How to Get Booked on Radio Shows, Podcasts and Virtual Summits with Jackie Lapin – Ep.004

Join me and my friend Jackie Lapin to know more about How to Get Booked on Radio Shows, Podcasts, and Virtual Summits.


  • What you will need to have in hand to impress a booker/host?
  • How to make yourself relevant to a booker/host?
  • What are the key elements of a “Pitch Letter” that will get you booked?
  • How to find the shows or virtual summits that are most likely to book you?



7:58 And a pitch letter really is the key to getting the person, to the booker to say yes.

8:28 But the real value of a media kit is it’s going to help the host sell you.

19:21 So the pitch letter needs to have certain factors in that will be so it makes it a potent.

22:50 Now your pitch letter could be repurposed as the lead release in your media kit.

39:07 We also have a resource called SpeakerTunity Summit. That’s a great way for people to come.

42:06 So we created something called SpeakerTunity Radio Insider.

50:08 I share my link, my gift, which is the Confidence 52! Checklist.



Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs. My name is Mostafa Hosseini, your host, and today I have an amazing guest, Jackie Lapin. Welcome, Jackie.

Mostafa, I’m so happy to be here. Thank you for inviting me.

It is great to have you. So today we are going to talk about how to get booked on radio shows, podcasts, and virtual summits. And a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs I guess have issues and questions about that. They’re not very confident approaching radio shows, podcasts, and summits. So we’re going to dig into that. 

Jackie is going to share her experience on that whole piece and how the process is done for your business. Hopefully, by the end of this show, you’ll be a lot more confident in doing that. Now before we get started, let me give you a bio for Jackie so you know who Jackie is and we’ll get right into it.

Jackie Lapin is a leader in helping leaders, authors, coaches, speakers, and messengers connect with her and her next followers around the globe. For the past 10 years, her internationally acclaimed Conscious Media Relations has been providing radio and podcast media tours and speaking engagements to support the growth and revenue of change-makers.

Her clients have included Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Joe Vitale, James Twyman, Dennis Lynn, Ariel Ford, Hay House, and more. Today, she provides resources and guidance through her SpeakerTunity Programs, tip sheets, and regional directories that get changemakers booked for speaking engagements, radio shows, podcasts, and virtual summits across North America.

Jackie has personally booked more than – please hear these, 10,000 interviews and speaking engagements over the past years! Welcome, Jackie.

I’m thrilled to be here Mostafa. We’ve got lots of fun things to talk about today.

Oh, yeah, this is going to be an interesting conversation. Because a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs would love and like to get that exposure through media. But I guess they just don’t know how to go about it. They probably lacked the confidence in doing it. So hopefully what we’re going to talk about today will give you a ton of confidence and how-to knowledge on how to do it. And later, we’re going to talk about how Jackie can serve and support you in getting into these shows and get exposure. So Jackie, what is your story?

So I started out as an 11-year-old girl who decided that I wanted to be a sportswriter when there were no woman sportswriters in the country. So I pursued it diligently.

At 20, I was at the Detroit Free Press.

21, I was at the Associated Press, on the front pages of the Los Angeles Times. 

And at 22, I was at the Washington Post.

From there I segued into having one of the largest sports special events Cable TV PR agencies in America.

The only female of those that were in my business and ended up with an incredible world-class client list. You would recognize all the National Hockey League, the Golf Channel, Showtime, Top Rank Boxing, the Los Angeles Marathon, Avon, and all kinds of other companies.

And from there, I went on to launch the Worldwide Poker Phenomenon with the World Poker Tour and also Monster Rev It Up in 15 markets. Oh yeah, and I was at Toyota Motor Sports PR agency for almost 15 years. So all of those things were really exciting and very much fun.

But then I wrote two books on personal growth:

  1. The Art of Conscious Creation
  2. Practical Conscious Creation Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires.

I was moved to write those, you know, something inside of me directed me to do that. And I was thrilled to say that the second book won the Best Spiritual Book of the Year at the International New Age Trade Show.

But when I did that, I started to build Radio Lists to promote my own books. I was the first person to actually combine Broadcast Radio with, at that time, which was just Internet Radio, and came up with almost a list of 750 Radio Shows. I’m thinking to myself, well, if I can book myself on these, then this could be useful to other people.

So by that time, I really felt that the media had changed. It was harder, it was moving to Social Media.

I didn’t want to do Mainstream Media and discovered this audience of media that really wanted to know about personal growth, expansion, all of that. They were hungry for it and so I said, why not just feed this audience and my heart was really with the people, the world who were making a difference.

So I rebranded as Conscious Media Relations. I focused all of my time and energy on that. We built up the company. We’ve done more than 200 Radio Podcast Tours, where we introduce authors to 9000 radio shows and podcasts and guarantee about 30 interviews when we do that.

In doing that, we really, really felt that this was a great thing for people who could afford it. But other people kept saying to me, well, you know, I want to get on more speaking engagements. I want more radio shows, etc.  They didn’t want to have to pay somebody else to do it. So we created something called SpeakerTunity.

SpeakerTunity is where we provide leads for leaders themselves and speaking and radio shows and podcasts and virtual summits. They can just go out and get them. You know, we’ll tell you where. We’ll give you the contacts, and you could do it yourself. So that’s the journey of how we got to where we are now.

But you know, my mission in life is to help people get booked. To help the messengers of the world get in front of more audiences. So they can grow their businesses quicker, change more lives, and contribute to a better world.

My mission in life is to help people get booked and to help the messengers of the world get in front of more audiences so they can grow their businesses quicker, change more lives, and contribute to a better world

 Jackie Lapin.

Got it. That’s an interesting story you got there. What does someone need in place to get started? What do they have to have to get started with this whole process of getting booked? 

How to Get Booked on Radio Shows, Podcasts & Virtual Summits with Jackie Lapin
Learning how to be confident at approaching radio shows, podcasts, and summits.

So let’s talk initially about Radio Shows and Podcasts and what tool that you’re going to need most?

Well, the first is you need a great Angle.

What are we going to focus this interview on that’s going to get the host to say yes. It really needs to pop for them.

  • It could be related to the mission that you have in the world.
  • It could be related to something timely, like what’s going on in the world. Certainly, right now, we’re looking at the whole issue of race. You know, me too, was before that climate change, or COVID. All of these things.
  • But you know, you could, and there might be just a Mental Health Week, or whatever it is.
  • Whatever you can find that is timely. That’s serving the need of the greater community.
  • The kinds of shows that you’re on, you know, and there’s always a great human interest story. If you have a great human interest story, you can tell that and get people interested.
  • So those are some of the hooks that you can use. So now decide. I don’t know.
  • Of course, launching a book is a great one. That’s always a good, good hook.

So if you’ve got any one of those kinds of hooks, then you’re going to structure what you call a Pitch Letter.

A Pitch Letter really is the key to getting the person, to the booker to say Yes.

A Pitch Letter is the key to getting the Booker to say Yes

Jackie Lapin

Now, it doesn’t need to be too much, terribly long. But it needs to really accentuate why it’s important. And we can come back and talk more about that. But that’s really a critical factor. The next thing that you really need to have is a Media Kit. Now you don’t send this to the host until they say they want you on and you’re booked.

The real value of a media kit is it’s going to help the host sell you. It’s going to make them knowledgeable about you. And it forestalls all of the questions that the host is normally going to ask you. Well, Can you get me this? So let me talk a little bit about what goes into that media kit.


  1. The first piece is a Release on what you’re talking about. So when I’m actually doing a radio podcast, what I do is I take that subject matter that we pitch. Now, in other words, your pitch letter, and I recreate that into a Press Release. But you can do any kind of a press release, it’s regarding the topic that you’re going to be talking about.
  2. The next one will be your Full Bio. So that everybody can see exactly what they want. You want the host to really know who you are, to get a real sense of you. So don’t short shrift that.
  3. Then the third piece you want is an On-Air Introduction. That’s only four to five paragraphs. It’s what they read when they introduce you just like you kindly did when you introduce me. So that the audience is hearing the words you created, not them extrapolating.
  4. The next thing you need to have are 20 questions. In today’s world, the majority of podcasts and even radio shows have gone to a longer format. You’re looking at between 30 and 60 minutes for the interview. So you have to have enough questions. We say 20 questions in the order that you want to be asked them.
  5. Then the last element of the Media Kit, when we do it is called the Learn More Page. And this is how the public can engage with you. We put it in bullet points. So it would be:
  • if you have a book,
  • if you have a free opt-in
  • if you have a coaching program
  • if you have an e-course
  • if you have a mastermind,
  • whatever you are bringing to the world that you want people to enroll, and you put the link there.

       6. And then the last thing is your Social Media Links.

Because all the hosts want your social media links. So all of that was wrapped up into a nice graphically beautiful media kit. And it doesn’t need to be, you know, professionally designed. You can just take a little logo and put it at the top of each of those sections so that it separates each one. And you’ve got a great media kit, that will be something that drives the interviews.

Let me tell you one more thing about the questions. This is really, really important. And there are two aspects of this.

  1. One, your questions should be a roadmap of where you want to take the listener.

What it is that you want them to know that’s going to get them engaged with you in whatever it is that you’re offering?

The next thing and this is particularly for people who are a little intimidated about the process, and they’re concerned about putting themselves out there, and that they might get really surprised. Well, the first thing is 95% of the radio show hosts or podcasts, or even the virtual summit hosts are going to use your 20 questions.

       2. So before you actually do the interviews, and you don’t send these to the host, but before you do the interviews, go and write out all the answers. So that you shouldn’t read these, but you’ll know what you want to cover in each of those categories.

You’ll have an idea, you’ll keep it concise, you won’t go wandering off. But this will give you the confidence to know I’m going to address this here. It’s not often you’re going to get a question out of thin air that they’re going to come up with and surprise you with which that’s fine. But at least you’ve got the rest of the questions, you know where you’re going.

And I absolutely tell you, the more you do it by the third or fourth interview, you’re going to be so comfortable sitting in that chair. Because you know what’s coming, you know how to answer it, you’ve done it before. And while it not this and become rode, because it should be different and fresh with everybody. You don’t have to worry, you don’t have to have the butterflies because you got this.

I love that tip about answering your own questions beforehand and practicing it. I’ve done that myself, that actually saved me a lot of uncertainty. It made me more confident when I was going on like I had all the answers. And I’m like, that’s exactly how it should be done because I think one thing is as you’re about to go live on the show. Sometimes you forget all your answers, especially in the beginning when you’re starting and as we’re talking about becoming more confident about this whole process.

Look, one thing that I did was I had all the questions and all my answers and bullet points in front of me on a Word document. So when we were talking, I was looking at my answers so that if there was like this one specific thing that I did want to mention during my responses that I don’t forget about it, you know, because you don’t get to go on that show twice. I mean within a short period, yes, you may show up a few times throughout the year. But once it’s gone, once it’s aired, and it’s Live, you can’t go back and change your answers. So that was a great tip on that. Great tip.

Thank you.

So how do we go about making ourselves more relevant to the book or to host? And how does that work?

Well, there are two things that are really important.

One, you actually pick the kinds of shows that are in alignment with your mission.

  • Don’t go pitching yourself to things that are way out there. And so far away from the subject matter that you’re actually trying to push just because it’s a big show.
  • Don’t go pitching yourself to giant shows. When you’re still a beginner you know and just making your way because you’re going to get lots of rejections and that’s going to diminish your confidence. You want your confidence strong. So you really, really, really want to be focusing on the low-hanging fruit, the people that are really, really going to want you. That’s the first thing.
  • Make your topic relevant to the shows, but make sure you’ve got the right topic.
 How to Get Booked on Radio Shows, Podcasts & Virtual Summits with Jackie Lapin
Every host wants to know how you’re going to improve the lives of their listeners.

 The second thing and this is really, really, really important, and this is also part of your Pitch Letter Theming. Every host wants to know, How are you going to improve the lives of my listeners or my viewers?

  • Keep in mind that today, a podcast can also be a videocast, kind of like what we’re doing right here. So, that reminds me of one other subject.
  • Don’t ever go into a show not knowing if it’s an audio or a video, because you could show up in your pajamas and get surprised.

Exactly. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Especially in this day and age.

Exactly. So back to the subject. So you know, if there’s this wonderful radio station, WII FM, What’s In It For Me, you have to be able to tell the host what’s in it for their audience? If you can identify a problem or an issue that this audience is struggling with? That is the number one way you’re going to get booked on this show. And you make it very clear in your headline and your lead paragraph in however you’re presenting yourself to this host. So that is your number one tip for getting booked on a show.

So I guess people might think that blasting an entire list of all sorts of what you might call shows and podcasts might be a good idea. Is that a good idea?

It depends on where you are in your evolution. And if you’ve selected well, not course, we do that to 9000. But we’ve also accrued a list that we know is specifically interested in proving one’s life, one’s business on the planet. If you’re going to do and build a very definitive list of the kinds of shows that are right for you.

You can personalize that email, you can blast. But if you really, really want to be sure to get booked, then instead, do with them one at a time, put the host name in the subject line and in the salutation. That really shows them that it’s that it is directly for them.

Here’s another little hint about that subject line, you want to put the words Guest for your show in that subject line. Because that separates it from all the other spam that these hosts are going to see. So we write it, we write guests for your show.

Then the Subject Line, may or may not even mention the name of the person. But what it does say is What’s the benefit? What’s the outcome? What’s the what’s in it for me? And that is what usually gets people to open that email.

Okay, love it. I’m just going to actually put this in our comments someday on our social media. So mentioned the host name, and also say that what was that second one, 

Guest for your show.

Guest for your show.

Colon, and then the subject matter.

Got it. Guest for your show, and subject matter. Now for those of you that are watching join us later, we’re talking about how to get booked on radio shows, podcasts, and summits around the world and in North America specifically.

That was a great tip to mention, the host name and then mentioned that these are guests for your show in the subject line. And I’m going to put this as a comment.

Now gang, if you have joined us later and if you have any questions, put your questions in as a comment here. And I’ll bring it up. And we’re going to ask Jackie, who’s an expert at this whole getting on a radio show, podcast show, or summit in North America.

That is excellent. Now, what are the elements that we should include in our pitch letter?

So the pitch letter needs to have certain factors in that will be so it makes it potent.

  1. The first thing is it needs a really compelling Lead Paragraph.

And that lead paragraph may address, for example, you know this

  • What’s in it for me?
  • It might tell a little bit of your human interest story.
  • It might be a question that opens the door to what problem there is in the world or
  • What do you know is shocking or exciting or different?
  • And then you can talk about how you’ve solved, you’ve addressed that issue.

So it needs to really hook them in with that Lead Paragraph.

       2. The next one, and should in there somehow address the problem. And the reason why you should be in this interview. The second part of that is sort of more of the Body.

  • That’s a little bit about who you are.
  • Why you’re the expert that you are saying.
  • That you’re the author of a book is a really quick way to get into that.
  • But it might be you could, you know, some kind of credentials.
  • Some kinds of experience.
  • Some kinds of clients that you served.
  • I mean, if you’ve sort of celebrity clients, you know.
  • If you’ve made or had an award.

Whatever it is, you don’t want to do it too long. But you want a sort of one paragraph about why you.

      3. The next section of the letter should really be more about what you’re ddelivering. So you want to amplify more about the Content. And we like to also put in bullet points.

  • Learn more points, you know, the audience will, your listeners will learn the following.
  • He will or she will address the following.

Then you do bullet points about the different things that they’re gonna learn.

So you describe what the interview is going to be, and then you go into a little bit more detail with the bullet points.

      4. Then the last paragraph is sort of like your Call to Action. I’d love to, you know, please consider me or I’d love to be booked on your show and here’s how to contact me.

I’ll give you one other tip if you have endorsements from people who are famous. Now, not everybody has this. But if you have Testimonials from well-known people, then you put them in a little box at the bottom of the same email after your signature. Don’t clutter the letter with it, unless it’s super fantastic. But just put it in the box at the end, so that they can see that you’ve got the endorsement of some people who are very big.

Got it. So you basically apply to get on their show. You give them your pitch letter and you said that you do not give them your media kit first. Once they set the day, once they say yes, then you will send them your media kit.

Usually yes. And a lot of times you send it when you’re doing the Booking. So, I want you on the show on Thursday at you know two o’clock when you confirm that back. By the way, always confirm the calling details. Not just if they say to you, it’s going to be on this time, and you’re going to call into this number one, you’re confirming it.  Have it back to them.

So your media kit is not your pitch letter.

No, no. Now your pitch letter could be repurposed as the Lead Release in your Media Kit. But they are two separate things. Your pitch letter gets the door gets them to open the door and say yes to you and offer you an opportunity. The media kit is the confirmation of saying thank you for the interview. This is the information you will need for the interview.

Got it. Okay.

Your Pitch Letter gets them to open the door and say yes to you and offer you an opportunity. The Media Kit is the confirmation of saying thank you for the interview

Jackie Lapin

And a lot of times they want a photograph as well. Right? So you would have your headshot in there. Should it be square or rectangular or vertical? How should that be?

Well, you want to decorate your media kit with your picture. But when you’re sending it to them for use with for promotion, you have to send them a separate jpg. And that should be a square.


Yeah, everybody wants a JPEG. Don’t send them PNGs. Don’t send them PDFs for your image. You need a JPEG.

Got it? Okay, so I applied to John’s podcast or radio show. John Smith gets back to me and says Mostafa, I love your topic, we want to have you on the show. Then what happens? Do I send them my media kit? Or do I need to get on the phone with them?

No, you can just, Well, the first question is, did they send you a date and time and details in that first email? Okay. Now you go back and you ask, Oh, I’d love to be on your show. When do you have available? And then they will come back to you with the specifics. And don’t forget to ask, how am I going to get on this show? because that’ll say…

Like the link and all that?

Yes. Or if’s a link or Zoom. Whether it’s a phone number, you need to call. Whether it’s a Skype, now a lot of interviews are still on Skype because they sound better than a phone. There are a few still on phone. Many are in Zoom. So make sure that you have Zoom, readily available. And every now and then you get one like this on Stream Yard.

Yes, speaking of that, yeah, yesterday I was playing with Audacity and it actually had an effect to make the podcast sound like a phone interview. That’s kind of cool. Maybe I should try that on one of my episodes. You know, it gives that that old kind of nostalgic touch, if you will.

That’s funny. With all that static.

Exactly, all that static there.

And some of these also might be YouTube or Facebook Lives. So, you know, there are lots of variations these days.

Got it. Now, gang, for those of you who have joined us later, we’re talking about how to get booked on podcasts, radio shows, and live summits. If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to post it on our Live and we’ll try to get to you if I actually do see the questions. If not, we’ll try to respond after the show is done on the feed of our live show here. Now, what if I can’t offer?

I want to finish the process of the booking. Okay, so they’ve said yes. Now in some cases, they may say to you, if you have a book that they want to watch. Read the book before they make a decision. And so then you may have to make a note to go back to them after three or four weeks and say, Hey, would you like to have me on your show and restart the process? Now let’s assume that they’ve given you a date and a time? You said yes, within that, yes email to say, Okay, I’ve got it, I’m going to be on your show. That’s when you send the media kit,


and your photo. And then, if they have not reached out to you, you should reach out to them a couple of days before the interview and remind them you’re going to be on the show. Repeat the calling details and the time and the date. This will eliminate a lot of problems and missed opportunities. If there is any issue, they’re going to catch it. Oh, I’ve changed the zoom link. You know, I need to give you a new Zoom link by reminding them of the one you have. It’s going to remind them they need to tell you that there’s been a change.

Okay, so I’m going to put in the show notes, send the media kit after they’ve said yes to you being on the show.

Yes, correct.

That’s going on. Okay. Now, if we get on the phone? How do we need to connect with the host on the phone? Or how do we pitch our idea on the phone to the host?

So let’s assume that a host has not said yes to you. They’ve not responded to you at all. But you want to do a Follow-up Email to try to get a Follow-up Phone Call to try to get them to say yes.

So you should sit down and sort of write out your pitch into a short one-paragraph pitch. And kind of rehearse it again and again. You don’t want to sound like it’s written and that you’re reading. But you want to be able to, first of all, it gives you the confidence to know that you’re not going to stumble around on that email and saying, what should I say now that I got them on the phone.

By having encapsulated, what points you’re going to make. I know exactly what the highlights are. So when you call them, half the time, you’re going to be talking to their voicemail anyway. So you want to record this and tell them how to get back to you.

And if you get somebody like a human being, don’t get surprised. Don’t get out of sorts. But just tell them what you’ve got in your little one paragraph and say, Look, I’m calling to reach out to you, because I’d like to get booked on your show, here’s what I’m offering. And then say is that something that would be good for your audience? Is it something that you feel would be a good fit? And then let them chat and you know, get back to you and respond back to you?

And if it’s so then start booking. Okay, so what’s the date? And how do I do this and you can book that whole process over the phone without doing it by email. But you need to be confident going in. The best way to be confident is to have that paragraph already defined and ready to go when you start pitching people.

Got it and then so do these shows, would you say, have a phone number or a media person that you could call and do this pitch with?

Yes, well, you know, that depends on where you’re looking. Obviously, if you’re going to try to pitch Radio shows, let’s say Broadcast Radio, you can often either call the station to connect with them. If you’re looking for Internet Radio Shows, a lot of times the phone number is on the host’s personal mail or showing them. But podcasts are more difficult. If you find them on any of the podcatchers like Apple podcasts or I Heart Radio or Stitcher or Spotify, they’re not going to have a phone number there.


They won’t even have an email there. You’re going to have to go to the personal website of the host. See if you can either find either of those. And if you can’t, then you actually need to submit your pitch or ask for an email, or their contact form. Go reach out on the contact form. And that’s the way to do it. But podcasts are always harder to find telephone numbers for than radio shows and internet radio shows.

How to Get Booked on Radio Shows, Podcasts & Virtual Summits with Jackie Lapin

         Always pick the shows that are in alignment with your mission.

Okay, so what are Virtual Summits? And how do you get booked on them?

Well, a virtual summit, most people have actually been on the receiving end of where it says. So until a host is going to be bringing X number of experts together, and come and listen to the sequence of interviews.

But what it is for a leader is a great list-building opportunity and sometimes an opportunity to sell their product. The way it works is that one host will go out to a series of experts and say, Would you like to be on my summit, and they give a theme to it. And those people that say yes then must fulfill the obligation of promoting it to their audiences.

It’s a quid pro quo. I’m giving you airtime and space, you have to promote to your audience. The benefit is that person who is invited on is as a guest presenter, is being given the opportunity to be exposed to 1000s of other people that they would never have connected with on their own coming in from other people’s communities. Then you get to offer something free in most cases. Where if it’s an irresistible offer, then people will want to sign up for it then you’re going to get them on your Opt-in lists.

Now, there are some that are also paid. And so they’re co-ops with the summit host where you split revenue. So those are different kinds of summits are much fewer and far between. But there are those kinds as well. So that’s basically what a summit is.

Now, if you want to get booked on virtual summits, there are some things that you need to do. I’m talking about how to be really hot on the summit circuit because once you start getting invited, you are going to get invited again and again. I mean, I have to turn some of them down. Because you know, they’re either aren’t right for me or you know that they’re just not something I can fit in.

But here are some of the things that you need to have to get hot on the summit circuit.

  1. The first thing is you have to have a Compelling Subject that can be made to adapt to the theme. So you either can come in with your normal subject and tweak the title. Tweak the subject matter to sort of slip into what the overall theme is.  Or you have to create something different that fits the theme of the host as an offering. So it needs to be within the umbrella theme of what the host is going to offer.
  2. The next thing is you have to have a Great Freebie and Landing Page. So we talked about that irresistible freebie, that’s something that just is going to get people to jump on it right away. Well, that’s really something that has to be prepared in advance, and could be and should be applicable to what you’re talking about.
  3. The next thing is, remember what I talked about this being Co-Op. The thing that I hear the biggest complaints from virtual summit hosts is that they give somebody a spot as a Guest Presenter and they don’t do the promotion. That’s a non-starter, people are going to hear.

The presenter doesn’t do the promotion?

Exactly. That is a non-starter. It’s going to go out that you don’t cooperate. That you don’t support the program and you’re going to stop getting invited. If you get into the game you got to play. So you need to send all of the promotions you’ve committed to.

Jackie, Alicia is asking can Jackie give examples of great freebies?

Well, should we talk about the one that we’re going to talk about?

Why don’t you finish off your train of thought and then we’ll get into it after and then talk about freebies.

Okay. So the next is a Mini Media Kit. Now we discussed the whole big media kit.

But virtual summit hosts don’t need all of that. They need just these things.  And it should be under two pages.

  1. They need a Simple Title and Description of what you’re going to talk about. Three to four bullet points. So they can, it’s like the one we use for today.
  2. The second thing is they need a three to two, maybe two, no more than about two paragraphs, introduction, maximum three Introductions on your Bio, that’s it.
  3. Then they need a Description of your Freebie and what the link is going to be for that freebie.
  4. And then they need your Social Media Links and your website.

And that’s it. That’s just as captured in what I call a Mini Media Kit. Because they’re going to take the content from that, and they’re going to use it in their promotion. This is basically an opportunity for them to cut and paste. And you need to make it simple, don’t give them a long bio, because they’re not going to want to go through it and capture it. So that’s a mini media kit.

The next thing is if you are doing a Revenue Share Program, then you obviously have to have your product. You need to be prepared to sell it. You’re usually talking from $97 to maybe 297. And be prepared to split the revenue and then either give them the information that they can sell on their page, or you have a landing page for that.

The next thing is you want to have a Good-sized List, if at all possible. Now, not every summit host demands a minimum list size. But the truth of the matter is the majority do. And the minimum list size they’re generally looking at is 2000, 3000, or 5000. So ramp up your lists with giveaways and other kinds of promotions. You know, Lead Generation, Facebook ads, whatever you have to do, so that you were in that 2 to $5,000 list range. That’s going to get you on more summits.

Then the next thing is Great Content. You got to deliver on what you’re saying you’re going to deliver. You got to educate people, you got to make them feel like they’re getting value. If you do all of these things you are going to get on lots of summits. And you know, you want to make sure that the hosts are spreading the word. And it’s astonishing once you start getting on them, how others will actually start inviting you.

Okay. So once you have all this in place, which I actually made a note of here, I’m going to post it as a comment to get on summits.

You got to have a compelling subject, a subject that fits the theme of the host,

Have a great freebie and a landing page,

Have a mini media kit that is less than two pages.

And if you’re doing revenue share, you got to have your product ready. And all that.

Then that product goes between 97 to 297.

You’ve got to have a list of anywhere from 2 to 5000 people.

and have great content,

And have great content. Alright, I’m gonna post it as a note. Now, let’s say that I’ve got all of that in place, and I’m working on it. How do I find this summit? What do I go about? You know, finding them?

Well, the first is they’re probably popping up in your emails all the time. And so start looking at them and saying, Oh, I want to go back to this host and say, would you consider me for your next one? Another place to find them is, Are you in masterminds? Are you in groups, where the people themselves may be putting on their summits?


You can say,

  • Hey, if you’re putting on any summits, I’d like to, you know support you on that.
  • Another way to do that is, create your own summit and start inviting your friends. And they will, in turn, start doing the same with you. That’s another thing.
  • And then you know, we also have a resource called SpeakerTunity Summit. That’s a great way for people to come. We have the first day of every month, we give them links to great summits that are coming up.

So those are all great ways to find those summits. They’re harder to find than radio shows because you can’t necessarily always anticipate what’s coming up. But those are ways to start opening the doors to get into that circuit.

You got to deliver on what you’re saying you’re going to deliver. You got to educate people, you got to make them feel like they’re getting value Jackie Lapin

Back to Alicia’s question about gifts. I want to share the link to your gift here. For those that are watching later, you could download Jackie’s gift for you, which is we’re going to talk about it now.

What are some examples of gifts here that people could give away and what is your gift for people that are watching or listening?

So my gift is called “20 Factors That Will Tip The Scale in your favor To Get Booked On A Podcast“. It’s gonna give you a lot of the really critical things that are going to make a difference. And we talked about some of them here, but it’s a lot more. That’s one you know, it can be great, some of them can be 10 tips to, or it might be an ebook that gives them you know, secret information that they wouldn’t be able to find.

We actually have another one that’s called Relevant Strategy Sheet. So if you’re a speaker, and you want to be relevant to that Speaker Booker, then you would go in and just fill this form out, and it gets tells you what to put in your pitch letter.

So, you know, there’s different kinds of tools and tips, and educational kinds of resources that will make it that apply to what people are looking for, you know, weight loss or business or, you know, you have to have a few that you can talk about. Mostafa, what do you got that you love?

Oh, In this show, I give away my Checklist 52, called Confidence 52! And that is a list of 52 things that you could give away. I mean, 52 things that you could do to boost your confidence instantly. And so that’s what I give away in this show.

Yeah, that’s a perfect example.

Yeah. 52 things you could do to boost your confidence instantly. So again, if you want it to download Jackie’s gift here today 20 Factors That Tip The Scale In Your Favor To Get Booked On Podcasts. You could go to, and then get and download the tip there now.

Jackie,  please talk about, how you help people to get on radio shows, and all these podcasts and the rest of it?

So we talked about how challenging it can actually be to go find all those radio shows and podcasts. But we really wanted to make it easy for people. So we created something called SpeakerTunity Radio Insider. And what that does is, it gives people 25 radio shows and podcasts every month that are looking for guests like you. Meaning people who have a mission and a message of something to improve people’s lives, their business, or the planet.

All of these shows have been called from the list that we use for our Radio Podcast tours. So we know that they are real. They’re not people looking for politics. They’re people looking for guests that have something of value to their audiences. And so we’ve called out 25 and just keep going. Every 20 every month, you’re going to get to Tip Sheets with about 12 to 13 or 14 in each one that will have podcasts and radio shows for you that make it really, really easy for you to submit yourself.

We’ve given you now how to write the pitch letter, what to do, this is where to go. And it’s only $35 a month, it’s really inexpensive, it makes it simple. You’re not breaking the bank. Just keep on getting them and keep pitching yourself and you’re going to get these interviews.

I mean, we’ve got some great testimonials on the pages about people that have used them. We actually, a lot of times publicists, actually, and we’ll add this on because it expands their reach. And it gives them new podcasts and radio shows they didn’t even have. So it’s a great tool to get you started. Again, you know, if you don’t have time, and you know, you don’t want to go researching for all of this stuff. We’ve made it so simple for you.

So it’s only 35 bucks a month, you expose them to the entire list of these shows and they get to respond to them and apply and get on the shows?

25 a month, just you know so but it will if you add it up, you’re What are you looking at? You look like 300 a year. And you know, keep going. So it will keep you busy with show opportunities.

So gang for those of you that are listening or watching shaking that you’re exposed to the entire list of all these radio shows, podcasts, and summits that are coming up for a mere 25 or $35?


$35 a month, you get the list and you get to apply to them. And then I think that a lot of these small business owners are not using and taking advantage of the shows and the media that are out there. And with the help of someone like Jackie, you could do this very easily. And with like 35 bucks a month. That’s a no-brainer, right? I mean, you just create, I mean she shared the entire process of what you need to have in your media kit and with your pitch letter and whatnot.

Just Go review this show again and get on. Download her free gift and sign up for what you might call just 35 bucks a month only what you might call it service that helps you get exposure to an entire, How big is the list? Jackie, by the way?

Well, if I can say there’s 25 a month, but if we pull from a much bigger list of about 5000. You know,

So that gives you massive, massive exposure to all the shows that are, and are they in Canada or in the US?

Yes. US and Canada. Everything we do is US and Canada.

Beautiful. So I think this is a simple way. And that’s why when I talked to Jackie a few weeks ago, I was like Jackie, you’ve got to be on the show and share your message in your service with my audience. Because she just makes it a lot easier for you to get on these shows.

Jackie, tell us about a couple of examples of what I could promote on a show, right?

Can I promote a startup? Can I promote a summit? Can I promote a product or service? Can I just go in and share my own message? What are the possibilities?

Well, the one thing I will tell you is that some of these shows, tapes at one point, and then they air sometime later. So I don’t recommend doing timely things unless you’re just going to broadcast radio. So I don’t recommend doing summits or events unless you’re just going to broadcast radio. The rest of it, you know usually is going to spin out and there’s going to sit on people’s archives and other people are going to come for them. So I would say with things that are evergreen, and that might be a program that you’re offering.

  • If you’re doing a startup, the value proposition of that startup is to educate. Don’t forget that you have to educate in the interview. And then you lead to what your product or your startup offers.
  • And then, you know a book is a great thing to promote.
  • I’m trying to think of just a free product that you have that you know is a great lead gen tool and you want to build the interview around that.
  • I’m trying to think what films are great. We just did a film this last month where we got 64 interviews in two days. Because it was typical and hot.
  • I’m just trying to think of some of the things that are subject matter great. Anniversaries, you know if there’s an anniversary coming up that you’re tying into the anniversary.
  • I’m just trying to think, the women getting the vote, something like that, find a hook to that. Yeah.

Got it. So gang, to get Jackie’s gift and to get her links, I will share them all in the show notes. But if you go to, you will see all of her links listed there.

And you can take advantage of her free offer, the free gift of 20 factors that can help you scale in your favor and get booked on a podcast and get access to her program which she helps you get exposure to a list of what you might call the podcasts and radio shows and summits. So that’s that.

Jackie where can people find out more about you? 

There are two websites that are really useful one is Another one is and then anybody is welcome to reach out to me at

Fantastic. Now, Jackie here’s the last question I have for you. If you had a Facebook ad that the entire planet could see it. What would that ad say for you? If you had a message for an entire planet?

Well, for me it was don’t hide your light under a bushel, get out and speak. Be visible. Deliver your message. Because you’re robbing the world of your gift if you do not. So it would be stepping into the spotlight and be who you are and help others and serve others when you do.

Fantastic. Jackie, it was a pleasure to chat with you. Thank you for sharing your message.

For those of you that joined us late, you could go to to download Jackie’s gift that she shared with us about how to get on podcasts. And if you want to get in touch with her, we got a great offer on our Gift page as well for you. The link again is

Now, for those of you who are new to our show, I share my link, my gift, which is the Confidence 52! Checklist. And that’s a list of action items and things that you could do to boost your confidence instantly. You got 52 of them that you could pick and choose from. And you could download that on the link on our website as well.

Thank you for tuning in. Thank you for watching and listening.

If you have any questions feel free to comment on the show or get on our website and send us a message or reach out to Jackie and ask your questions and she will get back to you as I answer your questions.

And once again, Jackie, thanks for joining us. My name is Mostafa Hosseini. Your host for Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs. See you in our next episode. Bye now.



Download Jackie Lapin’s FREE Gift here– 20 Factors That Tip the Scales in Your Favor to Get Booked on a Podcast.

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