How to Build a Network That works with Virginia Muzquiz – ep 53

Join Virginia Muzquiz and me and discover “How to Build a Network That works”

📢 Virginia Muzquiz, The Referral Diva®, is the Founder and Chief Connection Officer at Master Connectors, Inc. helps solo-entrepreneurs get off the revenue roller coaster and create a consistent $10K+ per month so they have the money to do what matters and the time to enjoy it! 

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  • What are the most common myths you find when it comes to networking and generating business by referral?

  • What are the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make that make networking a waste of time?

  • What can we do to improve our results from networking?

  • The importance of clarity in achieving your goals

  • The role of building a network in achieving success in business

  • The importance of taking action to make things happen.


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Mostafa Hosseini  0:02 

Welcome to daily confidence for entrepreneurs. My name is Mostafa Hosseini, your host for the show at daily confidence. We share tips, strategies, and actionable advice to help you boost your confidence in different areas of your business.

And these are things that you can use on a daily basis. Hence the name, daily confidence, which is a weekly show. Alright, so that’s how it works. Now I have an amazing guest, my guest this Virginia Muzquiz.

 And we’re talking about how to build a network that works. So if you want and it worked at work, so stick around, and I’m going to share with you she’s going to share with you some really good kick ass strategies.

Now, I have a quick announcement for you guys. The confidence giveaway is coming up starting on May 31, going through June 6, the week of…. And if you would like to contribute and build your list and build your community, this is most likely unlike any other giveaway that you’ve been through last time, we ran it in November, and our contributors were really, really happy.

And they kept telling me that this is really awesome. And I’m like, Alright, after 10 or 20 people told me it’s awesome. Then I started believing them. Anyway. So if you want to to grow your list, an email list in your community, you want to go to daily confidence dot show, forward slash join and all the details are there and I’m going to put the link here in the chat box.

Yes, it’s in there. Alright, so let me introduce my guest, Virginia and we’re going to dive right into a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. So welcome, Virginia.


Virginia Muzquiz  1:53 

Thanks, Mostafa, how are you today?


Mostafa Hosseini  1:55 

I am good. Let me do the proper introduction. And we’re gonna get started Virginia Muzquiz, the referral diva is founder and chief connection officer at master connectors, Inc. she helps solo solopreneurs get off the revenue rollercoaster and create a consistent $10,000 plus per month in sales so they have the money to do what matters, and the time to enjoy it.

Welcome, Virginia again. Thanks. how your day so far?


Virginia Muzquiz  2:26 

It’s Busy, but good, good. Good. I’m super excited to be here.


Mostafa Hosseini  2:30 

Love it. Can you share with us a little tip that you shared with me before we got started about how you started manifesting things within like?


Virginia Muzquiz  2:39 

That is like insanely crazy. So yeah, I just did this plan where I wrote down four goals. And inside each of the four goals, I wrote down four projects. And inside each of the projects, I made a list of things that needed to happen and stuff is happening. But I’m not doing anything to make things happen. They’re just


Mostafa Hosseini  3:06 

happening. You’re totally chill and you know, laid back and things started happening, because of the clarity I guess.


Virginia Muzquiz  3:24 

Today who had all these ideas? And what I said was, you know, when I was in graduate school, I remember saying to a professor, you know, Mostafa, it’s like, I totally know what I want to say I just can’t get it on paper, to which my professor replied, If you totally knew what you wanted to say it would be on the paper. Right?

You don’t have clarity, you haven’t thought it through? You haven’t sketched it out? No Pinterest board, no, nothing like you have not figured this out yet. Therefore, you cannot create it. And so I think it really is there’s a big there’s a big part about for me, part of my five step process is like clarify.

Yeah, so this was just a it’s just an exercise and taking you know, she went on my own gum, if you will, right, like, love it. Sort of taking my own advice. Yeah.


Mostafa Hosseini  4:18 

Love it, I always say if you don’t know what you want, it will be impossible to get it. It’s like what do you want? I don’t know. I don’t know what I want. Right? It’s like, how are you going to get some you don’t know if you don’t know what it is?


Virginia Muzquiz  4:31 

Well, and how often here’s, oh, here’s a great daily confidence tip. You’re ready. Everybody knows what they don’t want? Yeah. What do you want for dinner? I don’t want liver and onions. Well, that’s great.

But that doesn’t really narrow it down enough to get your date to take you to a restaurant where you actually want to eat the food, right? So really, it is it is imperative that you not only have clarity about what you don’t want, which is a great place to start right here’s what don’t want don’t want don’t want, don’t want.

But if you stop there and you don’t get to what is it that I’m really trying to manifest? What is it that I really want to create? Then you just get more of what you don’t want. Because that you’re just keep looking at the big pile of poo and it keeps growing.

 You figure out why does the pool grow? Well, because your brain doesn’t understand you don’t want it you’re looking at it. So it goes finds more of it.


Mostafa Hosseini  5:20 

Yeah, absolutely. Because you’re more conscious of what you don’t want any Kip finding it. Right. Alright, so what’s, what’s your story? How did you get into what you’re doing now?


Virginia Muzquiz  5:35 

Oh, boy. So I’m a teacher. By trade. I’ve been a teacher since I was three years old, smartest stuffed animals, like, east of the Mississippi grew up in New Jersey, dad was an entrepreneur. And dad made a dad made some bold choices, let put everything on the line, bought a farm where he could hunt and where my mom could grow food.

And that is like legit how we ate I ate a lot of weird things like rabbit squirrels and groundhogs when I was growing up, didn’t really know that that wasn’t a thing. So eventually, my dad built his business and but he built it at the expense of his relationships and the things that mattered most.

So I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, I’ve always been very independent minded. I asked for forgiveness, not for permission, I am a politically a solid libertarian, like you’re a grown up, grown up, make a choice, and then live your consequences. It’s just how I’ve always been, it’s how my dad raised me. And that really aligns with entrepreneurship, right, write your ticket, suck up your consequences, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, get going.

But what I realized along the way, was that when you do that in a transactional way, and when you do that, without attending to your most profound, unnecessary relationships in your life, you end up a very lonely human. And so what I set out to do about 10 years ago, after a stint as a teacher, after Oh, Hi, James lamb, after being a teacher after being a Mary Kay lady, like after doing a lot of a lot of different things, I really came to the conclusion that I wanted to prioritize my relationships first, and create a business that fueled that, that passion and that lifestyle.

And where I found it was possible was creating relationships, and then using persuasion and influence with your relationships, borrowing trust, to create revenue, and to create multiple wins across the board. So always looking for that Win Win solution.

I’ve studied with tons of people Kalyn Ross, Justin Livingston, Bill Baer and J Phys. Ed. I mean, the list goes on. I don’t have an MBA from some university, but I sure have invested that much in getting my MBA in the real world. And, and so here, I am now helping business owners grow and scale using referral marketing as their first marketing tool to get them to this above six figures.

And then they can start to take a look at other kinds of tools that can help them get eyeballs and engagement.


Mostafa Hosseini  8:15 

Love it. So you obviously have a very diverse background, and you’ve done quite a bit. Like a you have a lot of experience, which I can’t wait to tap into. So again, if you’re watching or listening, if you have any questions about networking, and referrals, pop them in the chat box, and we’ll do our best to cover them. The first question is when did Mostafa get a beard?

James I started, you know, not shaving my beard, like a few weeks ago. And last time I had a beard like this was like probably back in 2015. So I was like, I’m gonna let it grow a little bit, and my wife doesn’t like it. So probably not gonna last long. But that’s the first question. So


Virginia Muzquiz  8:55 

I think it’s kind of sexy. So you know, for me, as long as we’re keeping, just keep it through the end of the interview. That’ll be great. Oh, bring the interview.


Mostafa Hosseini  9:03 

Right. My wife doesn’t think it’s sexy. Cuz it’s like, oh, okay, her face. Yeah, well, yeah. So am I, you covered this? I think already, but let’s just clarify, who do you serve? And what do you do for them?


Virginia Muzquiz  9:21 

So, I serve solo entrepreneurs. So folks that are pretty much working by themselves. Maybe they have hired a couple of contractors, somebody maybe to help them with their tack or somebody maybe to do their accounting.

So they’ve got maybe they’ve got a little team, but mostly they are responsible for marketing, delivery, and management of all so they’re responsible alone for all aspects of their business. And most of the time, they’re networking.

They’re not getting a return on that investment, but they don’t have the money to do anything else. on a consistent basis. They don’t have the money to Do consistent, you know, mail or consistent Facebook ads. So they need to make their networking work. Looking at creating joint venture partnerships, speakers, authors, coaches, consultants, and a lot of financial advisors and insurance agents


Mostafa Hosseini  10:17 

on our show. Love it. Love it. Love it. Let me ask you about couple of foundational questions about definitions. Is that okay? Yep. What is your definition of network and networking?


Virginia Muzquiz  10:32 

Let me start with what it’s not. Okay. Most people assume that networking is going to an event and collecting business cards or contact information, whether that’s digital or in paper form. So you see this going to chamber meetings, you see this going to meetup groups, and then you see it at big events like JB ology, like collaborate like, like Tom Madsen events, right?

Like, you see people going to events. And one of the coolest things about COVID, right was it moved all these events online, so we could access these amazing events without having to buy a ticket, go somewhere, pay for a hotel, etc, right.

But what I started to see was a lot of people, just like in the in live like in person, a lot of people didn’t have a strategy for turning those connections into cash flow. So it’s so it’s endemic to both sides. What is networking? I love the definition, from networking as a contact sport. The guy’s his first name is Joe. And his last name just slipped my mind. It’s not Rogen, no.

No, it’s the subtle art of connecting to get stuff done. Right. It’s about connecting to produce results and outcomes, about sharing knowledge Resource Networks, in order to increase the value of the whole, so of the collective such that you and me and James get together and do something. And the three of us bringing everything together create something much larger than any of us could do alone.

So the sought, like the production of the whole exceeds the sum of the parts, like love, that’s really what I think networking is.


Mostafa Hosseini  12:24 

And it’s like the power of us. Three, like one plus one plus one. It’s like 10. Yeah, it’s not like two or one plus one is not two anymore. Two is not three anymore. That’s much, much, much more powerful. Alright, so one more definition question, what is your definition of referral?


Virginia Muzquiz  12:47 

A referral is an introduction to a prospect who has the problem that you solve, is ready to entertain a conversation and can pay you what you’re worth.


Mostafa Hosseini  12:59 

Love it. Love it, love it, love it? Why should we care about this?


Virginia Muzquiz  13:09 

You should care about this. Because inside your network is all of the money, and all of the value and all of the problem solving that you will ever meet. And when you understand reciprocity, and you understand how to have meaningful reciprocity conversations, you begin to grow your business and grow yourself in extraordinary ways.

If we’re only connecting about making money, we’re connecting at the lowest form of vibrational currency. So Mostafa, you and I have not even begun talking about money at all, like, oh, well, I’ll JV for you and pay you $11.13. And what is your EPC?

And like, we haven’t had that conversation, and there’s there may or not be a need for it. My guess is there’s not I’ll refer you people that have the problem you solve are ready to attain it. Entertain a conversation, have the money to pay you and resonate with your values with your values hierarchy. I’m going to send those people to you, you’ll make money, it’s fine, right?

They’ll send people to me, I’ll make money. Absolutely, um, point we might find that we’re out of balance, right?

Like you’re sending me a lot of clients and the people and sending you aren’t biting? Well, then maybe we do need to have a different conversation about how do we rebalance so that you don’t feel like you’re working your butt off for me but you’re not getting you’re not getting anything in return. Right?

So it’s it you should care about these agreements at the business level because they build your build your business in ways that you can’t know and they grow your container, which makes you more able to build a bigger business.

But you really should care because if you can learn these systems in business, you can negotiate reciprocity and every relationship in your life, from your relationship with your children, to your relationship with your parents, to your relationship with your spouse, your co workers with everybody you Get this down your entire life improves and up levels


Mostafa Hosseini  15:03 

absolutely, absolutely cannot agree more. And gang if you’re watching or listening, either live or later, we’re talking about networking and referrals with the referral diva, if you have any questions about this topic for referrals and networking, pop them in the chat box, and we’ll do our best to cover them now.

Virginia, what are the most common myths about networking and referrals that business owners wanting to?


Virginia Muzquiz  15:30 

Okay, number one, they’re free. Right? Somebody gives you a referral. It costs you nothing to get it right. Not true. There is a pre game play that has to happen before that referral manifests itself.

And there is a post game play that has to happen after So, Mustafa, this is like market any kind of marketing, right? Let’s you’re doing your giveaway, right? So you’ve got a pre game plan, what do I need to do to get eyeballs engagement?

Here’s my whole list of pregame and I have a strategy for how am I going to make money doing that, then you’ve got to execute that. And then if you fail to figure out what am I going to do with all those people that signed up, you just left all the money on the table? Right? Referrals are no different.

There is a cost of engagement to get to the place where someone will say, I know you like you trust you and want to share my network with you.

And there is a cost on the back end for how well you take care of that referral, and bring that referral into your community and then reward your referral partner for doing it. Referrals are not free. They’re paid for performance.


Mostafa Hosseini  16:37 

Alright, so you like it’s like you’re not paying money for it. But you have to put relationship equity and time and other resources to make it happen. Or maybe


Virginia Muzquiz  16:45 

I need to put money into it ever. Have you ever taken a connection for lunch? Exactly. Do you believe that if you and I go to a JV ology, or collaborate we end up in a place live that we’re not going to be like grabbing for the bill, and we’re gonna be alright, well, we’re gonna Okay, well, now we’re gonna have to have breakfast because now I need to pick up the like, we’re gonna be doing that and investing in that connection.

On the back end. How am I going to reward you? I had these two referral partners one time, and they each contributed over 20% of my annual revenue in a year. So two ladies, two ladies were responsible for 42% of my revenue in a single year.

So they each had a desire, one had a desire for connections in Australia, the other in the Middle East. I was going to an international convention. I put them both on a plane with me. We went out to Petaluma, California. They stayed in my hotel room. I was gonna pay for it anyway. And I introduced them to the Australia can contingency and the Dubai contingency. Why?

Why would I spend $5,000 taking these two ladies, I wind them I dined them. We went to wineries, they paid nothing. Why? Because the next year they were responsible for 60% of my revenue.


Mostafa Hosseini  18:02 

Right? You’re nurturing that relationship? It wasn’t free.


Virginia Muzquiz  18:05 

Yeah. Thanks, man. That that was a great referral. Thanks.


Mostafa Hosseini  18:09 

Thank you. Yeah. Yes.


Virginia Muzquiz  18:11 

The second myth really is that they’re organic. Right now, the notion of organic. In marketing, as you know, most of it is organic traffic is traffic. We don’t put a cash outlay for versus paid traffic, which is when we get earnings per click, and we do Facebook ads, right.

So there’s two different kinds of social media and people associate the referral thing with organic, I just want organic referrals, meaning I just want to go to the chamber meeting, call my hair be charming and have people say who I want to work with you.

It doesn’t happen that way. It’s a little bit more like organic gardening. He know you have to fix the soil. Gotta have the right soil, right pH the right little organisms, you have to go out there and pick all the little bugs off. You got to make sure it’s watered Right.

Like it’s more like that. Reason that’s the most dangerous myth of all Mustapha is because if you think it’s a crapshoot, will you write a plan?


Mostafa Hosseini  19:16 

Will you look for a I’m not sure what you mean by a crapshoot.


Virginia Muzquiz  19:19 

That it’s like roll the dice and maybe your roll, maybe roll a double. Okay. You go outside and you go to an event and maybe you get a referral. Maybe you don’t, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It is just playing the odds and dumb luck.

All right. Yeah, I’m talking about crapshoot. It’s like from rolling dice in the casino. Okay, God, God. So the idea is that you can’t plan for it. You can’t control it. You can’t make it happen. If you believe that then that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

But I for the last decade have been using a process a six step process. That that absolutely earns me a quarter of a million dollars a year by referral through relationships. And I do it, I do it day in and day out. My clients do it day in and day out. I just had a client I was talking to today who said, Okay, I have increased Mike, my patient load is a physical therapist, my patient load by 125%. And I increase my income 260% as a result of doing this process, now I’m doing Facebook ads, and I’m slaying it.

But he has the revenue to do now something that’s further leverage that gets him more results, less of his time. And he continues to network as well. And now we’ve shifted him to my graduate networking program. But because he’s got the basics down that have really tripled his revenue, right?

So it’s it is there is a way to do it, and a way to plan for it and a way to control it.


Mostafa Hosseini  20:55 

Love it. Love. Let’s talk about some of the mistakes that entrepreneurs make with networking and referrals.


Virginia Muzquiz  21:04 

Here’s the really big one. They believe what people tell them. How many. How many times have you heard, oh my stuff, I’m gonna connect you. Oh, you need to meet. I’m gonna make an email. Oh, sure. No problem stuff.

You can come on my Facebook Live. And it never happens. Mm hmm. So what the so the average entrepreneur does one of two things. They try to chase you down. Mustapha, you said, you said you said you said and then they get ghosted because now you’re nagging them?

Or they just think you’re a jerk and avoid you for the rest of your life. And they don’t they don’t interact with you because you didn’t, you didn’t keep your word. So dreams. The reason that happens a lot of time partially is because do you have a standard operating procedure for how most office going to do the thing that you asked him to do?

Chances Are? You do not. So if you do not have a standard operating procedure that says Mustapha, I would like you to get on my you send me I’d like you to get on my stream yard. You sent me an email. This is how you do it. Here is the date.

Here’s what you’re going to prepare. What are the questions? What are you right? You have a process, it was effortless for me to be here. Right, right, or easy. And I have a process to bring you on my podcast. And it will be super easy for you. And we will be in marketing reciprocity.

 So the bigger thing about this is you must watch what people do one, give them an SOP, give them exactly what you want to do want them to do in no uncertain terms. Provide them with the copy. This is you know, from joint venturing.

 You don’t just say to a JV Hey, hey, Mister, for we email for me. Sure. Do you have any copy? What swipe copy? No. What’s that? An email? No, I don’t have any emails. Just tell people about me. Okay, you can’t do it. So that’s on me. That’s my fault. No, I leave it to you. Again, how many people say oh, yeah, I’ll totally mail for you.

 I’ll totally promote you to my network and never do it. Yeah. Right. So that you need to keep your eye on that. Because the people that you want to spend time with and spend resources on and invest in are the people who do what you say and what they agree to. So they follow your plan. And they do it when they say they will.


Mostafa Hosseini  23:33 

Just to clarify how do we make that happen again?


Virginia Muzquiz  23:38 

When you need tools. You want me to call someone give me a script you want me to email, give me an email you want me to text somebody give me.


Mostafa Hosseini  23:46 

So provide them with the resources and the clear instructions on exactly what they need to do. Don’t leave them guessing and assuming things like here’s the copy and feel free to modify the copy. And bam, you make it easy.


Virginia Muzquiz  24:03 

Correct. And for me, for me in my system, I’m like you need to create some templates, we actually create a digital toolkit that I can text to my referral partners with all my emails, a direct sales letter scripts, videos, case studies, testimonials, all my programs everything on a on a virtual card.

I’ve been told not to say V card because apparently that doesn’t that mean something else? Okay. Yeah, I don’t know. It’s some sexual innuendo thing, but we’ll just leave it at that. It’s a virtual card. So


Mostafa Hosseini  24:39 



Virginia Muzquiz  24:40 

I will get you one. So the, the key part of it is have a toolkit have a way you can put it in Dropbox, you can put it in a Google Drive, you can send it in a zip file. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but have it right put it on a page on your website. Something that gives people a way to refer you.

That’s number one. And then number two, invest heavily in the people who take action on what they say they’re going to do. So I don’t care. Listen, if I go into my Infusionsoft and I see somebody got 34 clicks, but no opt ins, I don’t care. I’m like on the phone. Oh my God, dude, you got 34 clicks, you rock. Thank you for mailing for me. I find some cool gift and I send out cool like the first time somebody gets 25 opt ins for clicks, they get something in the mail for me, when they get their very first opt in, they get something in the mail for me, when they get their first their first sale.

They get something from me, that’s in addition to anything I’ve promised, because I want them to know that unlike I’ve got 99 affiliates, but let me promise you it’s the 20% of the 20% that produce every single time those people get love.


Mostafa Hosseini  26:03 

That’s your VIP list, I guess. Right? Mm hmm.


Virginia Muzquiz  26:10 

Right, it’s like if you, if you do it, and I feed you, you’ll do it again. Because you liked it?


Mostafa Hosseini  26:17 

Absolutely. You’re used to like you’re just like, here’s how do I put this together? nurturing the action? Like, yeah, please do more of this. And I did notice and I’m rewarding you for the amazing work. And I’m not like, I’m not forgetting you. I’m not acting like a jackass. Say, Hey, thank you.


Virginia Muzquiz  26:36 

Here’s, and here’s a big mistake. Oh, this one’s killing me. Maybe. And maybe this is a conversation you and I can have and maybe now’s not the time to have it. What? I’ve been on a couple of summits. I’ve emailed I’ve done everything.

And my audience just didn’t respond. Right? They just weren’t interested. And people are like, you have only gotten 14 clicks. And there are one opt in and you need to do better. Like, okay, well count me out, then. Like I did what you asked, I emailed your stuff.

If your copy doesn’t convert, not my problem. If you asked me to do this, and you didn’t research my audience first. And so I you know, you want doctors and that’s not what I have in my audience. I don’t know what your audience is. Me. So really, like, you only have 12 opt ins. You need to email more.

Here’s, here’s some Facebook posts you need to put out there because you only got 12 options. I’m like, wow. Like, what working for you? I never ever shame any buddy. Anyone.


Mostafa Hosseini  27:45 

So to the contrary, gather side. I’ve done this where someone people forget to actually do it, or they don’t take it serious. Obviously, there’s your example where you did send, and it wasn’t a good match where the copy was in converting.

But what do you say about following a proper, you know, polite follow up to people that might have forgotten to promote you to refer you to introduce you? And the rest of it?


Virginia Muzquiz  28:11 

Yeah, so I have a little system for this. Ready? Uh huh. I’ll remind you, but I’m not gonna say you’re underperforming. I’m just gonna remind you, I’m going to be like, hey, Mostafa, Hey, how’s it going? What’s going on? And you say, Hey, what’s going on?

 I go, Oh, my God, we’re in the middle of the giveaway. It’s so great. We’ve gotten 400 opt ins already. So it’s been really great. And you go so did Hey, have I gotten any? Yeah, like, 12? I’m so grateful for those 12 opt ins. You got me?

I would, you know, I would. Is that was that in your like, does that is that good for you like or did you want to do more? I’m not gonna I’m not gonna come at you and do that. Here’s the second thing. People are always what they do and rarely what they say.

So if you say yeah, yeah, I’m gonna mail for you. And you don’t, when you come to me and say, Can you do this thing for me? I’m probably gonna say no. Because if I’ve already gone for you, you said you were gonna go for me. And then you did it.

And you come back and ask me to do something for you again, I’m gonna be like, Oh, man was off. I’m really sorry. I’m not able to do that at this time. You got it? Right. Yeah. And they press then I’m gonna have the conversation. I’m gonna say, Well, I’m going to be really honest with you, you know, I promoted for you and got you 300 opt ins, and you didn’t mail for me when you said you would.

And that was really disappointing and I’m okay. But what you do tells me what you have bandwidth for. So if you’d like to mail for me next time, then I’d be happy to support you in the future, but it’s your turn. I already did mine.


Mostafa Hosseini  29:52 

Mm hmm. Is that how you exactly you say? Yeah, okay.


Virginia Muzquiz  29:57 

I’m wearing reciprocity. So You know, Mostafa, you and I know that if you said I’m going to be on this and I said, you’re going to be on that, but that’s what we’re doing.

If I don’t show up for you, when you invited me on your show, or you don’t show up for me or I don’t show up for a podcast interview with you, well, then we’re not in reciprocity, and I have to own the fact that I didn’t do a good job for you.

Yeah, well, I let you make it up to me. Absolutely. I’m not gonna hold a grudge. I’m just gonna say it looks like you didn’t really have the capacity this time to reciprocate. So when you’re ready to reciprocate, we can we can pick it back up.


Mostafa Hosseini  30:34 

Yeah. And I appreciate like, direct, clear language like that, versus you ghosting me and I have no clue what’s wrong. Right, right. It’s like, hey, and what I what we did was, last time, we ran a giveaway. We just we just started acting dumb.

Like, hey, my team tells me the link is not working. Is this working? Did you get everything you needed? And they’re like, oh, yeah, sorry, I haven’t I’m done that I haven’t got a chance. And then that was just a gentle reminder to do what they said they’re going to do.


Virginia Muzquiz  31:10 

Again, I’m okay with the nudge. Yeah, right. I’m okay with the nudge that says, hey, Virginia, we’ve got this many opt ins. Or hey, Virginia, how’s the email go? How’s the mailing going? Hey, Virginia, how’s this going? Do you need anything else for me?

I’m good with that. Right? What I what I think has been really, and I think it’s part of the software that some people are using where it says, you’ve only gotten this many, like you set like a parameter, I think in that where it’s like, if it’s less than this, then chastise them.

And if it’s more than that, applaud for them, I’m like, Honey, you get me one stinking opt in, I’m going to give you a Hurray, you give me a referral, even if it’s the most ridiculous referral on the like, what were they thinking?

Because you get those two, I say thank you so much for thinking of me. Right? Tell me about John. And then you say, Well, John, this John that like, oh, my gosh, Mostafa, I don’t want to make you look bad with John, I don’t actually do that.


Mostafa Hosseini  32:13 



Virginia Muzquiz  32:14 

I don’t actually like that’s not a problem that I actually solve. So or my audience doesn’t actually line up with that, or whatever. Let’s brainstorm who we could send John two that would make you look like a rock star.


Mostafa Hosseini  32:27 

Hmm. I like that.


Virginia Muzquiz  32:29 

So this is all about create one is creating reciprocity, and two is creating relationship. And I was a school teacher, you do not. I taught in an all boys boarding academy, let me tell you, you get nowhere being a cute blonde chick teaching in an all boys boarding academy shaming those boys, you just do not. Right.

 You get bees with honey, and you get flies with horse poop. So for me in terms of reciprocity, I’m always going to be kind, I’m always going to be nice. And I’m going to say this is my capacity. I don’t have capacity, then. I might have capacity later.

But could I ask a favor? Between now and then could you keep your word that you said?


Mostafa Hosseini  33:19 

Got it? Got it? I always appreciate clear, direct communication. I don’t I don’t like to people leave people thinking and guessing. And I hate to be in that position myself, where I don’t know what or what they think of what we’ve done. So I really appreciate your no BS. Clear responses there.


Virginia Muzquiz  33:48 

I also have, I just want to also put this out there is such a thing as premature solicitation. Right? So when we go to events, particularly events, where there’s a lot of people that are learning how to joint venture and those sorts of things, right, we’re getting put into breakout rooms to pitch. Hi, this is my program.

This is when it’s airing, the way that you support me is to send out X number of emails and so many Facebook posts and you’re going to do a Facebook Live with me and you’re gonna do this and that and I’m gonna give you $400 per sale, and blah, blah, blah, right?

 I’m like, Honey, you did not even buy me a drink. Like, you’re already promising me how good you are in bed, but you have not bought me a drink. yet. I don’t care about any of that. Who are you? What do you care about? What do you do with your life like?

So I think in some regard, those events are for people that say like, I would love to get to know it’s so nice meeting you. Thank you for telling me about your business. I’d like to get to know you and then we can talk what we can do and then I have a ladder of engagement.

So Meet you, I get to know you as a person, then we promote each other. It’s kind of where we are right now like, right, we’re like, I’ll put you on my podcast, you put me on your on your show, maybe we’ll do some Facebook stuff, we’re gonna do that. And if that goes well, and we’re like, Yes, this is juicy.

Let’s take another step. You’re gonna say, Okay, who do you know that I need to know? Okay, now we’re connecting each other. We’re connecting our networks, and we’re just, we’re just setting the fleece. Do we follow through for each other?

I’m somebody who does need to be reminded sometimes. So you’re like, Okay, I don’t want to work with a person who needs to be reminded sometimes. Okay, I’m a person that has a joint venture manager, you might have to get with Scott, because sometimes I’m just not available.

Is that okay with you? So we’re testing the waters, then we can say, All right, let’s do some business. Let’s make some money. Right? Big the money is the big O of business.


Mostafa Hosseini  35:54 

Yeah, it’s kind of it’s gonna important. Like, what’s his name? As Zig Ziglar says, money is not everything, but it ranks high up there right beside oxygen. Right? We kind of need it.


Virginia Muzquiz  36:10 

Well, it is, you know, it’s our metaphor. It’s our metaphor for survival. It’s our, it’s the thing that we use to survive.


Mostafa Hosseini  36:18 

Love it. Love it. So here’s an example of gang what we’ve talked about doing together. So if you’re watching or listening to this later, if you rate and write a review about this specific episode with Virginia, you enter your name, we’re going to invite you to an event where we go through marketing and networking and referrals.

We do hot seats, and all sorts of cool stuff. All you have to do is write and write a review or share a review about your experience with this episode and what you got out of it. And men mentioned Virginia’s name on our podcast, and we’ll send you an invite to this events that we’re going to hold together. Yep. Right.

That’s an example of what we’re we are collaborating together. Mm hmm. How’s that?


Virginia Muzquiz  37:06 

I love it. Right? Because we know I mean, let’s be realistic, we know that the ease the best way for us to get bigger guests and more people that are really good for your audience, right? Like your audience wants to hear from, I don’t know Ivan Meisner, or Ken Honda or Seth Godin. Right.

They want to hear from people like that, well, we can get those people in front of you. But we need you to review our podcasts because when we invite them onto a podcast, they’re looking for a minimum of 50 reviews, I learned that from Matt Pollard.

He’s like, I’m gonna come on because referrals is my gig, but you only have 29 reviews. And that’s not good. And by the way, your forum and this is gonna give me great information. Right. But he’s coming on because of that.

 But how many people am I missing that I’m not getting in front of because I don’t have enough reviews? So they don’t think that I’m serious as a podcaster?


Mostafa Hosseini  38:02 

Absolutely. Again, we’re gonna include Virginia’s podcast link in there. Go take a look at her podcast. If you write a review about her podcast, you will also get invited.


Virginia Muzquiz  38:13 

That’d be awesome. We scheduled your podcast interview.


Mostafa Hosseini  38:17 

We probably did it already.


Virginia Muzquiz  38:19 

We probably did. Okay. I’m like so I’m blonde and I’m a grandma. So I’m a woman of a certain age, which means my brain cells are really old and we’re grandma. I am Are you serious? She


Mostafa Hosseini  38:31 

looks like he got married yesterday. Oh, 35 years? Yeah, no, I’m not. I’m not just I’m just saying this to look or sound nice. You do not look like a grandma. So I’m not gonna do it. That’s good for you.


Virginia Muzquiz  38:44 

I Instagram. I’ll tell you what, when I when I started selling Mary Kay back in the day. I had two goals. One of them was to Mike for my kids to want to hang out with me and the other one was to look good at 50. Right.

And, and I did it I like completely, totally. I really didn’t here I’ll show you my little guy. Here he is.


Mostafa Hosseini  39:07 

Do it. As your grandkid. Oh my God, he’s so what’s his name? Kingston, Isaiah. Kingston, Isaiah. Yep. That’s a good looking guy.


Virginia Muzquiz  39:21 

Look at his cuteness. Oh, yeah. I mean, I love his Easter picture too. But you know, I don’t know. Yeah, there he is hugging a hugging a statue at the zoo. Yeah, not for cute. He’s


Mostafa Hosseini  39:33 

three and a half. Very nice.


Virginia Muzquiz  39:37 

Playground. I have to brag on him. So we’re on the playground and there’s a dad chasing chasing his kids and whatever.

And he got like, the dad catches up with the youngest child who happens to be a little girl and It’s tickling her and she’s crying and saying Daddy stop daddy stop. And my grandson turned around full on linebacker and shoved him and said you leave her alone.


Mostafa Hosseini  40:01 

Wow. Wow. Wow, that was pretty cool. Something the dad


Virginia Muzquiz  40:08 

was like, Well, you got a little linebacker there I said I am so sorry said no, he was like totally in the right defending my girl. He has no idea who I am did that her all he heard was she wanted she wanted that person to stop doing that. i It was the craziest thing on the playground. Yeah.


Mostafa Hosseini  40:25 

Love it. I was like hanging out my kids, oh


Virginia Muzquiz  40:34 

referrals. I know, we digressed into the whole family.


Mostafa Hosseini  40:38 

Family is my number one value. So I could talk about that for five hours. No problem.


Virginia Muzquiz  40:43 

But it’s like it’s why we do what we do. Right. Mr. I want to be able to say, No, I’m in my grandchild. No, you have my time. You can’t have my intention. I’m with my daughters.

I’m doing I’m with my husband. We’re doing something. We’re playing Scrabble as a family. No, we’re not going to answer our phones, you know. And we’ve gotten to a point in our world right now where we’re so on demand.

You can’t even go to the bathroom without checking your text messages. I’m like, maybe we should go to the bathroom by ourselves and leave our phones on our desk.


Mostafa Hosseini  41:15 

Mat. You know what, yesterday I deleted Instagram on my phone. Oh, did you deleted it? I was just checking it signed up.

I just deleted it. I feel better for not having it because it was constantly checking. So cool. Done. Enough. Okay, no, there you


Virginia Muzquiz  41:33 

  1. Daily confidence tip for entrepreneurs quit wasting time checking your social media and go to the bathroom one time a day without your phone. See? Yeah. See if you can tolerate your own company for two minutes.


Mostafa Hosseini  41:45 

And if there’s a there’s an app that you use it way too much. deleted. Yep. And see if you could live and breathe without it. Chances are you can. Mm hmm. Yeah.


Virginia Muzquiz  41:58 

Yep. So for a detox to once a month.


Mostafa Hosseini  42:01 

A four day detox when a detox Mm hmm. Is that a phone detox?


Virginia Muzquiz  42:06 

Internet? No ads? No, Google? No, nothing. I mean, I write I read. I walk. I eat. I sleep. I think I journal.


Mostafa Hosseini  42:18 

Um, you know, I love it when I go to places where I don’t have phone reception. Mm hmm. And it’s just like, in the mountains. Usually. The phone doesn’t work. So I’m good. I know. I leave the phone in the car. And I unless we’re taking pictures of ourselves and stuff, but


Virginia Muzquiz  42:34 

I put it on airplane mode. Oh, yeah.


Mostafa Hosseini  42:37 

Absolutely. Absolutely. All right, let’s do a quick review on the mistakes. Like bullet points what they were the top mistakes that they made.


Virginia Muzquiz  42:46 

mistakes, mistakes. I don’t know. Oh, I think we talked about they’re not free. The myths are mistakes.

The biggest, like I said, the biggest mistake is just believing that people are what they say because they’re more likely to be what they do, not what they say that that to me. And I guess another one is that all, all connections aren’t created equal.

So when you go into a networking situation, or you look at your network, and you think everybody’s the same, they’re kind of not. So some people are there because they like you and they want to support you. Some people like to share their information or knowledge, a friend of mine taught me how to use Canva.

 Like, that was a great play. Because now like for simple memes and simple things, I don’t have to hire a graphic designer, which means I can spend more money on more things that will make me more money, etc, etc.

So he freed up a ton of cash flow for me, just by teaching me how to use Canva is great, I love it. So um, so you know, people will help you with your knowledge, expanding your skill sets, those sorts of things. You can do skill set changes.

And then finally, you know, people there are people that are just there, they want to help you build your business. And they’ll they will help you by sharing their networks with you giving you their programs for free, like really helping you grow your business.

And not everyone in your network is, is going to do all three. But the place that you want to spend the most time is with people who do all three. So people who support you, they share their resources with you. They share their knowledge with you.

They share their networks with you. That’s the real sweet spot. You need about five of them. Are your good. And your Yeah, if you cultivate your five really good partners, you definitely can that are referring you and sharing networks and that you can do a nice, you can do a nice business with that.


Mostafa Hosseini  44:34 

Oh, absolutely. So what I’m hearing all you need is five solid partners and you’re good to go. Yes, but


Virginia Muzquiz  44:41 

they are the holy grail. Yeah. So can I show you can I show you a slide? Sure you can. Okay, let me show you this here. Because it’ll make a little more sense if I can.


Mostafa Hosseini  44:52 

Yeah, make it easier to have a visual. Yeah.


Virginia Muzquiz  44:55 

share my screen. share my screen. That’s not what I want. I want window. I want that. Oh my gosh, this is just there we go. Can you see this slide?


Mostafa Hosseini  45:07 

Yeah, here we go. Okay, hold


Virginia Muzquiz  45:09 

  1. I feel good slide. Um, okay. So when you meet somebody, you become acquainted with them, right? So you’re going to be their acquaintance. And then you’re going to have some sort of a conversation that’s going to create relationship and some memorability and some trust, and I call that an associate relationship, like I’m associated with you, I kind of know what you do.

Then I want to say, hey, let’s promote each other, and I’m gonna create an advocate. So that’s kind of where you and I are right now. Okay, we, we were at the associate level, you reached out, we started talking, we created this advocate level relationship where we’re happy to make each other visible to our, to our networks. Mm hmm. The next play is to be an ambassador.

Now in politics, an ambassador is someone who takes your message your country’s message to a foreign land. So an ambassador is someone who takes your message to a foreign network. And typically they find people that are perfect connectors, like they could be good JV partners for you, or whatever, because they share your audience.

And then you have people that are affiliated with you. And sometimes that’s money for referrals, or referrals for money or referrals for referrals or knowledge for whatever, you know, however, you create a recipe, reciprocity agreement with an affiliate.

That’s kind of how that’s like the Holy Grail. Right. And then Robin Dunbar in Great Britain in the 90s, came up with this sort of how do you build a social network? So the way I look at it is, you have about 150 people that you kind of know who they are, they’re in your database, maybe but you haven’t really created a lot of relationship with them.

Then you have about 50 people that you want at that associate level, meaning they know what you do you know what they do? And let’s face it, if somebody just came up to me and said, Hey, do you know Mostafa Hosseini? I’d be like, Yes, I totally know him. And I can give you his phone number. I just I just did this. Somebody asked me if I knew Bill Baron. Well, I do know, Bill.

I know Bill from five or six years ago, I did a program with him. And then I took a course with him and I JV with him. And I just reached out to my he showed up on my Facebook talk about manifestation. And I was like, Hey, Bill, I want to know, can I make this introduction?

And so we’re gonna make that happen? Right? So we’re Bill and I are associated with one another, um, the 30. In the middle, the 30. In the next part is really how many how many advocates do I need? How many people do I want promoting me on Facebook promoting me on LinkedIn promoting me on Instagram promoting me on their Facebook Lives, right, like doing visibility plays for me, putting me in front of large audiences.

 At the ambassador level, if I just had 15 people finding good connectors for me, I would never have to network on my own. Right, they would find me those people.

And then I want to groom five people to be heavy hitters, for me five people that are generating for me anywhere from 15 to $40,000 in revenue every single year to get me into that solid six figure, Mark. So that’s the that’s the kind of the general format.


Mostafa Hosseini  48:17 

So you need to you need the system to get all of this done. And that’s what you teach. Yeah. And that’s why you support them with Yes. Love it. Okay. So can you tell us about your gift? Your that would be, I think a good way to segue into your gift. Which


Virginia Muzquiz  48:38 

is it the blueprint


Mostafa Hosseini  48:39 

of business by referral blueprint? Alright.


Virginia Muzquiz  48:43 

Yeah, so the business by referral blueprint is a pretty short little document that just walks you through my six t system for generating $100,000 In referrals. And it starts off with getting clarity around who you serve, what the problem is building yourself up as an authority, and then all of the things that you need, once you’ve got your messaging clear how to build your team.

So all of that is in the business by referral blueprint. And I’ll tell you what, I also have a training.

 So if you when you download the blueprint, I will then follow up with giving you a 45 minute training that talks a little bit more about the stuff that we talked about today and gives you a little more information about me and how we could work together.


Mostafa Hosseini  49:33 

Love it. So again, if you want to get access to Virginia’s blueprint, it’s called business by referrals, blueprint getting referrals is, in my experience, way more profitable than any other marketing activity out there period.

And I’ve been at this marketing game for a good part of 11 years. Now, I mean, you could go do Facebook ads, all sorts of ads. out there. And so in our world, referrals like you haven’t 60 7080, sometimes 100% 100% chance of closing a referral versus a five to 10% chance of closing someone cold.

And you have to do a lot of work to warm that new lead up to get your phone off, do they want to buy from you? Or no? Versus a referral is like, hey, you need to go buy from Virginia. And then he shows up and says, Where do I swipe my card?


Virginia Muzquiz  50:33 

Yeah. And that’s why you just have to remember what is the definition of a referral? versus what is the definition of a contact or connection, a referral is a meaningful introduction to a prospect who has the problem you solve, wants to entertain a solution and has money to pay you.

So your referral partners have to ascertain they have to have a system to ascertain all three things before they turn somebody over to you.


Mostafa Hosseini  50:58 

Exactly. So again, I just reposted link here I think last time didn’t go through. So try and let me know if you got the link here in the in the comments. It is in the description of the show, and it will be on our podcast description as well. The link is kind of crazy.

I’m not going to even try to read a Bentley. I should have I should have I’ll do Bentley’s next time. So go on to link click on the link and grab Virginia’s business by referrals blueprint because it is extremely important to get this figured out. Um, let’s talk about some personal stuff. So shall we? Sure. All right.

Oh, what do you what are your hobbies? What do you do for fun, Virginia?


Virginia Muzquiz  51:42 

What do I do I hang out with my hilarious three year old grandson. That’s probably a big one. I enjoy reading. Um, I’m also okay. I’m also a healer. So I really enjoy and understanding plant medicine and oils and that sort of stuff. So that for me is really huge.

I do like walking and hiking. I like working man, I really love what I do. So it’s kind of it’s kind of like my biggest hobby. So I’m writing a book and creating content for people and I really love that.


Mostafa Hosseini  52:23 

Love it. Love it. Now what are top two three books that have made a massive difference in your life or your near business?


Virginia Muzquiz  52:32 

Two three books thinking Grow Rich? Uh huh. That one I read every single year. Brene Brown, daring, greatly daring, greatly daring greatly. Les Brown is a university researcher and she’s a sociologist and all of her work is around shame.

And the the, the terrible power of shame to make us miserable and how we can we can overcome that. And like really her whole series she’s got one that’s called dare to lead which is really good as well, which i Those two have really changed me and I think Danielle reports desire map.


Mostafa Hosseini  53:17 

Desire map was the name of the author. Yeah.


Virginia Muzquiz  53:20 

Danielle Laporte.


Mostafa Hosseini  53:23 

Laporte. Alright, beautiful. Beautiful. Um, if you had a Facebook or a Google ad, where everyone on the internet could see your ad? What would your message be?


Mostafa Hosseini  53:41 

Bee you love it. More about that? Why? Why that message? What do you mean by that?


Virginia Muzquiz  53:49 

So one of the things this may be very common to women of a certain age, I noticed a lot my mother did it. And I’m like, Oh, my mother did this, right. Like, all the all the little birdies fly out of the nest, and then you kind of just don’t care what people think anymore.

And I really, so I’ve spent a lot of my life following traditional paths, like, Okay, you go to college, then you get a job, then you get married, then you have babies than you did, right, like a lot. And, and you never think about like, Is this really what I want?

Is this really gonna thrill me or is really what I am I feeling this, you know, and one day I woke up and I was like, Man, I feel like I’m in The Truman Show before it goes into color. Like it’s the black and white Truman Show. And I was like, this is not working for me.

And then you start to blame everybody else. And it’s everybody else’s, you know, it’s your husband’s fault. It’s the world’s fault. It’s everybody’s fault. And then you realize you’re like, No, I made absolute choice. I made choices to not be who I am and to be to be hidden from that. And so now three, four years ago, I was like, I’m done. You know?

I’m just going to stand up, and I’m going to hold my head up, and I’m going to be unapologetically me. And the most miraculous thing happened was stuff. You know what happened? What happened. For the first time in my life, I had friends and a social life.

And people liked me. And I didn’t have to beg for attention. And I didn’t have to beg for eyeballs on my work. And I didn’t. People just were like, Oh, I’m so cool. I’m so down with that. I’m so attracted to that, right.

And all these years, I spent pretending to be someone I thought everyone else would be to get their approval. And all I needed to do was just step up, and be me and understand. I am not pizza. I’m not for everyone.


Mostafa Hosseini  55:47 

Love it. I love the idea of being yourself. You’re not for everyone. And when you started just unapologetic, unapologetically if I set it right, and shamelessly being yourself Yep, usually like you don’t care about anything else. This is me like it or leave it and thing good things started happening.


Virginia Muzquiz  56:10 

I love that song. The song versus me from the greatest showmen. That’s. So it’s really interesting. It’s the The Misfits, like the bearded lady and all the weirdos that are in the circus, right? And it’s them. The song is them sort of standing up and saying that this is me.

And your words, your words aren’t gonna cut me down, you are not going to shame me anymore. I’m gonna stand up. And I’m just gonna be me. This is me. And I saw that song. And that, I mean, I was my crackers. Every time I see it, I look at you. So that really just be you. And I’m not saying being an ass, right? I’m not saying be rude. I’m not saying be disrespectful.

 I’m saying stop hiding your light, because you’re afraid of someone’s disapproval. People are gonna disapprove of you all day long, that tells you a lot about them and their values and what matters to them and what they’re in alignment with.

And it’s just information. And it shouldn’t make you hide your light under a bushel.


Mostafa Hosseini  57:18 

I love it. You know, honestly, we were talking about this same topic with my brother over the past few days. And we’re talking about the shame.

And we were talking about the fact that we tend to try to please everybody. And then we got to I gotta stop both. Right? Because it just,


Virginia Muzquiz  57:41 

it doesn’t get you anywhere, right? The really interesting thing you spend all this time trying to please people and get the approval of people that you don’t really even like because you’re pretending to be somebody you’re not who you don’t really like to attract people you don’t like who think that you like them?

I mean, it’s ridiculous. Like, it’s like the whole psychology of it is so screwed up. But we’re talking form, right? Well Don’t. Don’t.


Mostafa Hosseini  58:06 

Absolutely. So what’s one piece of advice you received that made a massive difference for you?


Virginia Muzquiz  58:13 

Oh, this is great. Jason says shout out to you ready? If you want to be happy. Ask someone who can give you a yes.


Mostafa Hosseini  58:23 

If you want to be happy, ask someone who can give you a yes. What do you mean by that?


Virginia Muzquiz  58:28 

So if I want cheese cake, but you don’t have any. And I keep saying but Mostafa I need cheesecake, I need you to give me cheesecake. I can’t be happy without cheesecake. And you’re like, Dude, I don’t have cheesecake to give in relationships.

It could be anything from you know, I need someone who’s spiritually aligned with me. Well, if you need that to be happy, ask someone who can give it to you. Don’t align yourself with a bunch of people who can only give you know, and try to figure out a way to manipulate them into giving you a yes.


Mostafa Hosseini  59:03 

That’s it. There’s a lot of wisdom in that there’s a truck load of wisdom that


Virginia Muzquiz  59:10 

I got. I got rid of I got rid of so much weight. I mean, I said to people, I’d be like, can you give me this and be like, Why? Are you capable of being like this in my life? I don’t even know what you’re talking. No, I’m like, okay. All


Mostafa Hosseini  59:23 

right. See ya. So I guess the question is before we want to get something, the question is, who can give me this? Right, who is capable? And then you go find those people instead of asking random people?


Virginia Muzquiz  59:42 

Well, you can ask all the random people you want but when they tell you no, don’t try to convince them that they’re no is a yes and don’t keep pursuing them. And this is for referrals too. If somebody says they’re going to mail for you, and time and time again, they don’t quit expecting them to mail for you.

They showed you there no So when people have no for you just say thank you for your note and move right along and keep searching for the Yes, someone has your yes. But as you just you need to ask someone who can has the capacity to say, yes, I’d be happy to provide that with you and can do it effortlessly. Right? You don’t want to go to a concert with a friend who goes, Well, I’m not really into Ozzy Osbourne but I guess I’ll go with you.

And then they sit there the whole time and you know that they’re, they’re not happy because music, right? So if you want to go see an Ozzy Osborne concert, we’ll find somebody who like really digs Ozzy and go with that person, not with your spouse who wants to listen to, you know,


Mostafa Hosseini  1:00:46 

classical, jazz. Right? Yeah, absolutely. That that that’s a profound advice. Like, Thank you, Jay. For SAT. Yeah, that’s really good. Thank you for sharing now. What advice would you give your 20 year old self? Be you? Alright, cool.


Virginia Muzquiz  1:01:05 

I mean, yeah, like, just, I and I know this to be a fact, because I gave it to my daughters. Um, but when you meet me, like, I’m quirky and whatever, but you wouldn’t expect me to have a daughter who has tattooed from her neck to her ankles and vapes. I’m like, Honey, it’s your skin, do what you want.

But it’s gonna hurt like hell, if you ever want those taken off.


Mostafa Hosseini  1:01:33 



Virginia Muzquiz  1:01:34 

Like, you’re gonna look like, No, right? But I don’t care. And I’m not embarrassed to walk around with her. And I, you know, so they are who they are. And they’re there. They’re doing what’s happy. And that’s what I told them.

I was like, I have all kinds of expectations for you. Don’t embrace the ones that don’t fit all sorts of gifts. Don’t accept the ones that aren’t for you. So yeah, very, very


Mostafa Hosseini  1:02:00 

important. That’s what I think that’s what I’ll do with my cancer as well. Like, I’m not going to enforce what I think would be good for them. I would just, I usually, my kids are like one and five. And even now I don’t try to force them into what I want. I’m like, do what you want. I’m here to protect you. That’s my job.


Virginia Muzquiz  1:02:22 

Well, I think with kids, though, you know, the big mistake we make is we want to protect them as parents, but we can’t shield them from the consequences of their choices.

So I always said, You need to make this choice in order for me in alignment with me if you make a different choice, whatever the consequences are, I trust you to clean up the mess you make. I won’t be coming to rescue you. The day my youngest got sent to jail was


Mostafa Hosseini  1:02:47 

great. Oh, really? Hi. Oh, I’m


Virginia Muzquiz  1:02:51 

sorry. I don’t know anybody by that name. This is my question. Somebody called me and I said and said, Hey, this happened. I


Virginia Muzquiz  1:02:59 

said, what she protesting injustice. No, got caught up. She got caught up in a sweep with the wrong crowd. Well, then she’ll be doing whatever you did when you get caught up in some random sweep with around the wrong crowd. Guess I’m not going


Mostafa Hosseini  1:03:15 

she’s still talking to you.


Virginia Muzquiz  1:03:18 

Yes, she’s awesome. She’s like, I knew you weren’t gonna I knew. I knew you were coming for me. Which is why I didn’t call you like she called somebody else who called me she’s like, I didn’t call you because I knew you weren’t coming. Testing injustice. I was not alright, Mommy.


Mostafa Hosseini  1:03:40 

All right. That’s their


Virginia Muzquiz  1:03:42 

follow through. You got it, you got him follow through.


Mostafa Hosseini  1:03:48 

Virginia, this has been an absolutely amazing conversation. I feel like we could go easily for another two or three hours, top topics and different tangents. Is there anything you want to add that you we haven’t talked about yet?


Virginia Muzquiz  1:04:05 

No, it’s a pleasure to hang out with you. And I look forward to having you on my shows. And for us to just continue working together. And I do hope that your audience got value out of today, and that you all download the blueprint.

And then I’ll get you the I’ll get you the training. And, you know, let’s have a conversation. If this is if referrals is the way that you want to start building your business, then stop networking for nothing. And I’m really happy to provide you with resources to do that. And, and Mr. Yours is amazing.

And I’m just really glad to have you in my network and call your friend.


Mostafa Hosseini  1:04:38 

Likewise. Likewise, I am beyond amazing that we connected. And we were trying to like reach out and have a conversation for a while but recently we find Yeah, it probably happen for a reason and I’m happy that it happened when it happened. And I look forward to the future.

So again, if you want to improve your referrals, and improve your networking which bores both are extremely important because your network is your net worth. And if you don’t have a good enough network, then you want to go to someone like Virginia, who has been added.

And, guys, what we talked about today was like touching the surface about her experience, because I know there’s way more that she has done and she has an under her belt that we didn’t get to talk about. So maybe you will, you will learn more about her and what she does and the capabilities that she has, when you download the business by referral blueprint.

So the link is in the comments. If you’re on social media, it will be in the description of the show on our podcast, you can get access to that. Thank you for joining us. As you know, as usual, if you ask a question, comment on our social media platforms, tag a friend who could benefit from this conversation.

And like subscribe to our channels, whichever channel you’re watching through, you enter your name for the draw.

And again, if you write a review about this episode, specifically with Virginia and mentioned her name on the review on Apple, Spotify or any other platform, you get an invite to a training session that me and Virginia are going to put together we’re going to be doing networking, masterminding hot seating, it there’s going to be a ton of value and you just get a complimentary access to that workshop which is going to be a ton of fun.

As you could see, she’s got all the energy in the world to support you on whatever you need done with respect to business. Now, one more thing I’m just going to bring up is the confidence giveaway is coming up at the end of May, May 31 June 6, if you want to contribute and grow your list.

I’m going to put the link again in the comments and join us it’ll be fun. Thank you for joining us, Mostafa Hosseini. Thank you Virginia Muzquiz and the referral diva.

Great to have you on the show, I look forward to have you on the show again maybe later this year or next year. Thank you and have a great day.


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