How to Manage Your Stress and Manifest your Goals in 2021 with Aryana Rollins and Susi Vine – Ep. 37

In this episode, Aryana Rollins, Susi Vine and I will talk about How to Manage your Stress and Manifest your Goals.


  • How do you manage Stress during the pandemic?

  • What are some actionable advice to manage anxiety and discomfort at home?

  • How do you manifest your Goals?

  • Can removing unconscious blocks help bring positive results in your income and business?



8:05  – Moving your body helps to facilitate every biological process and it relieves those emotions of stress.

13:46 – Having a morning routine is a really powerful way to set your mindset. 

20:33 – Evolve rather than just cope, let’s use this time to thrive because we’ve been almost given permission to disconnect from the way things were.

22:17 –  Power to Focus Home Study actually teaches people the basics of communicating to their unconscious and how to clear the blockages that are causing them to procrastinate, miss opportunities, and not doing the the things that will support facilitate their health. 

39:54 – Practice gentleness with yourself and self care and it can go a long way to get the mind Gremlins out of the way.



Mostafa Hosseini  0:01  

Good afternoon, Good evening,  Good morning, wherever you are in the world. Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs. My name is Mostafa Hosseini, and I’m your host for the show. At Daily Confidence we share strategies and actionable advice and tips that you can use on a daily basis to run your business and boost your confidence. Today I have two amazing guests Aryana Rollins and Suzi Vine. We got a very interesting and important topic, actually two topics that we’re talking about that are very handy and people are dealing with it during the pandemic. So the topic of our discussion today is How to Manage your Stress and Manifest your Goals in 2021. Welcome, ladies.

Susi Vine  0:46  

Well, hi there Mostafa, good to see you.

Mostafa Hosseini  0:49  

Good to have you. How are you doing, Aryana?

Aryana K. Rollins  0:51  

I’m okay, thank you. Thanks for having this. It’s so important to give these resources to people right now. With just one little tip could help ease their day.

Susi Vine  1:46  

Yes, it has been a wild ride. Personally, I’m somebody that kind of steps in to change. I’ve moved a lot, I’ve had a lot of different jobs. But that’s where I really see people struggle if there’s been so much change. Now this far in, we’re really kind of reaching a point of fatigue. So workplace burnout is way up over where it has been previously. It was an issue before the pandemic. And now we’re really starting to push the limits, you know, we were trying to power through and pretend it was business as usual. But it’s starting to take its toll.

Mostafa Hosseini  2:23  

Interesting. In the past month or so we’ve been talking about how stress levels and anxiety and mental health to my understanding is right along with COVID. I think the next thing that governments are going to spend billions of dollars on is mental health. As people have gone crazy, let’s just be blunt. We are anxious and confused.  Can you touch on that? How do you feel about that?

Susi Vine  2:57  

Yeah, I think that’s a really good point. I’ve seen a couple of different areas that this whole experience has really shone a light on situations that needed our attention. We thought we could just work through it, you know, underlying conditions, suddenly everybody’s aware, diabetes, lung conditions. These are real liabilities, when we’re facing this virus that makes us more susceptible.

But we knew this was an issue, we hadn’t really addressed it. We hadn’t been addressing that lifestyle changes can turn these around. So just like you’re saying mental health, you know, we’re still in the stages of removing the stigma of talking about it, of acknowledging that we have these issues, or we need some support. We tend to think we have to hold on in, you know, you got that stoic mindset, pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

I’ve heard some of my clients tell me and admit that they need help. Even being in a group that would tag you as somebody who’s feeling too much stress. We need to get that out of the way because the calls that employers and that healthcare are putting into just looking at burnout is in the billions of dollars in lost productivity in supporting these people to return to their health. 

It is so far from insignificant, it’s really challenging and it’s sad when we see things have to go through this phase. It has to get worse before it gets better. But hopefully this is an awareness that will stay with us. So we can put these changes in place and we don’t have to go backwards.

Mostafa Hosseini  4:37  

Absolutely. For those of you who are watching and listening later at Aryana, Susi and I are talking about how to manage your stress levels and manifest your goals in 2021. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to chat and make a comment on the live feed wherever you’re watching. If you have questions, post your questions and we’ll do our best to answer them. You will enter a draw for a gift that we’re going to give away later. So Susi, please tell us about what you do and who you serve.


How to Manage your Stress and Manifest your Goals in 2021 Ep. 37
Workplace burnout is real.

Susi Vine  5:11  

I think that I focus on high achievers, the people who think that stress is kind of like a badge of honor. How much multitasking were you doing at the day and how long has it been since you actually took lunch away from your desk? People who think that adrenaline rush is really a sign of victory. You can make little changes, right? 

The goal is not to live without stress, it’s to change our mindset so that we can be empowered. It even affects the way we physically perceive it in the moment. So when people recognize that they want to be healthier, it seems so overwhelming. It seems complicated because there’s so much different input. Then they just give up and they don’t want to dig into it because they don’t have the time to simplify that information and find out what works.

That’s what I think is so helpful is just, I love to share these tools to simplify the process, right. It doesn’t take a radical change in direction by making little shifts. We can start to build momentum to upgrade it, trickling over into our entire lifestyle. 

So by making it easier and more doable by helping it fit in alongside an already busy schedule. That’s why I love working with these kinds of really driven high achieving people who recognize they have room to do better. But they’re resisting putting in that time and effort so I can help ease that process.

Mostafa Hosseini  6:40  

Absolutely. What are some actionable things that people could do if they’re staying at home, and they’re feeling that anxiety and that discomfort? I experienced that myself to begin with. I’m like, sometimes I need to see people face to face, I need to go outside with people. I really have that need for connection. And I think that’s a common thing is I hear people, what are people talking about?

What are some actionable advice for people to manage that anxiety and discomfort or confusion around what’s going on right now?

Susi Vine  7:18  

Yes, the first thing that comes to mind is movement, getting active because of those stress hormones. Biologically, they’re designed to help us be in action, right to run away from the infamous tiger that we always love to use in this analogy. So when you hold yourself at the desk, and you try to work through stress, because now stress is coming in because the phone is ringing, the to do list never gets shorter, right? We’re at this chronic level. 

Again, add to that the level of pandemic situation and feeling isolated. So any way you can get yourself moving, take a walk over your lunch break or take a meeting on headset. If you’re in a supportive workplace, maybe you can let people know I’m going to take this meeting on a walk, I’ll be back to my desk in a little bit. Moving your body helps to facilitate every biological process and it relieves those emotions of stress.

Mostafa Hosseini  8:14  

Absolutely, yeah. I think I’m guilty of that as well, where I’m like sitting in front of the computer all day long and that’s the routine now. People are on their phone, on their computer in front of the TV all day long, not enough movement. It’s very important. That’s a great tip that you shared.

Aryana K. Rollins  8:39  

Sometimes I’m not drinking enough water at the end of the day. I don’t feel good. Do you have some tips on getting people to either like drinking more water or to make awareness?

Susi Vine  8:55  

Yes, that’s huge. Some people, you know, the infamous quarantine. People have been adding a bit of weight. Because we’re right next to the pantry. Right? We can go and grab a snack anytime, sometimes when we have cravings. It’s because our body knows it wants something it doesn’t have. A lot of times it’s because we are dehydrated.

Aryana K. Rollins  9:15  

So water before you raid the pantry. 

Susi Vine  9:20  

Yes exactly. One thing you can do if you have a target. So a good rule of thumb, and forgive me my kilos, math doesn’t serve me. But if you take your body weight in pounds, and divide it in half, that’s the number of ounces of water you should aim to consume every day. Everybody’s a little different. So see what really works best for you. 

Then if you have a water bottle, say if that requires two water bottles, put two rubber bands on it. So you move it right so you don’t have to remember where I start? You can say oh yeah, I moved both bands. I met my quota for today.



The goal is not to live without stress, it's to change our mindset so that we can be empowered.

Mostafa Hosseini  9:57  

How do you help people during the pandemic?  What is your solution that you offer to people?

Susi Vine  10:07  

Yes. So in the last year, I’ve been working more with corporate teams. I created an online program. Those definitely have their place to really get a lot of information through in a shorter amount of time. But what I’m hearing from the people that I’m working with is they need it digestible, because like I said, at the beginning, we’re already busy, we’ve already got so much input coming in. 

So I’ve launched a membership where people can come and join me. They get a little bit of information every week. I love to build on those small wins and celebrate the successes. We tend to think we will celebrate at the end, when we reach a goal, when we’ve transformed a habit that we will reward ourselves. 

But if we keep ourselves engaged along the way, if you have a cheerleader or somebody to show up and hold you accountable, then that helps you start to build the momentum. So you’re not focused on some angle that feels unattainable. You can recognize and watch your progress.

Mostafa Hosseini  11:07  

Absolutely. I think now more than ever, we need community and support. As if we sit around at home and isolate ourselves, we’re going to have a hard time and I guess a lot of people that are watching or listening, have been experiencing that. So hanging out with people that are working on the same type of goals are doing similar things and are dealing with the same problems and are trying to fix the same problems would help significantly. 

So if you’re watching or listening, I put the link here in the chat box and we’re going to put it in the show notes as well. It has to check out Susi’s upcoming program. 

Aryana K. Rollins  11:57  

You’ve got a free level to that too, don’t you? I did experience it.

Susi Vine  12:05  

Exactly. Yeah, you can pop in for free. There’s paid levels with more information on drip and even accountability or private coaching sessions. So it’s built in, you can kind of put it on autopilot, set up some recurring sessions, and we can go from there. But if you’re just curious, pop in and check it out, because you can definitely get some good tidbits and takeaways at the free level.

Mostafa Hosseini  12:27  

I cannot talk enough about the importance of tapping into a community, especially when it comes to mental health. Like if I have mental health problems, it is not something that I can fix on my own most likely, right? It is a lot easier, better, faster and healthier to be in. Because we are social animals. Right? It’s important.

Susi Vine  12:57  

Absolutely. Sometimes our immediate group isn’t the kind of group that lifts us up. So joining other people just as you were saying, who are goal oriented, who are motivated along the same lines, that’s where the magic happens. So yeah, communities. Great. Thank you Mostafa,

Mostafa Hosseini  13:11  

You’re more than welcome, Susi. Is there anything you’d like to add that we didn’t talk about that you feel might be important for listeners?

Susi Vine  13:20  

You know, I think this is just along those lines of community. Sometimes we feel people say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So you can get creative in how you want to uplevel your community, you don’t have to bump anybody. We need all the connections we can get. But maybe that inspiration comes from a group like what we’re putting together.

The philosophy comes from thought leaders, people who inspire us. So the morning routine is a really powerful way to set your mindset. And with some positivity, some personal development helps you get out of a negative frame of mind and into a positive and can totally change the trajectory of your day.

Mostafa Hosseini  13:59  

Absolutely love that. That is the advice for your morning routine. One thing that I personally do if I’m not feeling that great, I actually pick up the phone and call friends and family. I have conversations with them just to connect. That’s one thing that actually motivates me and gets me going. If I don’t talk to people, I go crazy. Simple. 

Susi Vine  14:27  

Yeah, by giving support, we get a lot back to you. So that’s a beautiful way to support friends and family.

Mostafa Hosseini  14:33  

That’s amazing. Thank you, Susi. I really appreciate it. I know if you feel free to stick around or no, you have a few more minutes.


How to Manage your stress and manifest your goals in 2021
Having community support is very important.

I want to switch over to Aryana and see what she has to offer to help us during this tough time. 

So let me do a proper introduction here to Aryana and then we’ll tap into that topic there.

Aryana Rollins has been a Certified Cybernetic Transmission Position Facilitator since 2005. She has a deep understanding and experience helping people clear blocks from their unconscious mind. That’s very important. 

She’s also a Business Coach and Intuitive Guide who works with self aware entrepreneurs who want to build businesses based on their higher values to impact on the world in a positive way. Welcome, Aryana.

Aryana K. Rollins  15:24  

Thank you, Mostafa, thanks for making the time.

Mostafa Hosseini  15:27  

Anytime. So how has your experience been in the past 10 months or so with the pandemic?

Aryana K. Rollins  15:33  

Well, I remember in the beginning, I kind of liked the peace and quiet because I am kind of a quiet person and so my life didn’t change much. But then a few months in, I hit a wall and I could feel this anxiety rising in me. I just didn’t want to stay at home and just keep working because working is my go to. Then I remember it was like there was a deeper surrender. So I look at the bigger reason and purpose and not the political or the health things going on. 

I think humanity is going through the spiritual awakening reset. The way we were going in the past was not sustainable. So if I can hold on to faith, not the faith, like in God, religion, churches, but that’s helpful, but hold on to the faith that there is order and structure, we may or may not just see it at this point but that helps me. 

I focus on how I can serve and how I can help. Whether it’s, giving some money, food, and water to a homeless person. I feel good about that. 

So it’s like, how can I serve, that’s how I do it. But that’s a birth path nine, that may not be for everybody else. I follow things like birth paths because it gives us a clue on our nature and, and how to bring out our higher potential.

Mostafa Hosseini  17:02  

Absolutely. Tell us about what you do and who you serve?

Aryana K. Rollins  17:06  

I work with entrepreneurs on a spiritual path. Teaching them how to accomplish their most meaningful projects, their goals or intentions from a place of harmony, conscious mind and unconscious. So they find themselves doing the right action just at the right time. They’re not pressuring. 

Like Susi was speaking about if we put ourselves under stress, and we’re actually harming ourselves and our well being. So anytime we’re under stress, I like to assume we have a blockage running, which means a self defeating unconscious habit and getting it out of the way. Because we’re not meant to operate from stress. That means we’re operating from the beta consciousness, which is fight or flight Susi mentioned.

Mostafa Hosseini  18:01  

What’s the best way?

What is your advice for people that are feeling that stress level during this time staying at home?

What should they do?

What’s an actionable thing they could do today to kind of feel better?

Aryana K. Rollins  18:22  

I think the people who are thriving, because I’m working with a lot of people that are thriving at this time, are those who have decided to learn something or they have decided to accomplish something that’s within their command and control. That they’re focusing their energy on that because there’s a lot to be said to have an intentional uplifting aim. If we aren’t, we feel aimless, like, we’re not using our time optimally, and that feels yucky. 

We put our head on the pillow at night. It’s like what did I do? I watched Netflix or Yeah, I just sat at the computer and I worked all day. So I think find out if there is something you’ve always wanted to learn, maybe it’s another language or how to cook or accomplish your projects from that place of peace and grace. Then put your energy and time into that and say I’m going to do this. I’m going to look back on this year or maybe two years and say “Look how I grew.” 

I evolved rather than just coping, let’s use this time to thrive because we’ve been almost given permission to disconnect from the way things were. Some people are now working at home. How can we optimize that because that’s in everything changes our attitude like if we are bright shining sparks for the world. Then we can transmit that positivity and that energy to others and uplift and instead of being a mental health statistic. When we are anxious we’re actually being forced for good on the planet.

Mostafa Hosseini  20:03  


What are some success stories about people that you work with that made a change in their unconscious blocks that made a difference in their results, behavior, and income business?

Aryana K. Rollins  20:17  

Well, one of the private clients I was just speaking to right before we got on here is that last year, he set a really big intention of 10,000 opt-ins and one of his offers, and that was beyond anything he had done. 

So what I’m noticing is that, because there is this intense drive in for people who are entrepreneurs to make an impact, when they channel that area with that energy, then they’re able to accomplish beyond belief, objectives, intentions. 

So he met his intention of 10,000 subscribers into one of his lead magnets. How did he do that? He did that by first getting clear on what he wanted. Writing it down in a very specific way, and then communicating to his unconscious. Which I think of as the body’s storehouse of the unconscious. 

In a way that it can understand it does not speak the language like we’re speaking right now. It speaks in symbols, and it speaks in visuals. That’s a huge thing that I teach is that, to get that harmony, you know, that our intention is very clearly seen by our unconscious and our unconsciousness. Yeah, I’ll support you in doing that so we can make that happen.

You manifest your intention by writing it down in a very specific way, and then communicating it to your unconscious.

Mostafa Hosseini  21:40  

Love it.  So what do you have coming up? Let me rephrase. 

How do you help people and how does your process work?

Aryana K. Rollins  21:54  

Well, there’s a couple things, ways that people can engage with this work. We do have a year long program that our first formal teaching class is on Saturday. Reach out to me if you want information on that. But what I was thinking was for your tribe in your group. There’s a really easy and implementable program that people can jump in right now. 

It’s a home study, it’s called Power to Focus. Actually teaches people the basics of communicating to their unconscious and how to clear the blockages that are causing them to procrastinate, maybe miss opportunities, maybe they’re not doing the things that will facilitate their health. If that link is not working, we’ll give you the right link. Apparently it does work.

Mostafa Hosseini  22:42  

I just checked it.

Aryana K. Rollins  22:43  

You did Beautiful. Okay, so the Power to Focus, actually, Susi took that program. You pick a project, something that’s super important to you, but you’re a little nervous, you know, like that 10,000 subscribers into his lead magnet, and you apply the strategies of what you’re learning in here, to accomplish it in four weeks or less. 

So this is a great way to get engaged with this work. Then if you want to learn more, we can always talk. I’m a very kind of hands-on entrepreneur. If someone emails me I will respond and support you wherever you are, because we’re in this together literally. If I can help you, I will

Mostafa Hosseini  23:23  

Now what is the investment in this program?

Aryana K. Rollins  23:26  

This one thing is just 495. If you imagine one single project Mostafa that someone implements is an entrepreneur, could well pay for that program, and more and more and more. So what is a project that maybe it’s a residual income project that you want to create. You could set that as your project objective over the course. Then you’d have it completed at the end of it. 

I am someone who likes to bring the kind of spirituality into the physical.  It’s all about accomplishing. How are we using our time and to feel really good about what we’re doing in the day.

Mostafa Hosseini  24:10  

Love it. It’s extremely important to have clarity about exactly what we want, right? The problem I see with many, many entrepreneurs is that they say, “Oh, I want to grow my business. Well, how much do you want to grow? You know, buy lots. Well, how much is lots? Do you want $50,000 $500,000 $5 million, or $5 billion.” 

Because a lot means different things to different people. So as long as the intention like you’re talking about here is clear. Getting it is a lot easier, faster, and it takes less mental power, as we’re all dealing with this right now.

Aryana K. Rollins  24:54  

For sure. I think you said something that is so common. People come to me and they say I want financial freedom. You know, what does that mean? Your unconscious mind goes like, “Ha, I have no idea what that means.” 

Maybe financial freedom for someone who’s living on the streets is that they have a home to live in that is safe. They could sleep and they could pay for it. Maybe financial freedom to an entrepreneur means that they’ve got a nest egg they’re building. It’s got to be specific. 

Here’s the thing that I think most entrepreneurs do not understand is that you can grow your capacity to make more money by setting achievable realistic intentions. So like $5 million. I’ve worked with someone who they wanted to bring in $5 million this year. I can be direct when I’m working with someone because I want to support and serve them. 

Say how much is the most you’ve ever made in one year? 50,000. They said, “ Okay, that’s a big leap.” What will happen if the unconscious is gonna go? Yeah, right. Just not paying attention. They’re just, I have no way to relate to this. So reiterate your intentions, then you’re growing your success muscles, too.

Mostafa Hosseini  26:17  

Yeah, that’s a great example. One exercise that I did personally, that really helped me out with this whole process of financial freedom was, I sat down and I listed every single thing that I wanted in life, right? All the fancy boats and homes and cars, and the whole shebang. The whole thing, all together came up to $270,000 a year.

Aryana K. Rollins  26:44  

Wow, most often.

Mostafa Hosseini  26:47  

It’s not that much like a vacation home and all the toys and bells and whistles, just short of 300 grand a year. Right? What I’m trying to say is we come up with big numbers like that. Then it’s unachievable. It’s unattainable. So we get depressed even thinking about it. The mind like you said, just ignores it. It’s like, no, no, no, let’s go watch Netflix.


How to manage your stress and manifest your goals in 2021
Clear the blockages that are causing you to procrastinate.

Aryana K. Rollins  27:15  

Summer term was tough. I can tell you when I learned the processes that I teach. I was, I don’t know, 15-16 years ago, that the objectives that I had set, I wasn’t achieving them. It took me several years to figure out what was going on. 

Because we’re taught to dream big. Nothing wrong with that. But it’s got to be realistic, so that we can visualize. and This is a quick exercise, I’d like to just share, just take like a minute or so.

Mostafa Hosseini  27:44  

Absolutely. Take your time. No interruption.

Aryana K. Rollins  27:47  

Alright, so is it okay, if I walk someone through a grounding? To get them into their heart, and then we do it. Okay, and then we’ll articulate one of your top intentions. 

  • Everyone just gently close your eyes. Please don’t do this if you’re driving.
  • Notice your spine is straight, your feet flat on the floor. 
  • Just take a deep breath of peace and calming energy. 
  • Exhale out the earlier part of your day. 
  • In your mind’s eye, picture yourself in one of your perfect nature spots. Maybe you enjoy being at the ocean. You can feel the sand between your toes, the water lapping on your feet as you’re walking on the beach, the warmth and the sun on your face. Or maybe you’re someone who feels recharged by trees and you’re in the mountains, and you’re surrounded by majestic trees and breathing in that incredible fragrant air. Or maybe you’re walking the dog on a beautiful tree lined street. Wherever you are wherever you ever feel that peaceful relaxation go there in your mind’s eye now. Good. 
  • Imagine you can take a deep breath of that high quality air in your perfect nature spot. 
  • Take a deep breath and exhale out the earlier part of our conversation here and any free floating thought, let it go. Very good. 
  • Imagine out of the bottom your feet you have your own grounding roots, just like a tree gets nourished and strengthened and stabilized by their roots. Imagine you had roots and you could follow those roots all the way all the way out from the bottom of your feet to the center of the earth. You see a circle of light. Imagine planting your roots in that circle of light grounding you centering you signifying you are there. 
  • Allow any tenseness, any stress that you’re holding in your body, any body pain, any discomfort, anything blocking the love and the light from flowing into your cells, allow it to flow down, down, down, out your feet into the soil of the earth below. You might even feel a bit of tingling in the bottom of your feet, it’s resistance leaves your body. Very good. 
  • Bring your awareness to your heart. I’m going to ask a question, let’s just assume you’ll get an answer in the form of a visual or just an intuitive awareness, or maybe it’s a plank, whatever it is, is fine. 
  • Focusing on your heart now and I’ll ask the question, please show me a memory where you felt relaxed, fulfilled, peaceful, satisfied, maybe even loved. 
  • When you see that moment in time, ask the True Self or higher self or spirit, where you present? You’ll usually get a yes. Because that’s an indication of where our life could be that kind of grace and ease. Doing well. 
  • Keep your eyes closed, I’m going to ask you now, from your heart, what is the most important thing that if you were to accomplish it over the next 30 days, would bring joy and ease? Maybe reduce stress? Over the next 30 days? What’s the highest priority project or activity for you? Just take what you get. Don’t let your conscious mind interfere here, please. 
  • We’re focusing on getting answers from our heart, which has a lot of wisdom. If you’ve got something, I’d like you to read it on a one to 10 scale in terms of desirability, a 10 would be all that’s fulfilling. Oh, that’s desirable. A one would not be at all, it’s not likely going to be one. Good. 
  • Now asked kind of Intuit How difficult is it on a one to 10 scale? 10 would be super difficult. Oh my gosh, it’s almost impossible. One would be easy peasy. What’s the difficulty rating?
  • Now if you can get the difficulty rating down to a four or a five, it’s very easy to use these processes that I’m teaching that you can accomplish something in 30 days. 
  • But if something is a 10 in difficulty, that means there’s a lot more resistance and blocking energy, that’s still possible. It just takes a bit longer to do. So hopefully you got something. 
  • When you’re ready, open your eyes. Please write down that top intention. 
  • Don’t ignore that you got a powerful message from your unconscious mind and don’t let your conscious mind say what ‘s not on my to do list. 
  • Please just write it down and entertain the idea. That may be the most important thing for you to work on. 

Did you get something Mostafa?

Mostafa Hosseini  33:00  

Yes, yes, this is a powerful process. I love it.

Aryana K. Rollins  33:03  

Great. I’m so glad. Thanks for giving me the extra space to do it.


Unconscious Performance Limit is identifying the amount the unconscious is set to earn, and then walking it through a Blocker Clearing so it feels comfortable.

Mostafa Hosseini  33:07  


Could you share an example of an internal block that would stop someone from going from $50,000 to $5 million? 

Because what I’m thinking is they want $5 million. Maybe they have bigger goals and they have a mission. They want to make a dent in the world and stuff like that but there’s a blockage inside.

Aryana K. Rollins  33:33  

Yeah, that’s a good question. Here’s something that I’ve discovered in helping people with money blocks, because that’s a lot of times people come to me for that. If you can identify the amount of money your unconscious feels safe to earn. So it may be programmed like a financial thermostat to be, I can do 50,000 and still maintain healthy relationships and good physical health. But anything above that, the last time I did it, I got sick.

I burned out the last time I did it. My relationship went to two really bad aches because I was focusing too much on work. So your unconscious will protect and it’s going to pull back the reins of any growth until we get it cooperating. How we would do that is through a process called Unconscious Performance Limit. So it’s identifying the amount the unconscious is set to earn, and then walking it through a Blocker Clearing. So it feels comfortable.

We bump it up by 30%. Here’s the cool thing, Mostafa, there’s a little home study course. It’s like $159. It’s called Breaking Through Barriers and it addresses just this issue. 

So people could in one weekend, identify that and elevate the comfort level of their unconscious, and you do the exercise again. So we’re talking 50,000, you bump it up 30%. Then you bump it up again and again. You just need to wait 24 hours a day between each one of those Blocker Clearing Processes.

Mostafa Hosseini  35:15  

Who offers that course of Breaking Through Barriers?

Aryana K. Rollins  35:19  

I do. It’s a home study course and what I’ve done with companies and with teams, because sometimes our teams can have a limiting belief that will keep the income of the company lower. I’ve had that experience myself. So working with the team, and I’ve done this and it’s very powerful. 

So you listen to one of the home study classes, and then you listen to two of them. Then I come in with some coaching and ask questions and support. After the fourth session, I come in with some coaching and question and answer. 

I found one team, it was amazing. They became more cohesive, and each one became much more committed to not only their personal income, intentions, but the overall companies.

Mostafa Hosseini  36:13  

I want to say hi to Krista, Rosemary and Elana. If you’re still here, great to have you with us. Now, what you just talked about is very important. I’m wondering if you can give me a link to this Breaking the Barriers Program so I can post it there for people that may be interested here. Here’s an experience. Aryana is looking for the link there. 

Let’s say that I’m making $50,000 a year. I actually want 5,000,000. One of the examples that is breaking a barrier, internal blockages or barriers could be that I had a childhood experience or an earlier experience when someone told me that it’s not possible.  Someone told me that I was stupid, someone told me that making money is for thieves or greedy people, right? 

Those are all examples of internal blockages. It could be in a different form that could be stopping us from reaching our goals. Unless you actually find out what it is and address it and deal with it, it’s going to be very difficult. If not impossible, to reach that bigger goal that you want to do. Because it’s like, alright.

I want to build a house. Right? I want to build a big massive house, there’s a couple of problems. Number one, I don’t have the money to do it. Number two, I don’t have the tools to do it. Right. Those are very big problems. Let’s fix it. It’s not gonna happen. Right. 

Now, that’s an extreme example. But it could be even a minor barrier and minor blockage. You know, could be what you might call it, stopping you from reaching your goals. So if that message resonates with you, and you want to do it.

Aryana K. Rollins  38:16  

Yeah, just put it in your Facebook Messenger feed. That’s a great way to get engaged with this work and to get quick wins. I know entrepreneurs who have gone through this, start finding they get referrals, and their income goes up without any effort, you know, they expand their reach. You can do this exercise, raising your unconscious performance limit even around self-love, health. It’s a very practical exercise. Once you’ve taken the time to learn it, you can just apply it again and again. 


How to manage your stress and manifest your goals in 2021
Be easy and gentle with yourself. Watch your self-talk.

Mostafa Hosseini  38:56  

Love it. Aryana, is there anything you’d like to add that people should know about you and what you do that we haven’t talked about? 

Aryana K. Rollins  39:04  

Just that I would just like to say for people to be easy and gentle on themselves and watch their self talk. If they’re like, you know, you say “Why did you do that? That was so stupid.” Because you’re actually being violent with your unconscious. It really takes us out of being productive. 

Because if you think about your unconscious mind, you’ve got all these powerful supporters like you’re in charge of this. You’re the king of the kingdom or queen of the kingdom. Those little parts if you really want to serve you, they want to make you happy. They want to make you successful. 

But if you’re sitting there bashing them, by your thoughts about your lack of productivity or hurting yourself by what did you do that was so stupid, those little parts of you get discouraged. So just practice gentleness with yourself and self care and it can go a long way to, you know, get the mind Gremlins out of the way. So that’s just my last wrap up tip.

Mostafa Hosseini  40:08  

Love it. One thing that I would add to that is say to yourself, maybe look into the mirror and tell yourself that I love you. Yeah, it feels weird. Continue doing it until you feel comfortable telling yourself that you love yourself. 

Because here’s a fact, if you don’t love yourself, you cannot expect other people to love you. Yeah, and it’s going to be very hard to give love to others. So, great conversation, I’m really glad that we did this. It is a much needed topic that needs to be addressed immediately. 

I think next year or two is going to be difficult for a lot of people globally. All the results of people staying in home dealing with the pandemic is going to cascade down. Unless it is my understanding, that you actually address the mental health issues or distress issues, consciously and head on, you’re going to be a victim.

Aryana K. Rollins  41:22  

Absolutely. We couldn’t have said that better. When we have an opportunity to consciously use our time while the world is going into their spirals and will look back and say look what I accomplished. We don’t have to be plugged into what I like to call the fear pornography. It really hurts us.

Mostafa Hosseini  41:43  

Absolutely. Yeah. All right. I appreciate you and what you’re working on. What you’re doing is very important, and it’s making a difference in the world. Gang, if you’re watching or listening, do reach out to Aryana. Her website is also That’s another place that you can reach out to her. Also reach out to Susi Vine, if you want to deal with your stress levels, and deal with that. 

So my name is Mostafa Hosseini. By the way, one way that we help our tribe become more confident and deal with the stress levels of their business is through our course Simple Marketing Formula, where we help them create and implement their One Page Marketing Plan in three days or less. 

Now, what’s happening right now, especially with businesses is a lot of coaches, consultants and experts are confused with the whole marketing world because they are poking around at different ideas. So through a Simple Marketing Formula, we help them simplify and consolidate their knowledge and what needs to happen on a one page plan that they could use on a daily basis and increase their chances of experiencing success and getting things done by at least 40 times. 

So a small percentage of business owners have a clear written goal. A small fraction of those people actually have a plan to reach their goals. And a small fraction of the people that have a goal and a plan actually implement their plan. And that’s where the actual results are. 

Okay, so it’s happening on the weekend of January 22 to 24th. I’m going to put the link here in the chat box in the comments. If you want to work with a group of conscious heart-centered entrepreneurs, work on your business in a live environment and get the support and accountability from the group, join us. 

This may be the last time we’re actually giving it away for free as it is a $2,000 course. So click on the link. Join us and I look forward to working with you and helping you grow and scale your business.

Aryana K. Rollins  43:52  

I highly recommend you to take Mostafa’s class, especially your intuitive personality. He’s really good at the nitty, gritty, strategic parts and it’s so valuable.

Mostafa Hosseini  44:03  

I appreciate that. Thank you. Thank you for your comment. So gang, my name is Mostafa Hosseini. Oh, and by the way, if you like to subscribe, ask a question tag of a friend who could benefit from these topics, you get to enter your name for a draw. If you have any questions for Aryana or Susi or myself, post them in the show notes or post similar in form of a review on Apple, Spotify, Google and we’ll get back to you and you also enter your name for a draw. Thank you for joining me. My name is Mostafa Hosseini, your host for Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs. We’ll see you in our next episode. Bye now.



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