Information Overload: Why Reading a Book Per Week Isn’t Beneficial

Information Overload- Reading a Book Per Week Isn't Beneficial

Reading a book per week is terrible advice and creates information overload!

This is for business owners who read a ton of non-fiction books, unless you are Bill Gates and sitting on $120B!



The Pitfalls of Weekly Book Reading


There has been hype out there about reading books, and some people say that it will make you rich.

No, it won’t! ❌

It has the potential to make us rich, but reading alone will not make us rich!

They say things like “Bill Gates reads a book per week, and so should you!!” 📖

Yeah, but that is what he is doing at the top! This is most likely NOT what he did to make his money. For years, he worked his butt off and slept on his office floor!

There is no medal for reading a bunch of books and becoming paralyzed with too much info.

Reading a book per week guarantees that we just read them but not learn and apply the info. 🧠

Telling people that they should read a book per week is a sweeping generalization. In my opinion, it is terrible advice for the majority of business owners and people.



The Dangers of Information Overload


I have done this…

For a few years, I read a ton of books. But after a while, I noticed it did not add too many zeros to my bank account.

Yes, it felt good, but after a while, I was experiencing information overload. 🤯

Because of that and knowing too much info, it was hard to make decisions. ❌

Not to mention the fact that it is depressing to know all that info, but lack results! 😓


There are a lot of studies done showing that too much information reduces our ability to make good decisions! 📉

Plus, if someone puts 50 yrs of experience in a book, we need a bit more than a week to try, test and see results. ⏳

Maybe some people can pull this off. But, most business owners get confused, overwhelmed with too much info, and lose their ability to make good decisions. 😵


Information overload, resulting in depression, is a big deal these days. 

Considering the fact that the chances of entrepreneurs experiencing mental illness is around 70%, we should reduce this information load, not add to it.

I know a ton of people in my family and outside who have done extremely well, people who never read a book outside their school! 

You see, these people are good at taking action.

👉 We also get addicted to reading and stay away from action. It also becomes a solid form of procrastination from taking action!❌

The other problem with the read-a-book-per-week advice is that it does not mention that you should NOT try to know everything about everything. Because again, it is a sweeping generalization! There is a thing called hiring people with skills and knowledge. 🙂



✅ A Better Approach to Reading


Read one book, learn it, apply it, and then move on to a new book. No time limit! 📖

Reading 2 kick-ass books per year with application will do better than just reading 52 books! 📚

Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger talk about the Circle of Competence and staying in it. If we read a book to improve thinking and skills within our circle of competence, great. Otherwise, not so great. 

Buffet has a famous quote that says: The more you learn, the more you earn!

Notice, he did Not say: the more you read, the more you earn!


So relax, learn a book and apply it and then move on to a new book, IF NEEDED!

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What is information overload?

Information overload happens when we have too much information to handle. It can make it hard to make good decisions and can even make us feel overwhelmed.

Why is reading a book per week not always a good idea?

Reading too many books each week can lead to information overload. It means we might read a lot, but not really learn or understand what we're reading.

How can reading too much affect us?

Reading too much can lead to feeling overwhelmed with too many facts and ideas. This can make it difficult to make decisions and take action.

What's a better way to read books for learning?

Instead of rushing through books, it's better to read one book, understand it well, and then move on to another. This way, we can apply what we learn and make it useful

Why is it important to apply what we learn from books?

Applying what we learn is like using new tools. It helps us solve problems and become better at what we do. Just reading without applying doesn't help us grow or succeed.

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