How To Confidently Attract 5-Star Clients – Ep. 20

Join my friends Antonia, Greg and me talk about  “How To Confidently Attract 5-Star Clients?”


  • What do you do to boost your confidence?

  • Why is it important to be aligned with your clients and offer?

  • What are the key elements to attracting clients that are a great fit for your offer?

  • How does having a clear mission and vision of what you want in business affect your ability to attract clients?

  • What is energetic alignment?



13:39 – The fastest way for you to build your confidence is to figure out what your gift is and focus on becoming the best on the planet at delivering your gift.

20:17 – There’s this huge connection right between your mind, your body, your spirit, and it all has to come together in order to have that confidence.

24:24 – The Energize Your Client Attraction Experience, is about your uniqueness and the uniqueness of your offer.

41:34 – Knowing what you’re really good at, your gift is usually a good eye-opener and Aha moment for people.

44:44 – Work on figuring your strengths, your weaknesses, and what your gift is because this is a very important piece and over 90% of business owners are missing this.

47:06 – Confidence is a muscle. It doesn’t just appear overnight. You have to work on it, and build it from the inside out.

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Mostafa Hosseini  0:01 

Hello and welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs. My name is Mostafa Hosseini. Today we are here with episode number 20. Our purpose with Daily Conference for entrepreneurs is to share tips and actionable advice that you could use to boost your confidence when it comes to running your business on a daily basis. During the show today, I have two amazing guests. Antonia and Greg, welcome guys.

Greg Lee  0:28 

Thank you.

Antonia Van Becker

Thank you. 

Mostafa Hosseini  0:29 

Great to have you guys. We have an amazing topic coming up. I’m going to tell you in a second. As we are going live today, we’re talking about how to attract five-star clients. 

We are going to be giving away gifts today and later. For you to enter the draw, like, and subscribe to the show on whatever channel you’re watching. If you comment, ask questions, tag a friend who could benefit from this topic, and rate the show on any of the podcast platforms, we’ll enter your name into the draw. We will do a draw later and give away gifts. 

I also have Confidence 52! Checklist, which is a checklist of 52 things that you could do to boost your confidence on a daily basis. I am going to post a link here on the comments tab where you can go and grab the checklist. There are 52 things that you could do to boost your confidence. 

Welcome, Antonia and Greg. It’s great to have you.

Antonia Van Becker  1:38 

Hey, I got to go get that checklist.

Greg Lee 1:41 

Yes. It sounds like one for every week for a year.

Mostafa Hosseini  1:45 

Absolutely. Man, it took me about 20 years to put that together. It’s a result of working on it for 20 years.

Greg Lee 1:52 

A bit of value there.

Mostafa Hosseini  1:55 

We’re talking about how to confidently attract five-star clients. Before we get into that, tell us about your story. What is your story?

Greg Lee 2:07 

Yes. Usually, I start at a certain point but because we’re talking about confidence and clients, I’m going to go way back. In my late teens, my gift is of touch. I know where to touch people. They always say, how did you know that was the spot? I say I don’t know. It’s just my gift. 

So, in my late teens, I was doing massage, became certified, and started my health and wellness business doing massage. 

Antonia and I had a roommate, he was a guy who would go out and wholesale cars. He and an older guy would go to the Toyota place and buy two Fords. They drive them away, go to the Ford dealer, sell them, and make some money. At the Ford dealer, they’d buy some Chrysler and go to the Chrysler dealer, so you get the idea. 

This guy was hiring me to give him a massage every morning. It would energize his body, and feel great. He feels he could just go out and do it. I thought, what I can do is amazing. 

He would tell me every day because he was a roommate, he’d come back and say, “I made 700 bucks. Today is amazing. You can give me a massage at six in the morning, right?” This went on for a long time. We were roommates for six months. 

As my business went along, I started trying to do some multi-level stuff. I love health products. What I found is that I lost focus because I wasn’t focusing on my gifts, and wasn’t attracting clients that wanted what I had. 

I was looking for people who wanted to buy something that I was excited about because I was going to make a lot of money at it. Of course, I never made a ton of money at that. 

As we got closer to having a family, I thought, I’m not making enough money doing my massage thing. So, I better go do something else and get a corporate job. I liked it. I was working for a music software company in sales and marketing and I am a musician so it really fit in. 

Except I am one of those people that if I’m not doing what I’m here to do on the planet, I don’t do well. Eight years into this job, I had gotten back from a business trip, and I wasn’t well for six months. I lost 40 pounds and the last time that I went to the doctor, he said, “Well Greg, there’s nothing medically wrong with you.”

Antonia Van Becker 4:41 

We actually thought that he had pancreatic cancer but that they just couldn’t find it and he was going to die.

Greg Lee  4:48 

That’s a very dramatic view of it and I’m not a dramatic person. I thought I got to figure this out and heal myself. This relates back to when I was learning massage earlier, at that time, Whole Foods was a new store and I went to it. That tells you how far back the story was. 

I was starving all the time because I had this gastrointestinal problem, everything would just go straight through me. At Whole Foods, I’m grazing the aisles and buying stuff when I come up to this woman who was one of the teachers in my massage class in the late 70’s. I said, “Priscilla, I’ve been meaning to call you.” and she said, “I know your pancreas is really in trouble.” Whoa! That’s amazing. 

I knew that she was very intuitive so I went to see her. In this 90-minute session, she did all this energetic healing that was really based on physiology, metabolic assimilation, and what my stomach was doing. It was all energetic and there weren’t any prescriptions or anything like that. Then in that 90 minutes, I was completely healed. I left without any symptoms ever again. 

That was the story from not doing what my calling was, and then how it affected me over time and it was really the gateway for us. It was the turning point where we started to think this is something that’s very powerful that we’re drawn to. We studied with this woman. We became certified and eventually started teaching the certification course. That was 25 years ago.

Antonia Van Becker 6:27 

Actually, what was also amazing was that right after Greg had this physical transformation, I had been working in Silicon Valley for 14 years or something in high tech training. It was the same situation, as I came from a background with an alcoholic family and would get sick a lot. I had pneumonia, or bronchitis two or three times a year for years and years. 

Here we were in these high-tech jobs, starting our family, passing the babies off at the airport, traveling around the world and I was ready. I was eight months pregnant with our second daughter, and this was right after this all happened with Greg. 

I was out raking leaves, got a blister, and just went about my business. The next morning, I woke up and couldn’t move my hand very well. That’s weird and I just kept going on. Later in the morning, I don’t feel good. I’m kind of dizzy. I have a doctor’s appointment as I was already on antibiotics because I had bronchitis when I was eight months pregnant but I might as well go to that doctor’s appointment early. 

When I got to the doctor, he said, “Roll up your sleeve” and I rolled up my sleeve. I had a red line going up my arm into my armpit. It was at this point that I realized I was totally not in control of my body, and not in control of how I was going out into the world. 

I needed to make a change because this was a danger not only to me but to our unborn baby and our family. We have to figure this out. Started our healing business, finding people, teaching certification, seeing hundreds of clients.

How to confidently attract 5 star clients
Self-Health Institute teaches people how to heal themselves, not only physically, but mentally as business owners and entrepreneurs.

Mostafa Hosseini  8:57 

Can you repeat the last part please?

Antonia Van Becker  9:37 

How to bring all tools into their own businesses into their family.

Mostafa Hosseini  11:44 

From what I gathered, there was a red line going from your arm all the way up to your shoulder.

Antonia Van Becker 11:59 

Yes. I had blood poisoning.

Mostafa Hosseini  13:39 

No problem. I’ll cover you guys until you get back here. Back to Greg’s point here about focusing on what you’re good at. Talking until you guys get here and focusing on your gift. I think if you work on or try to focus on things that you’re not good at, you won’t have a lot of confidence. 

Once you focus on your gift, and you focus on the things that you’re really good at, then you’d be confident in presenting yourself. You’ll be confident when it comes to finding customers approaching, telling them about what you do, and then communicating with them on what you do because you’re really good at it. It’s your gift. 

I know some people don’t know exactly what their gift is. Part of it could be that they need to spend some time with someone like Greg and Antonia and figure out exactly what their gift is. They can focus on it so that they can be confident and be the best in the world at that one thing that you’re good at. 

Basically, grow your business that way, which makes it a lot easier. The fastest way for you to build your confidence is to figure out what your gift is and focus on becoming the best on the planet at delivering your gift. 

One of the ways I have experienced when it comes to finding your gift is, simply put a question on top of a page that says what is my gift? Then what you could do is, answer that question and brainstorm on what is your gift. 

The other thing that you could do is, you can ask people around you, your best friends, family, customers, and the rest of the people that you’re in contact with, and ask them, “What do you think my gift is?” Now if a whole bunch of people say your gift is identifying, strengthening other people, and seeing the good in them, that probably is your gift, something you could bank on. 

There are things that we’re good at that other people see. Then we could take that and focus on it. By focusing on what you’re really good at, you become more confident. You have more self-esteem because that’s something that you’re natural at.

What I was saying is, if you’re live on a stage and you get a technical difficulty like this, I was just saying that to the audience, and people that are watching and listening, keep your cool and work on fixing it. There is nothing that you could do like complaining, it is not going to fix it. It happened. Technology. It’s part of it. 

Antonia Van Becker 19:57 

Getting angry does no good.

Mostafa Hosseini  20:01 

It doesn’t fix the problem. It has happened to me multiple times. There’s really not much I could do about it. So, let’s go back to your story. You said that there was a red line going from your arm up, and you said there was some blood infection going on? 

Antonia Van Becker  20:17 

Yes. I had a blood infection from getting a blister from raking leaves. It happened overnight, and I was eight months pregnant. By the time I got to the doctor the next day, he said, “Roll up your sleeve,” that line was up there. If it gets to your heart, it kills you, basically. 

We were just in time, he pumped me full of antibiotics and sent me home to rest. I think I was on three kinds of antibiotics. What it made me realize was that I wasn’t in control of what was happening with my body and how exhausted I was from working overtime in this high-tech job where it wasn’t my calling. 

Similar to Greg’s story, this was not in my mission. My mission is healing people and helping teach people to heal themselves. It was at that moment that we both, from these different angles, were saying, we’re off our path. We need to get back on our path. That’s when Greg had gotten this beautiful healing. 

I need some of that for different kinds of stuff so we jumped in. We became students, got certified, and became apprentices. We opened our Healing Center. 

Pretty soon, we started teaching the certification course, and certifying bunches of healers to go out and heal other people. We started the Self-Health Institute and started our mission, so we could teach people how to heal themselves, not only physically, but mentally as business owners and entrepreneurs. 

There’s this huge connection right between your mind, your body, your spirit, and it all has to come together in order to have that confidence. You can get rid of the self-doubt, get rid of the fear, and the anger that overrides some of your best decision-making. 

When you can join your body, your mind, your spirit, and your super consciousness so that you’re all integrated, that helps you make the best decisions for you and your business. It helps you clear out all those things that bring up that fear and knock your confidence down.


When you can join your body, your mind, your spirit, and your super consciousness so that you're all integrated, that helps you make the best decisions for you and your business.

Mostafa Hosseini  23:10 

With respect to what you guys are working on right now, 

What are the key elements to attracting clients that are a great fit for what you do and your offer?

Greg Lee  23:21 

What’s so important is, the connection that you have deeply with your passion, and how you bring that to people. When you’re really connected with your passion and purpose in your business, it’s obvious to people. 

Then it’s a matter of getting all the other stuff out of the way. The kind of extraneous things that have happened over time in your life, that get in the way of you being able to show up so that people can really see you. 

We really focus on how events in your life, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, affect how you move forward and show up when you’re attracting clients. Everybody can see what you’re bringing in. 

When it becomes purely your gift, your passion, your desire, what your intention is, and what you put your attention to, that focus becomes something that people see. They say, “I don’t even know why I want to be with you, but I don’t even care what you do. I just want to be with you.”

Antonia Van Becker 24:24 

One of the ways of really portraying that to people which we talk about in our experience that we’re doing this week, the Energize Your Client Attraction Experience, is about your uniqueness and the uniqueness of your offer. What do you bring that’s different from everyone else that will differentiate you from everyone else in the crowd? 

When you know how you’re unique and what you’re bringing is so authentically to you, that’s a confidence booster. I know what I’m doing. Yes, I’m on my path. I feel this authenticity and that connection with your clients.

Mostafa Hosseini  25:13 

Absolutely. When you guys were trying to figure out the audio thing, I talked about how when you focus on your gift, you don’t have to do much. It’s your willpower and your wheelhouse. You step into it, you’re confident and vibrant. People could see it. You don’t have to do much to convince them because you’re good at it.

Antonia Van Becker 25:40 

That’s what’s so cool. I don’t think everybody realizes that we want our authentic gifts to come up. When we bring them up, and when we really are with them, that’s when it becomes clear as day to other people. They see exactly what you’re doing inside of yourself. They totally see it from the outside.

Mostafa Hosseini  26:09 

I think that would bring up energetic alignment, which would be my next question. 

What is energetic alignment? Why is it important to be aligned with your offering in what you do?

Greg Lee 26:22 

It’s so important because the things that take us out of alignment are not our gifts and our passion in the way that we want to be in the world. What takes us off of alignment is when we do things that many times we haven’t done before. 

It’s the level in business that we’re trying to get to. We’ve never been there, there’s this natural tendency, and this is actually the way it’s supposed to be, that when you go out of your comfort zone, your body and your brain is going to bring up stuff that’s been difficult because it wants to work through it. 

It’s not like you just want to say I am just going to forget about that stuff and move forward. No, your life experience is there to really inform you of how it is bringing what’s happening right now, your challenges to the forefront, so that you can really work with those challenges, overcome things that you’ve never had to deal with before in the way you’re growing. Does that make sense?

Antonia Van Becker 27:25 

Well, the deal is that those challenges that we face, when you work with them and work through them, that’s what really show up your superpowers. All of those wounds that you might have had in the past, turn into the wisdom that your gift is part of the gift that you give your people. Wisdom is really attracting people and what makes your authentic self so attractive.

How to confidently attract 5 star clients
Your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs are your roadmaps to building that confidence.

Mostafa Hosseini  27:57 

Absolutely. Tell us about why people should have a mission and a vision. 

How does mission and vision help them attract the ideal clients?

Greg Lee 28:11 

I think it’s like a foundation. When we have the foundation and we’ve really set what we want to create in the world, and how we’re going about doing that,  then that’s our mission and our vision. 

That foundation allows us to move into these areas where we’ll both excel, have challenges, and be able to overcome things that come up. As we do that, with this foundation of vision and mission, it gives us this feeling of really being able to accomplish what we’ve dreamed of. It’s a way of bringing our dreams into this foundational reality. 

When we do that, we just get more confident, we feel that this works or what I’m doing is right and this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Then we get that confirmation with people where they’ll say, “you’re cool. I like you.”  People also have that vision where they say, “there’s someone that I need to meet because they’re going to help me in the next area of my business development, my life, and my relationships.” 

When those things align, and your mission and vision are something that people say they can feel, then that’s a connection that is so strong. Vibrationally, this is the energetic alignment that we want. We want people to be specific. We want them to say you’re the one or nope, you’re not for me.

Antonia Van Becker  29:49 

Just to add on to that, I think that what is so important about a vision and mission is that when you create those and when you start manifesting that from a deeper place, it’s not just from your brain, saying, “Oh, I’m going to do this. I’m going to power through this, or I’m going to make this happen.” 

The vision and mission come from your whole being and your whole super consciousness. It is why we’re here on the earth to fulfill that part. It’s really important to have that deeper meaning, and that deeper drive to push our business forward when times aren’t as great. 

If we do something just with our brain, when things get tough, and when things don’t go right, we’ll say, “Oh, forget this, I’m not doing this.” But when it comes from a deeper place, you’ll say, “Nope, that’s just a bump in the road, I’m going to keep going.”

Mostafa Hosseini  30:51 

I love what you just said about mission, vision, and alignment. I think I’m a huge fan of what you just talked about in terms of once you know what your mission, your vision,  and your goals are, attaching that and working with what your gift is, then that’s when true alignment happens when people see you. 

Speaking of vibrational alignment, it’s like this person is so content and in tune with what he or she is doing. I love them. That’s when people look at you and say, “I like you, I want to work with you.”

Greg Lee  31:36 

I think from now on, people are going to really discriminate about who they’re going to work with. When you look out into the marketplace, there are so many people. If you were to just put the words down what we do, it’s hard to differentiate us from other people. 

But when you start talking about mission and vision, and what we’re passionate about, I love what you do because you really bring that out in people. I know you have this wonderful process that you do with people where you take step by step where they build that whole foundation. I think it’s just so masterful that you do that. And that’s your business. 

I think it’s a beautiful thing. I’m so glad that there are people like you who are all about that foundational layer, where this is what you build from.

Mostafa Hosseini  32:29 

Likewise, I appreciate that. Thank you. It does make a difference to have all these foundational pieces figured out. You figure out the foundations then, the building becomes a lot easier. If you’re building on a shaky or soft foundation, then you’re going to be in trouble, I guess.

Antonia Van Becker 32:49 

Especially in times like this, when there are so many factors that are difficult and it seems like every day, there’s a different roadblock. Unless you have that firm foundation, it’s going to be easier to fall off.

When those things align, and your mission and vision are something that people say they can feel, then that's a connection that is so strong. Vibrationally, this is the energetic alignment that we want.

Mostafa Hosseini  33:07 

Absolutely. I’m excited you guys are sharing a gift, what are you up to in the next couple of weeks?

Greg Lee  33:14 

We got a whole thing going right now. We’re doing this five-day experience, and it’s not too late to jump in for those of you who are listening. It’s really a good time. These little bite-sized pieces that we do for five days, we’re in day three, right now, Energize Your Client Attraction Experience. 

We just love doing work like this, where we’re introducing really the inside out effect of when you work on being able to attract clients from what you love, and what you really want to be able to offer out into the world. This is a way to get deeper into those feelings and that energetic reality that’s deep inside you. 

As you’re going through your day and hit road bumps like Antonia was talking about, instead of it looking like a problem, it becomes a golden opportunity. When you can look at what’s going on in your business day and say, “I’ve got this, I have this mission and vision and I know who I want to attract,” instead of feeling like, “God, how am I going ever to do this and how am I going to get past this difficult spot in my day?” 

That’s what our whole business is about. It is being able to keep people going through their day energetically. Instead of feeling like things are going to lead them into self-doubt and procrastination, it brings them to this “Wow, this is something that I am so glad that I get to look at.” It’s a difficult thing but as you get over that little hurdle, now you’re more powerful.

Antonia Van Becker  34:59 

Yes. That’s the five-day experience this week. Again, it’s just little teeny tiny videos that come to your mailbox. You would get all Day one, two, and three right away as soon as you sign up. We just go through the whole week. 

We have a beautiful Q&A tomorrow to ask any questions. We have prizes and have a big grand prize on Sunday. Then, we’re going to have masterclasses after that and we’re really excited about where we’re going.

Mostafa Hosseini  35:30 

Fantastic. At the end of the five-day experience, what is it that they’re going to walk out with?

Greg Lee  35:37 

They’re going to really feel like they have this knowing that what they have discovered, at a level that they might not have been looking at, all the way as far as this deep-down way that they now want to present themselves. 

It’s really step-by-step as we go through the days. They’re going to feel so much more aligned with the vision of the person that they want to attract. When they see them, they’ll know right away who they are and know the people who are not their best clients. 

Antonia Van Becker 36:18 

As well as how your own uniqueness influences your offer and how to work that into your marketing. That helps your ideal client see you so you’ll have this whole energetic setting of attracting your ideal client with your perfectly aligned offering that you can use again and again throughout your business. 

Mostafa Hosseini  36:46 

Got it. It’s like intuition that they’re going to develop.

Antonia Van Becker  36:53 

Well, everybody has intuition. It’s actually more of a feeling just being able to feel into who you are, what makes you different, and setting those intentions of what you want. It’s like setting goals.

Greg Lee 37:15 

We actually have you write down the words, what’s unique about you, how are you different, and all that. It’s very compelling as far as revealing more of what’s going to really give them a deep understanding of how to attract their ideal client.

Mostafa Hosseini  37:38 

Love it. I’m actually writing those two questions down. What is unique about you and how are you different? I’m answering that question myself.

Antonia Van Becker  37:46 

Jump into the challenge it’s in there.

Mostafa Hosseini  37:49 

This week, I’ve got so much going on that I don’t think I’m going to be able to but I look forward to, maybe the next run that you guys are going to do. What do you guys do for fun?

Antonia  Van Becker 38:03 

We live in Northern California. We have a little piece of land we call Hummingbird farm. We love to grow food, write songs, and play with our grandson. 

Mostafa Hosseini  38:22 

Beautiful. I love spending time in nature, growing your own food. It just tastes so much better and you know that you’re not throwing any of the bad stuff.

Antonia Van Becker  38:37 

Yes. Like for lunch, right before this, we got a zucchini out of the garden. We made zucchini tartar with a few almonds, olive oil, a little pecorino cheese sprinkled on top, and all of that zucchini. It was so good. 

Mostafa Hosseini  38:56 

Absolutely. Adam here says what is unique about me and how am I different? You got the questions right. I’m going to actually fill that out and answer those questions once we’re done here. What are the top one or two books that you guys would recommend everybody to read?

Greg  Lee 39:17 

You know I love The Power of Now. It’s just such a classic. You can go back to that book any time and find really foundational grounding principles that are so important because The Power of Now is what we have by Eckhart Toile.

Antonia Van Becker 39:42 

Actually, I have stacks of books on my bedside table, but one of them that I’m halfway through that I absolutely adore is Ridgely Goldsborough’s, a book about mentors, The Great Ones. It’s about being a mentor. I would highly recommend it. It’s a brilliant book. I think everyone should read it.

Mostafa Hosseini  40:13 

It’s about being a mentor?

Greg Lee  40:16 

Yes. It juxtaposes these foundational principles of business with a fable about a boy and the two things are face to face on each page.

How to confidently attract 5 star clients Ep.20
Use your uniqueness to influence your work and your energetical setting to attract more clients to your offer.

Mostafa Hosseini  40:30 

All right, I would love to get the links to those books, so they can be posted on show notes when we’re posting it on our podcast. Now, I’m going to ask you to answer this separately. If you had a Facebook ad that everyone on the planet could see, what would your message be?

Antonia Van Becker  40:54 

Well, my message is always be here. Don’t worry. It would just be that. Don’t worry about the past or stress about the future. Be right here right now and breathe.

Mostafa Hosseini  41:13 

Love it. Presence. How about you, Greg?

Greg Lee 41:20 

I think my message would be, do you know your brilliance? Do you know your genius? Do you know you are a genius and you’re brilliant? Think that could be attractive?

Mostafa Hosseini  41:34 

Yes. I think knowing what you’re really good at, your gift is usually a good eye-opener and Aha moment for people. I think that might be helpful.

Greg Lee  41:45 

We’ve all got it. If you don’t know what it is, that’s okay. It’s okay not to know what your brilliance and your gift is but it’s also really important to know that you’re brilliant, and you have a gift. That everybody has a genius that’s unique to them.

Antonia Van Becker 42:03 

That’s actually something we touch on in the experience, to know how to figure out. I sometimes have an issue with seeing myself from the outside in. I see other people very clearly but myself, I can’t always have that translation. 

It’s been very helpful for me to do human design and enneagram. Looking at all of these different ways, archetypes of how we are and saying “Oh, I am like that.” That’s a good way of helping people figure it out. 

Mostafa Hosseini  42:44 

Love it. We cannot see our own picture. It’s pretty hard. It’s easy for me to look at you and give you feedback. I cannot give myself feedback. What I’m trying to say is, I cannot also coach myself.

Antonia Van Becker 43:14 

Exactly. That’s why we need mentors and coaches.

Greg Lee  43:19 

It’s always just such an obvious thing. I’ve done massage for many years, and I have 25,000 hours of working on bodies. People will always get off the table and they’ll say, “God, that was amazing! How do you do that?” I always say, “Well, I couldn’t possibly do that without you.”

Mostafa Hosseini  43:39 

Easy, it only takes 25,000 hours.

Antonia  Van Becker 43:48 

Well, that’s a genius, right?

Mostafa Hosseini  43:53 

How can people get hold of you? Where can you be found?

Greg Lee  43:58 

The best way to contact us is to play. We’d love to have people play in the events that we’re doing. We’ve got a number of things coming up over the next couple of months.

Antonia  Van Becker 44:11 

One way is to jump into the Entrepreneurs’ Success Lounge-Facebook group. That’s where we’re doing our current experience. Jump into the experience and that’ll get you on our radar. We just love meeting new people. We have a beautiful community of heart-centered spiritually conscious entrepreneurs and business owners. It’s a fun group. We’re having a blast in there right now.

Mostafa Hosseini  44:44 

All right, I think I butchered entrepreneurs. If you want to find them, go to Entrepreneurs Success Lounge on Facebook and join the group so you can become a member of their tribe and hang out with their crew. The community will take it from there. I think the challenge that they’re doing is amazing.

I left the link in the comments under the show notes. Go join them if you’re listening or watching later. Work on figuring your strengths, your weaknesses, and what your gift is, because this is a very important piece that I would say, well over 90% of business owners are missing. That’s why they have a hard time growing and scaling their business because the stuff that they’re focusing on is not really their gift.  It would be hard to sell something that you don’t like. You don’t believe in what you’re doing if you don’t believe in yourself. Why should I believe in you?

Greg  Lee 45:53 

It can even be a really good service, a really good product, a great program but if you’re not passionate about it, then when you hit the bumps in the road, you’re going to stop at the bottom of the bump instead of going over it.

Mostafa Hosseini  46:06 

Guys, is there anything that you’d like to mention before we wrap up? Anything we haven’t talked about?

Antonia Van Becker 46:18 

You’re such a good interviewer. I think we talked about so much.

Mostafa Hosseini  46:22 

Anything you want to re-emphasize?

Greg  46:26 

I think one of the things that are foundational for us is that when something goes wrong, and you don’t feel right, there’s a reason why. Finding out what’s going on is really important. 

If you get frustrated, it doesn’t happen just for no reason. If you feel like you’re down or not confident about what you’re doing, it doesn’t happen for no reason. Look into how you’re feeling. 

What are the thoughts and beliefs behind them? That will give you all kinds of information about how to proceed and how to look at what’s going on at that moment.

Antonia  Van Becker 47:06 

Those feelings. thoughts and beliefs are important clues so that you can grow your confidence. Build that skill. Confidence is a muscle. It doesn’t just appear overnight. You have to work on it, and build it from the inside out. Your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs are your roadmap to building that confidence. 

Mostafa Hosseini  47:34 

Absolutely. Confidence is usually an internal thing that is not external. What you guys are doing with the experience of looking inside and seeing what’s happening is finding your gift. 

If you buy a brand new Gucci bag, some shoes, or clothing stuff, it gives you some temporary confidence that will disappear in a matter of hours and days but once you work on finding your gift which is the amazing work that you guys are doing, it’s more of a permanent confidence tool. 

Like what you mentioned earlier, even if you hit a roadblock or hit a failure, it’s temporary. You know that you’re working towards reaching your goal, your mission, and your vision. You know that this is your gift. 

Guys, this is such a great topic. I want to talk about it for another two hours. Love it. Thank you for joining me. This was an amazing conversation and we are going to post it on our podcast later. We have to do some editing to get the pauses off, but that’s fine. I really enjoyed the conversation.

Antonia Van Becker  48:52 

Thank you so much. It’s a wonderful time.

Greg Lee 48:54

It was great to be with you, Mostafa.

I think one of the things that are foundational for us is that when something goes wrong, and you don't feel right, there's a reason why. Finding out what's going on is really important.

Mostafa Hosseini  48:58 

Again, for those of you who are watching and listening, one way that we help our audience in their community boost their confidence is through creating a One-Page Marketing Plan. 

The problem that we fix is, most coaches, consultants, experts, healers, and speakers are poking around at different marketing tools, ideas, and programs and they do that aimlessly without any goals or plans. It is creating a lot of confusion, frustration, anxiety, and straight-up depression because of the fact that they are hitting and facing failure every day. 

The solution that we provide is a one-page marketing plan. That simplifies everything, as we are all about community and simplicity as Ridgely would put it. 

Our next course is starting on October 23rd,24th, 25th. It’s a three-day event next weekend. Join us. It is complimentary. All we’re asking for is a commitment to show up and work on your business and build your one-page marketing plan. 

Thank you Guys, again for being here. I look forward to working with you. I really enjoyed the conversation. I love what you’re up to. Thank you. 

Antonia Van Becker 50:22 

Thank you so much for having us.

Mostafa Hosseini  50:25 

Appreciate it. Bye now.


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