Unlocking Productivity: My Morning Routine & Scenic Coffee Drive

Unlocking Productivity - My Morning Routine & Scenic Coffee Drive with Mostafa Hosseini

Last week, I did an episode on how some of our, what we call, *stupid ideas*, turn into the best!

This morning, I thought, maybe I should share pictures of my morning routine. Some people might like it?!

Immediately, I was thinking: nobody cares about that!

Then I remembered my own test.

If I think it is a bad/stupid idea, I should at least try it.

The worst that could happen is nothing.

So here we go: This is my morning routine.


My morning Routiune…

I do this “almost” every morning before I start work.

– Go out
– Get a coffee
– Go for a drive in the country
– Listen to my files (as I enjoy the views)
– Call my peeps
– Back to my home office
– Start work

For some reason, I don’t get tired of these views!

Some days, I do a 30-45 min meditation before I go out. I do Naval’s method.

His method, which I learned last November, has been a total game changer for me.

What’s your morning routine like?


To your massive success 

Mostafa Hosseini


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Ps: pictures are from today’s Morning #Coffee Drive!


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What does your morning routine entail?

My morning routine typically involves going out for a coffee, enjoying a scenic drive in the countryside while listening to audio files, connecting with friends or colleagues over phone calls, and then settling into my home office to start work.

Why do you believe in trying out seemingly bad ideas?

I believe in testing out ideas that might initially seem unappealing because it's a way to challenge my assumptions and potentially discover unexpected benefits or opportunities. Plus, even if an idea doesn't pan out, the worst that can happen is nothing, so it's worth giving it a shot.