Owning Your Expertise with David Newman – Ep. 46

Owning your Expertise with David Newman Ep.46Owning your Expertise with David Newman Ep.46

Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs Show Episode 46.

In this episode, join my friend David Newman and I talk about Owning Your Expertise.


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Join my friend David Newman and me in a conversation about “Owning Your Expertise” 📅 Date: Wednesday,

📢 David Newman, CSP is a member of the NSA Million Dollar Speakers Group. He is the author of the business bestsellers “Do It! Marketing” and “Do It! Speaking: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Market, Monetize, and Maximize Your Expertise” (HarperCollins, 2020.)

David is also the creator of the Expert Profit Formula mentoring program where he helps thought leaders market their smarts and make a bigger dent in the universe.

👉 To get Access to David’s Gift, The Do It! Marketing manifesto, visit www.doitmarketing.com/manifesto

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