

So here’s, here’s what’s just transpired right now, I want to change the beginning of the format of this show. Because I totally do that. Oh, I It’s Mustapha, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I’m amazing, listen, but we’re going to change that to the hook. Psych. If you have problem with this, this and this tune in. If this is your challenge to an iron is going to fix your video problems. You’re shy to show up on video, which is next thing we’re going to talk about.

This might be the right fit for you. Make sure you tune in live at 230 on Wednesday, and we’re going to share with you how this is done. And I bet that’s going to be a lot more effective than saying oh, I’m gonna stop. I’m amazing. You know,

Ian Garlic  27:15 

Oh, yeah. Yep. Get grab some attention.

Mostafa Hosseini    27:19 

For those of you who are watching or listening. Yeah, the four questions that you need to answer are, who are we talking to, in detail? And what we’re talking about, I heard Tim Ferriss saying, when he was writing The Four Hour Workweek, workweek, or some other book that was writing, he wrote the book for one specific person.

And it ended up being going like, you know, gangbusters and making, you know, top he’s been best seller, like, forever. So, who you’re talking to with specific details? Where are they in their journey right now? And what are they experiencing? Why should they pay attention to what you’re saying? And what do you want them to do next? Don’t leave them hanging in there.

Ian Garlic  28:06 

Yeah. Well, and you want to have intention sorry, right. You want to have intention when you’re talking to them know where you’re taking them? Right know where we’re going know what this outcome is going to be? So we can we go in that direction with a video from start to finish? Who

Mostafa Hosseini    28:23 

is your go to source for the direct marketing, direct response marketing stuff, the copy and the rest of it?

Ian Garlic  28:29 

As far as learning it? Yeah. I mean, it Brian Kurtz is awesome guy. I’ve got his book over deliver. I mean, that’s it’s pretty technical. You know, Russell Brunson is great. I had some of the greats on John on giants video I did this big seminar we’re gonna I’ve talked to so many copywriters out there I’ve had Stephen Georgie, he’s great. In Stanley is great. You know, I always am learning from other people about what’s going on. But then, you know, it all comes back to the Great’s of the past. It’s, you know, like Ogilvy, you know, who’s one of the best advertising legends of all time. And there’s some amazing copywriting books out there too.

You know, and there’s a great course to copy our that’s another fantastic one for learning direct response. And then I love the legends. I love infomercials like Rick sorry. Who made the Sonicare and George Foreman grill. Rick’s a great guy super smart when it comes to direct response video.

Mostafa Hosseini    29:35 

Direct response video.

Ian Garlic  29:36 

Yep. infomercials. Love it. Yeah. Brian Kurtz was like why? I love this story, because Brian Kurtz came on giants video and he’s like, I know why you want me on giants video. I’m like, You did $250 million on an infomercial, right?

He’s like, Yeah, like, I would say that. Can I consider you a giant video if you sold $215 million through an infomercial

Mostafa Hosseini    30:02 

Is this information somewhere? We could see what it looks like?

Ian Garlic  30:06 

I would look up I think Brian Kurtz might have it somewhere. We’ve talked about it. But yeah, if you look up, Brian,

Mostafa Hosseini    30:12 

if you do you spoke Kurtz. Is it see you?

Ian Garlic  30:15 

Yeah. It’s kur. Cheesy.

Mostafa Hosseini    30:19 

You are tz. Yep. Are cheesy.

Ian Garlic  30:23 

Yeah, Brian. Yeah, he’s super smart marketing. $150

Mostafa Hosseini    30:26 

million in an infomercial.

Ian Garlic  30:29 

Yeah. And I think it was 99 or 2001. So this is 20 years ago. So you think about money? Like totals?

Mostafa Hosseini    30:38 

That’s a lot. Yeah, we’re not not about to start, I would say, No,

Ian Garlic  30:42 

selling an info product. nonetheless.

Mostafa Hosseini    30:45 

Like God, I’ve got to look that up. Because it because the good thing is like if someone is doing it, they’re successful. We want to we want to copy their formula. Yep. Yeah, I don’t have time to come up with my own formula. And I definitely don’t have like, the guy probably spent 30 years to reach that moment where he did $250 million, with an infomercial, right?

Yeah. Oh, yeah. And if they can teach me that in a matter of, I don’t know, a month or two or six months, or even sooner.

Ian Garlic  31:14 

You know what I’ve got, actually, I’ve got him teaching that on giants of video, what I’ll do is, I’m gonna throw that into the gift, the giant access to the giants of video, and he’s talked about it for like an hour and a half. Oh, my God, that is extremely generous. Yeah, I’ll throw that in. So just, if it’s not in there, I’m gonna give you my email address, my team will make sure you get it.

Mostafa Hosseini    31:35 

Love it. Love it. Love it. Alright, let’s talk about confidence on video. I think it’s important. I think that’s something you can probably help with. Most business owners have a hard time getting on video, as I’m sure you’ve seen that a million times in your career. Why do you think that happens? And what’s a good way to overcome that fear? And, you know, get used to being on video?

Ian Garlic  31:59 

Yeah, so there’s a few different fears that I think are happening there. Right. There’s the fear of the camera. Some people have that. And one things we do like with our agency, and we do I’ve done for a long time is, you know, we do the strategy. And then we do interview style video. So it’s interview, you’re talking to someone that makes it a lot easier, right? Trying to talk to the camera. Most people aren’t naturals at that.

Yeah, that’s, you know, that’s why we always did the documentary interview style, because we want to get that authenticity across. So that’s a good way to start. You know, and then people are overthinking it. So if you’re doing it yourself, trying to overthink it, right? And that’s where it’s having strategy in place. knowing you’re talking about one or two things. Get consistent at it and watch your videos. You’re gonna hate your videos.

You know, that was a great thing I learned on giants video, too. I asked everyone to like how do you feel about your first videos? All of them are like Hannah hate them. My buddy Jason’s my buddy, Jason swank grew a seven figure, well over seven figure consulting firm with two employees. And you know, I always make fun of his first videos, because they’re horrible. But guess what, he did it.

And he did it again and did it again and did it again and crushes it now. It’s really great on video, you’re gonna get better. But watch your videos, it’s gonna improve your overall life performance. You know, like we talked about the greats you think Kobe Bryant, he watched the tapes over and over and over again. Yes. You’re saying when he’s playing basketball?

You’re most of us are performing for our clients. Yeah, that’s your performance? Yeah. So watch it. And the simplest, simplest thing you can do, and this is both my sales confidence. And you know, so those will build your confidence. So build your performance, watch the tapes. And you are not an everyone’s like, well, I’m going to get bad comments.

You’re not doing enough. You’re not doing the right if you don’t get bad comments.

Mostafa Hosseini    34:03 

Oh, love that. That’s another one. We’re going to if you’re not getting back comments, you’re not doing it enough.

Ian Garlic  34:09 

You’re not doing it enough. And you’re not doing you’re not doing it right. You should be polarizing. You shouldn’t be mean, you should be yourself. But I talk I put all these videos out about how most videographers are wasting money. And they’re going to talk about gear and they’re going to have you spend $10,000 on videos that look pretty. And I put ads out about it and I always videographers saying how bad my video looks. And I’m like and being really nasty to me like really nasty. And like to the point where I have family members calling me up who’ve seen the ads in the comments and go Are you alright?

I’m like, Listen, you know my mom or my mom always said even Jesus can please everyone. But you know know that you’re gonna upset people but here is my super super key. Due to confidence in sales, and confidence on video, if you go into it really trying to help someone, just like, I’m going to help this person, when I go into a sales situation, I’m like, I’m just going to help this person as much as I can, and go into video, I’m going to help this person as much as I can.

If you do that, all your fears go away. And they should be. Because if you’re trying to help someone, it’s really hard to if you’re worried about them, it’s hard to be worried about yourself. And, you know,

Mostafa Hosseini    35:32 

yeah, go ahead. Are you off too bad? You know, I don’t know, correct me if I’m wrong. If you’re helping some someone through your video and through your content, then that is more important than how well your video looks.

Did I get that right? 100%. Okay, so you don’t have to spend a ton of time making the video Foxy and spiffy and you know, all that, like, as long as you’re delivering the message that’s more important than

Ian Garlic  35:59 

Yeah, yeah. I mean, I think there’s certain videos that should be like when you get to a certain point, that should be pretty there’s like, you’re, as people get to that by especially you’re doing like high end sales or something, you’re selling a 2030 $40,000 product. You should have good looking videos, but you should have content out there.

That’s just you walking around to but you need to have your bout us and your case stories I think should be nicer. But yeah, I he worried about the concept first, always worried about helping first.

Mostafa Hosseini    36:29 

And I’ve had the same experience. I mean, if you listen or watch the first episodes of this show, it looks horrible. Like, I’m always like, I was fidgeting and I was like, worried about things. And I was actually worried when we first got on video, like going on multiple social platforms with like, 12 13,000 followers here and there.

And I’m like, Oh, my God, what’s going to happen? Right? And then over time, I recently got some feedback saying, I have improved, right? And you know, because you get used to it, you did build that confidence. And I love your feedback about watching yourself. That’s like, that’s my go to thing for a lot of improvements, like even improving your sales process. Oh, yeah. Like, put your phone on, record yourself, and then watch yourself the way you talk. I guarantee you’re gonna come up with some good feedback for yourself and be like, Oh, my God, I can’t believe I said that. I said it that way. Or I can’t believe I said that. And then you just fix it. It’s amazing.

Ian Garlic  37:35 

You will get so much faster, so much faster.

Mostafa Hosseini    37:41 

So much. Yeah. And it’s like, yeah, there is no, there’s not a faster way to get to give and get feedback on yourself and improve your own process than video. No period. Yep. Love isn’t. Love it. Alright, so let me ask some technical questions, if that’s okay, of course. Where’s the best place to put a video on a landing page?

Ian Garlic  38:08 

Depends on the landing page. Some landing pages don’t convert as well with videos once in a while. It’s better to have retargeting. I’ll be honest. I love having case stories, though. Right next to it. Like, here’s the story of the person that’s had the same problem as you because people will remember it, you know, and they’ll click on it. You know, I’ve seen this Russell Brunson doesn’t really well on like some of the checkout pages.

It’s just customer story, customer story, customer story. And, you know, I think if you have really solid case stories, right next to the form.

Mostafa Hosseini    38:41 

Got it. So let’s say if we got a training video on a page where we’re doing a mini training or a webinar or whatnot, and then should that be on the very top above the fold a little bit lower? Or? Yeah, so

Ian Garlic  38:55 

I mean, I seem like the best. Like everyone says that. And I’m asking always how things are performing. Yeah, if you have. So if you’re looking for SEO, though, excuse me, if you’re looking for SEO, a lot of times, and there’s the intention that hey, there’s gonna be a video below it’s good to get the scroll and have the video down below.

Just because you get the scroll and YouTube or Google knows that. But I like to have videos and smaller videos throughout the page to like shorter fun videos throughout the page.

Mostafa Hosseini    39:29 

Love it. So next question is what do we need to do? Or how do we get more views on a video?

Ian Garlic  39:39 

There’s a lot of ways to do that. And it depends on you know, what more is or intent is? And because if you want to be an influencer, and I’m actually making a video about this now Now I say is, if you want to you ants, let’s say you answer the $100,000 question. It’s just a question that a lot of people don’t ask but When it’s the question that’s going to mean $100,000 or more to them, you shouldn’t really worry about the views, you should get the SEO value out of it. You know?

So it depends on why you want the views and what number of views it is, I don’t think total number of views is always the best metric. Because you could go by views, you can go get views on YouTube for cheap. But if people are watching the whole video, it’s not great. Now the best way to get people to watch like, if you want to get more YouTube ranking for a specific term, which I think is a better question, or do you want to get more of the right people on if you want more of the right people watching the video, having good stories, having that format that I talked about having a great hook, having great content, will get more views, and then use if you’re on YouTube, it’s rewarded by showing more people. And also you should be driving into your email list.

You know, sending out your email on some multiple occasions, using it throughout your website, using the not thinking that people’s putting the video in one place, it should be in multiple, multiple places and driving to that YouTube video. So also, it just depends on platform to because YouTube is an intent based platform, right?

We go to YouTube, usually with intent, Facebook’s attention, but based platform, you have to grab attention. So that’s gonna be two different styles of video, right? That you’re going to have. So it’s, I wish there was one answer. But I don’t like for people, I’ll be honest, I don’t like to, for people to worry about traffic. First, I want to worry about getting them from the right person. Because, you know, read anyone’s talk about building a YouTube channel, you’re talking two, three years, get lots of views. And you get a lot of views. But if it doesn’t mean making you money, I mean, if you’re passionate about something, that’s great, you want everyone to know about it.

That’s fantastic. But if you want to make money, worry about that $100,000 question. And if it only 20 people have it? And you answer for those 20 people they find out and two of them call you up and are willing to give you $100,000 to solve their $100,000 question that happens every year. That’s a lot of money.

Mostafa Hosseini    42:19 

Absolutely. Can you give us some tips for people that want to get better? on creating videos specifically for YouTube? Sure.

Ian Garlic  42:31 

So YouTube, you want to a all that stuff I talked about the four questions, right? That’s big thing, be good, it’s get better at storytelling, customer stories are important. And then understand all the questions that your ideal customer has along their journey, and answer them and answer them in detail. And give away your best stuff. Don’t be like Oh, on the other side of this, you know, give away your best stuff. Because if you if you can teach everything that you know, in 30 minutes and be super detailed about it, then you don’t have enough value to warrant selling something else.

So you should you know, be giving away your best stuff giving my best up to the point where people like I need to work with this person, there’s always gonna be that DIY or but give away your best stuff provide as much value be consistent. Be specific in your keyword analysis. You know, that’s where knowing your customers journey do a lot of keyword stuff you know, and really, at a certain point, video quality is gonna be important good sound is important good light is important. The camera not so much more so lighting and sound.

So it gets to know that and then for duration, YouTube rewards length of time so no giant a video I had there’s a video out there if you look up how to learn Spanish while you sleep. It’s like a six hour video that people put on it ranks because it’s six hours long a buddy of mine who’s amazing YouTube marketer did with his wife she has like 500,000 views because it’s a six hour long video.

 So people think all these short videos yes, there’s the YouTube shorts were sub 60 seconds, but think three 510 minutes if you can teach someone and you keep teaching them and you tell them what you’re going to teach them you know, very accurate descriptions, not sales descriptions. You know, that assist the video putting chapters in the video is also will help your YouTube videos, but most of all consistency and feedback. Get the videos out there. Email them to your list, see what they say. answer some more questions.

Mostafa Hosseini    44:42 

Amazing. Amazing, amazing. What else tell us about your gift and what you’re sharing with and you’re you you’re generously sharing it hang with us. Yeah, so

Ian Garlic  45:01 

give me a so the video case Story Course we call it video testimonial course and you quickly learn why don’t want to call it testimony of course. But from an intense standpoint, people look for video testimonials.

So it’s it’s 10 videos about five minutes each you deliver via email, and then there’s some bonus stuff in the emails, you can just email me at ion at story cruise, s t o r, y, Cruz, c r e w Just email me we’ll send you that they’ll teach you how to think about it, how to plan how to collect them. And there’s a link to as well, you can get that there. And then also, I will tell you about, you know how what to think about in the questions, how to interview the person how to ask how to craft them properly, the story formats, you know, where hot, cold and warm versions of it, we’re gonna talk all about that stuff in there. And you’ll learn a lot more about creating customer stories, which I’ve done for years, and there’s definitely an art to it.

But it’s the most important thing, it’s the fundamentals of your business. So we’ll give you that. And if you remind me and or if it should be attached to there, but the case story tackle box spreadsheet, the worksheet will be there too. So you can start working on plan, planning out your case stories. And, you know, talk a little about optimizing them, and that type of thing and how to use them because you should have multiple versions, we’ll talk about micro contents in there. So you should have 10 Second versions, 22nd versions, five minute versions, we’ve done 30 minute case stories, just depends on where you’re gonna put them in the journey.

So we’ll talk all about that stuff. It’s, you know, it’s something we’ve obsessed about for 10 years, and put it all right.

Mostafa Hosseini    46:49 

So again, if you’re watching or listening live or through our podcast, and the link here is going to be in the description of the show. So and the link is long, so just go into the descriptions of the show or on the comments of the live show. And the link is there for you to get access to the video case, Story Course. And then he shared his template, t shirt. His was, is that the Planning Template? Yes, yes, that is. Okay.

So that’s the Planning Template for planning your videos, video case stories, how to ask the questions, how to ask for stories, how to craft your questions, and the rest of it. Go there, video case Story Course by ion, garlic, download it right now and get access, I am definitely going to watch this because I do this. But there’s always something I could learn on how to get ask for better stories. And I’m sure I could learn a ton from you as a guy who has been doing this forever.

So I let me ask you some personal questions. So before I do that, let me ask, how can people find out more about you and reach out to you and you know if they want but like iron is awesome, I need to chat with him. And if you’re watching and listening, you should definitely do that.

Ian Garlic  48:08 

You can email me at ins story And we can send you a lot of resources, story cruises where you can do a lot of learning resources, my and also my podcasting is on there, the garlic Marketing Show. It’s great way to follow me, you know, connect with me on LinkedIn. I’m there and then story cruises our YouTube channel as a great place.

So I mean, those are three big places I would say go that’s where we spend most of time. I have a personal Instagram, but I don’t. I’m more than the more stalking on the Instagram than doing a lot of stuff on there. I spend most of my time making YouTube videos.

Mostafa Hosseini    48:41 

Very nice. Very nice. Very nice. So personal questions. What is a new thing that you have tried recently?

Ian Garlic  48:49 

I’m taking stand up comedy classes. So that’s what I’m I’m learning right now.

Mostafa Hosseini    48:58 

Where are you taking that?

Ian Garlic  49:00 

There’s a there’s a Comedy Theater here. It’s Improv Theater. That called sac comedy lab. So I’m taking that live and they’ve got a great teacher and it’s a lot of fun.

Mostafa Hosseini    49:11 

Oh my god, that’s amazing. I told you you told me about that beforehand. I was I was I’m, I’m really intrigued by that. Why are you doing this?

Ian Garlic  49:21 

I’ve always loved stand up comedy. And I, I’d like to learn something like I want to learn how to do that and write better jokes and write better and a little more funny. It’ll help my videos too. And, you know, and get up in front of an audience and do something that’s outside my comfort zone. I do public speaking but it’s different than stand up comedy. It’s and so I want to learn how to do it.

Mostafa Hosseini    49:46 

Oh my God, I want to learn that too. Like when I talk it’s all dry. So if I could like put some smile on people’s faces like that’s a good skill. Yeah, we’ll look that up. I will definitely look that up. So what are your favorite tours? Read books that have made a massive difference in your life. Sure, I

Ian Garlic  50:03 

mean, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I love that book. That one’s fantastic how to be like Walt by Pat Williams, then pet Williams is amazing. I’ve got an interview with him. He is the co founder of the Orlando Magic. He actually invented the first NBA mascot. That’s amazing. He’s written 100 books. But the how to be like, Walt is a great story of Walt Disney’s life and from the FET like a lesson based one. So I love I love biographies. And that’s a huge, huge one for me. And then, I mean, I’ve listened to so many books and read so many books, what do you

Mostafa Hosseini    50:45 

recommend to people all tie

Ian Garlic  50:49 

those two. And, man, I always, you know, right now, I love Steve Jobs, that biography of Steve Jobs. It’s just it’s about I mean, there’s so much to learn there about, about understanding your customer about like Steve Jobs invented the future, essentially, and his vision. That’s, that’s a huge one for me. Man, I got so many background.

You know, if you’re a new entrepreneur, entrepreneurial leap, I wish I if you haven’t started your business, or you’re about to start a business entrepreneurial leap is by Gina Wakeman. is amazing. And see all those back there? Geez, I would say those are some of my big big ones.

Mostafa Hosseini    51:35 

Yeah, love and love and love it. Now. If you had a Facebook or a YouTube or a Google ad that everyone on earth could see. What would your message be for the people of Earth?

Ian Garlic  51:50 

For the people of Earth? Hmm. I think it’s understand. We can all change the world through marketing. And if you’re not understanding marketing, you’re you’re being marketed to now and the marketing changes the world. So under become a better storyteller.

Mostafa Hosseini    52:12 

I’m a better storyteller. Love it. Love it? What’s one advice that has made a massive change in your life?

Ian Garlic  52:24 

That’s a big question. As a big, big question are so many little things, you know, and then there’s so many big things. I mean, what my favorite quote is the Zig Ziglar is you can have anything you want in life as long as you you can have everything you want in life, as long as you help enough people get what they want.

And you know, if you go out there and help others, I think that’s the way to look at it. And that’s been a massive, massive impact on me. And yeah, that’s one of the biggest ones of it.

Mostafa Hosseini    53:03 

You have enough keep your people get what they want. You will get what you want. Yep. or some version of by Zig Ziglar. Yeah. Love it. Love it. Amazing. What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Ian Garlic  53:21 

Hold on to that Apple stock?

Mostafa Hosseini    53:28 

Early? Oh, yeah.

Ian Garlic  53:30 

Ah, ah, yeah. And Netflix too. I have had a lot of Netflix at $3 or $4. A share or something? No, I mean, I, I advice. You know, just publish more. I think I wish I’d publish more. Publish What? I get out there more. Anything. Any type of content? Yeah.

Put yourself out there more. I wish I would have started earlier. Yeah. And I think that would have and follow through, follow through, and, you know, move faster. I moved pretty fast. But movie and faster.

Mostafa Hosseini    54:14 

All right. So what’s the story behind that?

Ian Garlic  54:19 

Behind? Well, I mean, I

Mostafa Hosseini    54:21 

had the idea of just to clarify behind the idea of getting more like, what would have happened. Were, what’s the story there? I mean, I

Ian Garlic  54:28 

had a lot of big ideas. And, you know, I just stuff I didn’t put out there. Right. And, you know, I I’ve written a lot of books I’d never published and written a lot of great content, I think it was like looking back would have been more influential. And also, to everyone here, build your email list and stay in touch with it constantly. I can’t imagine if I would have had an email list at 20 years old.

What might even a list would be in right now. If I’d publish regularly way, it’s good because you put yourself out there, you’re gonna learn more about yourself and learn more out there. But I think those will be the big ones I think

Mostafa Hosseini    55:09 

Beautiful, beautiful. Love it, love it, love it. I and this has been an absolutely amazing conversation with I mean, every interview is I feel like I could go for a good two or three hours and dig deep and and, you know, talk more and share more value. But this has been an absolute value bomb. Is there anything that you would like to share? That we didn’t get a chance to talk about?

Ian Garlic  55:37 

No, nothing I can think of I mean, you know, get focused and get stuff out there and put yourself out there and and help others and, and you’ll succeed.

Mostafa Hosseini    55:48 

Love it gang. For those of you who are watching or listening do reach out to iron, garlic, look up his name, his watch what call it podcast is the garlic Marketing Show. And, and the website was

Ian Garlic  56:05 

Yes, story,

Mostafa Hosseini    56:11 

Beautiful reach out, hang out, you know, tap into this guy’s wisdom. And you know, become known in the YouTube world because it does matter it is. Second, the second search engine on the earth, people spend a ton of time on YouTube. And it does matter to be there. Okay, now, if you have watched or listened to this podcast or show, tell us what you liked about this interview? What stood out for you? What did you find useful?

And maybe what was your story before after this show? And what you what is your main takeaway from what we talked about today. And please, as always, make sure you like and subscribe to the show on whichever channel you’re watching whether you’re the podcast or not, this helps us get amazing content and amazing value just like the one I and share it with us out to more people so we can make a bigger impact.

So you’re just helping us and the rest of us, you know help giving a lending hand to other business owners and entrepreneurs who could use this content and get the message out there.

If you have any questions, put them as a comment. We’ll get back to you. If you know, again, someone that could benefit from this conversation, tag them in a comment, have them listen to ion and you know go through all the stuff that he talked about and share. And we’ll go from there. Thank you for joining us. That’s daily confidence for entrepreneurs.

My name is Mostafa Hosseini  . And on behalf of our team, wish you a very good day. Good weekend. We’ll see you next week. Bye bye


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