How to be Confident on Live Video – Charlene Tessier – ep 74

Join Charlene Tessier and me and discover ‚ÄúHow to be confident on live video‚ÄĚ

ūüďĘ As a Canadian living in Germany, running a successful location-independent business has been Charlene’s dream since her early 20’s.
Little did she know … it would be one of the most difficult but also the most rewarding journeys she could have gone on.

In less than 18 months, Charlene turned around her failing online business into a thriving success.

What made this change possible?
75 (and counting) live streams, and 6+ live virtual events!

With 10+ years of business experience, Charlene helps online entrepreneurs use live streaming and virtual events to attract 100 ideal clients to their list.


  • How to be confident on live video. 0:01

    • Conference for entrepreneurs, how to be confident on live video.

    • Confidence giveaway coming up.

  • Charlene‚Äôs journey into entrepreneurship. 3:00

    • Interview with Charlene and frank begins.

    • How Charlene got started in her business.

    • The first two years were a disaster.

    • The virtual summit was terrifying.

  • How did you decide to go live on LinkedIn? 6:50

    • The benefits of live streaming on LinkedIn.

    • How to get started with LinkedIn.

    • The best way to go live with distractions.

    • One directional mic vs multi-direction mic.

  • How to avoid distractions when going live. 12:28

    • Working from home vs working from home.

    • Advice for people who get distracted by distractions.

    • Have a few pre-rehearsals before going live.

    • Keep your cool and play along.

  • Is consistency a thing with live streaming? 16:31

    • Consistency is key for building an audience.

    • Consistent schedule is important for LinkedIn.

    • The fear of going live on social media.

    • Tips for becoming confident on video.

    • How to be personal and personable on live video.

    • The first skill to learn.

  • The importance of talking to specific people. 22:33

    • Talking to a specific person, talking directly to one person.

    • The first three seconds of a video.

    • The first three seconds of a video.

    • Tips for hooking the audience in video.

  • How to get people to watch your video? 27:57

    • How to get more people to watch your video.

    • Overcoming fear of messing up.

    • The fear of being on the spotlight.

    • How to improve your speech.

    • Every famous youtuber starts at the beginning.

    • Best way to get people to watch a video.

  • What to get out of this episode? 35:47

    • Five things to get out of an episode.

    • The learning curve of going live.

    • How to make content when not feeling creative.

    • How Miranda creates her content.

  • How to choose the right title for your content. 42:18

    • Have a couple of dozen different titles for the same content.

    • Repurpose content for the year.

    • Recently, an AI machine that automatically repurposes written content.

    • Charlene’s gift, zoom virtual event.

  • Getting people to show up for virtual events. 47:48

    • Getting people to show up for virtual events.

    • Trying something new in Berlin.

    • Three favorite books that have made a difference.

    • Running a business is a marathon.

    • Advice to 20 year old self, take action sooner.

    • Charlene’s framework for solo videos.

  • Start with a personal story. 57:18

    • Starting with a personal story is important.

    • Stories are more engaging than knowledge.

    • The four-step process to go live on LinkedIn.

    • How to get more people to show up.


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Mostafa Hosseini  0:01 

Hello and welcome Dale to conference for entrepreneurs. My name is Mostafa Hosseini and today we’re going to talk about how to be confident on live video, which is a very important topic we’re going to talk about some technicalities of how to go live how to go use the video as a marketing tool, how to how to develop and increase your confidence on camera especially live just like the one that you’re watching right now.

And it is going to be an interesting and very sought after topic, because in my experience, a lot of people have issues going live or they don’t like to appear on video specially live. My My guest today is Charlene test ca welcome Charlene. Hello. Good to see you. So a couple of side notes. The confidence giveaway is coming up in November. That’s where you’re going to see gifts that will help you boost your confidence in different areas of business.

So the conference giveaway is coming up. We do this twice a year. And it’s going to be during the week of November 15 to 20th this year. If you as usual, please make sure to like and subscribe to whichever channel you’re watching. If you have any questions, leave a comment and tell us about your experience with what we’re talking about. If you have a friend or know someone that could benefit from boosting their confidence on Livestream or camera, tagged them in a comment, make sure they get to watch this very interesting conversation as topic because it could help them you could help their business and with a lot of different aspects of the business.

And make sure to follow us on whichever platform and subscribe and the rest of the goodies that come along. Now. Let me introduce Charlene and then we will dig into a very interesting conversation. As a Canadian living in Germany, running a successful location independent business. Charlene has been dreaming and has been has been dreaming about going live and using the videos.

Little did she know it would be one of the most difficult but also the most rewarding journeys she could have gone on. In less than 18 months Charlene turned around her failing online business into a thriving success. What made this change possible, you would ask 75 and counting live streams and six place live virtual events. With 10 plus years of business experience Shirlene helps online entrepreneurs use live streaming and virtual events to attract 100 100 idea clients to their list list. Welcome Charlene


Charlene Tessier  3:00 

Frank, thanks. Thanks for having me here. Mustafa.


Mostafa Hosseini  3:03 

Great to see you. So you’re in Germany.


Charlene Tessier  3:06 

Yes. It’s very late.


Mostafa Hosseini  3:09 

We’re talking to you right now.


Charlene Tessier  3:11 

Right now it’s 1030 at night.


Mostafa Hosseini  3:14 

Oh my god. Like right now? Is it getting cold?


Charlene Tessier  3:18 

It is cold. Yes. It’s a very much like winter. It’s like one degree right now outside it would be an only 12 or so it’s probably very similar to you actually in Alberta.


Mostafa Hosseini  3:30 

It’s about it wasn’t what degree are true. This morning, and it’s getting cold. We’re getting into winter in Alberta here. That’s what it’s like. So we’re talking about how to be confident on live video and in video on video in general. So Charlene, what’s your story? How did you get into doing what you’re doing now?


Charlene Tessier  3:52 

Alright, so a lot of when I started out, my business actually was in Canada, it was offline business. And it was a bookkeeping business in Vancouver, actually. And after I had my daughter, I wanted to move my business online.

So I have flexibility, you know, living the dream kind of lifestyle of having this business where you didn’t have to, you know, be in a physical location. And my husband who happens to be German, that’s why I’m in Germany, actually got a job opportunity here in Berlin that he really wanted to be a part of. And so we moved here when she was 18 months old. And it was quite an awakening of a learning. I thought, you know, I already had quite successful offline business and I thought moving online, how hard could it be? And also I had a business degree, so I thought, you know, this should be a piece of cake.

And for two years, the first two years when I was here, it was really a disaster was I just could not get traction. I couldn’t replicate what I did offline, which was a lot of like these physical events physical meetups. I ran tons of We’re organizing tons of things like that. And actually, when COVID hit, I was really at my lowest point. And I thought, at the beginning of a COVID, that my business was going to be completely closed down after this, because it wasn’t really doing that well.

And now, this is just, you know, amplifying that. So I went to a mastermind, and that’s where entrepreneurs go to help you solve your like, greatest challenge. And my greatest challenge, I said to them, it was that I needed to build my list, I needed to find more partners. And I also need it to more most importantly, talk to my customers directly, who find out what is it the problem that they’re having, so I can actually present a very useful solution to them.

So they suggested do a virtual Summit, and I’ve heard about this, but I had never done it before. And I kind of thought, you know, what, if I’m just gonna go down in a blaze, I’m just going to hurry up and do it. So I gave myself three weeks timeline, three weeks, and I pulled off two and a half, two day, half each half day, six hours a day, with six paddle experts.

And I rallied all my my cold list, I had a cold List of 50 people to try to help me market this event. And I was actually surprised that on every session that was around 10 or so people showed up live, which for me was like shocking amazement, because I thought nobody would actually show up, first of all, because it was live. So that’s like, even, you know, double scary. And I thought, like, who’s going to come to this. And that kind of set me on my journey, actually, it helped me to start talking directly to my customer through these events.

And then later, I wanted to actually be able to reach a wider audience in a much more quicker manner. And that ended up being live stream, because live streamed the reach on social is so much greater. It’s not saying you can’t have the intimacy and the experience of a zoom call, that is a slightly different experience, you can still have that. But with live stream, I’ve just been able to really, like I said, do so many more live streams because of the flexibility of it.


Mostafa Hosseini  7:14 

Very nice. Very nice. Yeah, a lot of people a lot of businesses had difficulty. The beginning during an even as we’re experiencing COVID. So it’s inspiring to see that you actually not only survived, but you thrive during this time over the past almost couple of years now. And so what do you do now on Who do you serve?


Charlene Tessier  7:45 

So I really focus on the LinkedIn platform. It’s the place I’ve been for a really long time, actually, over a decade producing content there. And when LinkedIn live kind of came out, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that. And so I decided, yeah, I’m going to kind of double down on video and double down on LinkedIn platform. So I really help entrepreneurs who want to develop a LinkedIn strategy to reach their first 100 fans, and fill out their courses, programs or virtual events. Very


Mostafa Hosseini  8:17 

nice. For people that want to start with live streaming word, your finger is the best place to start.


Charlene Tessier  8:27 

Facebook is a good place. Because it’s free, you can just do it right away. And YouTube, LinkedIn, a lot of people don’t know, but you actually have to get accepted. And so there’s a process that has to be done to kind of get into that. And there is a way to do it.

But it’s not a given. So if you just want to get started, you just want to try it out. Just go on Facebook, go on YouTube, you just hit that button, really, and just go live instantly.


Mostafa Hosseini  8:56 

I know that when I when I really I was bugging LinkedIn for a while to get access to the live feature. I probably filled out 100 applications to do it.


Charlene Tessier  9:10 

Well, don’t feel bad. I was rejected as well, first time. I think everybody’s rejected the first time to be honest, at least at least once. We don’t know they’re sitting in the office design now. But it seems like they just blatantly reject everybody the first time it just seems to be.


Mostafa Hosseini  9:28 

No mine got rejected probably 10 or 20 times. I was like for a while I was filling out an average application every day. And then because, yeah, we have we have a bigger audience on LinkedIn as well. I’m like, I need this. I want this. And we were like, We’re going live with this show. And I want I want it to go live. And so they kept saying you don’t qualify.

I’m like, Are you serious? Why not? I keep going until one day they’re like okay, let’s Just give it to him. Yeah.


Charlene Tessier 10:03 

That’s, you know, that is part of it. I mean, I think video is part of that too, like you just going live just or making video. The people who do it the reason they are kind of on the top of the crime that crab is because they just do it. And yeah, they know maybe it’s gonna be a flop that day, or maybe it didn’t. But the persistence really actually does make a huge difference in terms of who’s gonna float up to the top, it pays


Mostafa Hosseini 10:29 

off, for sure. persistence in the right direction, pays off. persistence in the wrong direction, probably doesn’t pay off. That’s a different discussion for another day. So these days, a lot of people are working from home. And we’re being forced by COVID to work from home. What do you figure is the best way to work and go live with the distractions that we have, such as animals and pets and kids and all sorts of distractions that we have?


Charlene Tessier  11:01 

Yeah, so a lot of people ask me, they think that I am somewhat fortunate because I do it at night after my young daughter, she’s five now goes to bed. But I do sometimes stream when she’s awake. Unfortunately, I used to stream stream, which was the worst time was just before bedtime, when she always usually about outside the door, because she wants to see mommy to go to bed.

So I did a few things to kind of prove that try to pick a time where your partner or it’s not the worst time of the day, you know, where you know, the kids is in probably in a better mood to stream. The other thing you can do is get a one directional, this is what lapel is also wonderful. So it can really only pick up my voice so often she has been screaming outside the door and people do to really, really hear it is pretty low sound.

So that’s also good for if you have pets, dogs and stuff like that, you know, having them in another room. But if they can still pick up the noise. If you have the wrong kind of mic, which is the kind of multi directional mic that picks up all the sound that is kind of the worst. Also, again, because sometimes I have the window open you have in the summer, we don’t have a seat here. So you get lost street noise. And so by having the right kind of equipment, that definitely helps as well as kind of the timing. But yeah, that would be one of my main tips.


Mostafa Hosseini  12:28 

And I think these days, people are used to working from home. And if there’s a bit of noise behind you, you’re not going to get torn apart by other people. So you oh my god, I can’t believe there was noise behind you. Because we’re all working from home. I mean, I have, I have two kids. When I’m when I’m going live, I just go before I go live, I go upstairs and let my wife know that I am going live.

¬†And I let my older son know that I’m going live and please don’t scream while I’m live. But then from time to time, they show up on the steps here and they’re like Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, I want this, I want that or see this and that. And it happens unless I actually checked I put a lock on my door so that they don’t just storm in and you know, express their love. Unannounced, when I’m going when I’m live.


Charlene Tessier  13:21 

Live is that’s what you get when it’s live. It’s very authentic. I mean, this isn’t I mean, if I didn’t record if you did a record of course we could have cut it or did another take and so it always looks like a perfect video. But then it’s not really live and so I in a way i i find live is it’s got this authentic charm that you can’t have with a recorded video unless you even if you do one take off in your villa go it’s bad. Do it again.


Mostafa Hosseini  13:49 

Absolutely. So speaking of distractions, what is what’s your advice for people that let’s say that you screw up? Something as a matter of fact, I apologize but I screwed up the beginning of your intro. Yeah, and and then I and then I moved on. So what’s your what’s your what’s your advice for people that something goes wrong? Maybe you say something wrong, maybe something happens. Your kid walks in your bark, your dog jumps on your lap and starts I don’t know licking your face or something? What would you do? What’s your best advice?


Charlene Tessier  14:25 

Well, there’s, if you fumble it in the Livestream, that is not I feel that’s you know, it’s okay. It’s something that probably you want to take note of next time maybe you want to do a few pre rehearsals before you go live have a few bullet points available so that you’re not trying to remember is a script or whatever so that I think you know when you’re going live it’s often not scripted. I don’t believe your scripted Mostafa. I don’t like it when I see people live stream who’s scripted.

I think like why don’t you just do a recorded video if you’re just going to read the script that’s not very authentic. So You know, usually just have some bullet points. And it’s through practice and rehearsal really is how you get good at that. If you happen to have a huge disaster, which happened to me one time was, the doorbell was ringing for the Amazon package guy. And I really needed the package, and the husband wasn’t home to get it.

And I was like, in the middle of a life, I actually just said to the audience, I gotta go get the package, and I ended the stream, I grabbed the package, and you can actually delete the stream. Or you can go back to LinkedIn, and delete it, and then go live again, I mean, but if you have a super big audience who’s live with you on the show, that might not work. If you don’t have too many people on the call, you can kind of say help. I’ll just be right back. But that’s kind of one of the, like you said, you can control it all. It is live.


Mostafa Hosseini  15:48 

So yeah, and I think, just like you said, if you just keep your cool and play along, and don’t make a big deal out of it, don’t freak out, like, Oh, my God, I can’t believe this happened, right? Because you’re live and people are watching. Like, when was a couple of weeks ago, I was live. And through the window, the light was shining on my face and on my background, and it was not good.

So I’m like gank, hold on a second, I need to close the window here. I actually walked off camera and like for like a second, close the window, set it up and came back. So it was not the end of the world?


Mostafa Hosseini  16:31 

Is consistency a thing with live videos? Do we need to be consistent? And if so, how do we become consistent in in the live streaming?


Charlene Tessier  16:41 

Yeah, for if you want to build an audience who’s going to show up for you for your show that’s on a regular day and time, then being there. On that day in time, when you say you’re gonna be there helps you to build your audience. If you surprise announce your live streams, or don’t give them enough, notice, it’s very difficult.

So that’s why consistency is really key for building up. Whether it’s on LinkedIn, even in YouTube, you can get huge audience coming live. But they have to know that your show is running on a specific day and time in a very consistent manner for them to pick up on it. The other reason I really recommend consistency is that it’s very good for the LinkedIn algorithm for sharing your content. If you do it on a very consistent schedule, LinkedIn really likes that the algorithm does.

Also if you want to get onto LinkedIn live, that is another kind of factor they sort of look at, like, are you producing like a machine, unfortunately, to say, have a very consistent basis showing up for your audience. That’s what they want to see. Love it.


Mostafa Hosseini  17:47 

Love it. So if you’re more consistent, obviously LinkedIn likes that more than people that go live or post like once in a blue moon. And


Charlene Tessier  17:57 

yeah, I think on Facebook, that’s quite YouTube. It’s usually very scheduled, because that’s just the nature of YouTubers. And unfortunately, Facebook, people want to hear about them going Facebook, they just hit live, like, I feel like going live right now. And then they just go live. This is like there’s no pre schedule. But in LinkedIn, people generally do schedule it out. But I find that your result isn’t as good if you’re just kind of inconsistent and in all over the place.


Mostafa Hosseini  18:28 

Absolutely. How can people be more confident when they are going on video or live? I know people when you ask them to go on video, they have a hard time if they’re not used to it, especially when you tell them to go on a live video that’s a whole new level of fear. I know when the first few times when I went live on Facebook or LinkedIn and here and there. I was scared.

And I’m not the scared type but I was always concerned where I was like, oh my god, I have 7000 followers on LinkedIn. They’re gonna see me what’s gonna happen and and the rest of it. So what are you what are your tips for becoming confident for go on video and live live video and media?


Charlene Tessier  19:25 

I think it’s normal that everybody who starts out is freaked out a video I started out that journey as well. Like I was not a originally a video content creator. I actually tried to start out with YouTube recorded video as my main content channel because I didn’t like writing blog long form blog posts, and I actually produced like over 20 YouTube videos that I never released still sitting in unlisted nobody’s ever gonna see them because I didn’t No matter how many takes I did. I was really not happy at how I look how I presented myself.

And I wasn’t confident so Like, yeah, I think everybody’s and you know, even me what originally did not go live. I didn’t start out flashing to be honest. I did in the past, though, to be honest, did a lot of stage and I had, like groups, I was organized as a big groups where I just spoke in person. And I find that’s actually different and easier than fit. But I found I actually gained my confidence in these virtual summits, or when I had these zoom events with audience of faces that I could actually see. And I was kind of surprised how people really resonated with me.

And I found out okay, actually, you know, I can do this on live, there are a few things you have to learn to come across on live as a very personal, very personable, and that’s awful takes practice. It’s not something I had to learn, to be honest, I don’t know


Mostafa Hosseini  21:00 

about a couple of those with us.


Charlene Tessier  21:03 

So one of the things I had to learn is, first one was I speak to a very specific person. Now, I mean, some people call that the customer avatar, whatever I call it audience member, and it is actually a person that I speak to on a very regular basis, as if I’m having a cup of coffee with them. So that’s envision my mind, I actually have a picture of them, usually behind the cameras. And when I write any copy, when I write live students, I’m really writing to that one individual, that helps to make it a little bit less scary, because you’re talking to them.

Practicing essentially talking into the lens of the camera, not talking into the screen is very hard to do. But again, having that that person, that audience helps you with that. And so those were the two main skills that I really use to start building my confidence on video.


Mostafa Hosseini  21:54 

Love it. So talking to a specific person. And that’s when you’re doing a solo, right? Not an interview like this.


Charlene Tessier  22:02 

That’s right. Because I do do some interviews, of course, any of us. It’s nice. It’s a nice way also to guest Actually, I did mostly interviews, when I first started live streams, because it was a lot like more lightweight in terms of work. I didn’t have to produce the content myself. And it was having conversation, like you said, and that’s also a really great way.

But somebody would complain, I don’t know who to interview who was going to come on my show. And so they want to do solo. And so if you start with solo, then speak to an audience member helps.


Mostafa Hosseini  22:33 

Absolutely. So you wouldn’t when you’re doing a solo, you talked about putting their feature in front of you, right, talking to a specific person. Yeah, I love that. I think I heard Tim Ferriss talking about how he wrote his book, The Four Hour Workweek, he wrote it for a very specific person. And that’s part of why he became very successful. And he didn’t try to convince and please everybody out there. Yes, I really like that idea.


Charlene Tessier  23:04 

Well, especially if you want the videos, the feedback I get a lot from my live stream videos is that when the person eventually meets me because I haven’t met them right there. So I don’t know who’s like bunch of people are just watching here right now. And then eventually, they may get on a call with me or meet me in a you know, my event and they will say to me, oh, you know, I feel like I already know you.

It’s like it’s like I just know you it’s because the way I deliver it is like I’m talking directly to one I never use the voice of many. Even though this is to a many channel. I’m always talking to the voice of one on one you to speak to the single air person you have you start building a really direct relationship with that.


Mostafa Hosseini  23:47 

Thank you says it’s definitely a process Great tips. Thanks for sharing that gang. If you’re watching or listening, if you have any questions, please make sure you put them in a comment on any live show and or after the show is over. You can still post your questions comments in the as a comment on any platform that you’re watching.

Those are some great tips for making your that live video stream or even your video that you’re recording, making it stick more because you’re talking to a specific person and that’s like a conversation that you’re having. Love it. Now you talk about the three most important seconds in a video and how most people are wasting it. Can you tell us about? Yeah, those three seconds are and how people are wasting it. And I guess what do we need to do to fix it?


Charlene Tessier  24:43 

Yeah, so that’s something I’ve been noticing a lot on is especially working with my clients as they don’t understand the importance of the first three seconds. So I actually do research on that and I found out that a goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds. And actually most people on social media have only attention of three seconds, which is less than goldfish, which is pretty sad, really sad.

But if you think about that, you know, what do you need to get them to go? They’re going like this, right? They’re scrolling very fast. And so what are you going to do to get them to stop, stop to consume your content that because if they don’t even stop, then it doesn’t matter how great everything you can have the best stuff inside. But if they don’t stop to watch the first three seconds to get past kind of the there’s a few hurdles.

But the first hurdle, you really don’t really have much of a hope. And that’s one of the complaints a lot of my audience says is like, nobody watches my stuff, how come I have to have no views? Why is nobody seem to be interested. And it’s because they don’t focus really focus on the hook. So when I write my live streams, yes, I write all really good content, I’m going to share good stuff with you. But I only to be honest, I only spent about 20% of the time drafting up those bullet points.

And I, you know, I’m very quick rehearsal, but the hook, I’ll spend 80% of my time, I’ll spend an hour on the hook if I need because if I can hook you in the first three seconds, then I have a very high hope of higher views. And more views, more engagement means more shares. And then you know, the ball was rolling.


Mostafa Hosseini  26:21 

Love it. So the first three seconds are the most important time and a video. So you hook the audience, what are your tips for what do we need to do in those three seconds? Because that’s not a lot of time. Like you have to be very, I think strategic about what you say to keep people and have them interested in what’s coming so that they would actually stick around. Yeah,


Charlene Tessier  26:43 

exactly. Well, the first thing is, don’t start the free seconds with your name. And what you do. Gets that’s not a yes, they’re gonna say who you are and what you’re doing. But it’s much better to open the first three seconds with a statement that can be somewhat contrary and maybe to their thinking, it could be a question could be a small statistical fact. So it has to be something that essentially when they see it, or when they stop it, they they’re asking themselves, well, what’s the next thing right there? They’re thinking, Oh, well, what what’s going on?

And then I don’t of course, disclose that, then I say that my here’s my name. And then I kind of get on with a little intro, and then move on to the body after so you’d never want to give away? What is it so like Mostafa did, and this one, how to be confident on video, he doesn’t say how you could say, you can be confident in video by using, you know, then he gave it away, then what’s the why would you want to stop? But he didn’t give it don’t know. And so you got to come and see it. So he hooked you that way by essentially opening the question for you.


Mostafa Hosseini  27:57 

Absolutely. That’s something I learned. I don’t know from who’d recently. And for the past couple of months, I started doing that. Before that I used to do the Intro Hi, my name is this and that. And this show is about this and that which nobody nobody cares about. Don’t care about my name. Alright, and what the name of the show is and how amazing the show is.

But like you said, if we do the hook in the beginning, like during this show, here’s where you’re going to learn. They’ll be like, Okay, I want to learn that. Versus My name is Mostafa, and I’m the most amazing person on earth and you should just stick around and watch my face. Blob for an hour. They will be out before they even start. I really liked that tip. Yes.


Charlene Tessier  28:40 

And that also comes back to the audience. If you think about it, it comes back to you talking to that person. Right? If you wrote your content for that person, you wouldn’t probably start with your name. Right? If they’re asking me a question or cost of coffee table, like, how do I get more people to watch my video? You’re not going to start?

Oh, well, yeah, my name is sort of say, well, you know, what, what are you having problems with? Are you trying this? Is this not working? You know, you would kind of try to tease out of them. What is the issue? And those are also really great hugs?


Mostafa Hosseini  29:14 

Absolutely. Absolutely. So we touched on this already a little bit. But some people have this fear of messing things up. Some people have a fear of how they look, their voice, how they sound their hair, and a whole bunch a whole bunch of things. What’s the best way to help these people overcome those fears and do it anyway.


Charlene Tessier  29:39 

Okay, that one is a good one a very hard question, actually. I mean, it comes down to confidence again, and for me the confidence really built by doing a lot of solo live streams. And one of the ways I did is I blitzed for 45 days straight and Not on the weekends, but five live streams a day, I just turned it out no matter what and I did for six weeks. At the end of six weeks, you really are kind of like groovin you got more confidence you you know get to practice a few skills.

And I find it’s, it’s more you do is the way to really get confidence in video. And for me live stream has this innate accountability built in, in that with the video on YouTube. I’m the one who gets to push publish, whereas here, people see if I don’t go live so that you know, because you’re scheduled. And if you’re late, and it actually shows up that you was canceled or something you’re


Mostafa Hosseini  30:42 

late to people.


Charlene Tessier  30:45 

So that also builds it like I got to be there, I got to do it. I got to publish, I got it, kick it out instead of always kind of hiding in the background.


Mostafa Hosseini  30:55 

Absolutely. Here, here’s what I tell people when I encourage them to go live or to video. And that is if people are concerned about how they sound and they look, I tell them, Look, that is how you look. That is how you sound and people see you all day long. It’s not like you’re like you’re not It’s not like people are seeing you for the first time. That’s how you’ve been sounding for the past couple of years. This is how you look.

So what are you hiding? For? Right? Go out there. So and I think there’s that fear of being on the spotlight and people seeing them now all of a sudden, I’m visible. And I’m like, you’re visible all day long people see you. I mean, now we’ve been hiding in our basement for a couple of years. People see you when you go shopping, people see you. That’s how you look. Right. So by hiding it and not going online, you would only hurt yourself. Oh, there’s always that fear. And everyone has that fear. Right? And like, if you watch or listen to my first episodes, they were terrible.

Like, after you do it a few times, it becomes a smoother, it you become more relaxed, you learn how to do it, you learn how to manage it. And one thing we’ve been doing is I’ve been reading the scripts of our show. And it’s actually helping me improve my speech. Oh, there are some words that I say there are some things that I do and say repeatedly that I’ve when I read it, I’m like, really I say that. So that also, there’s also what I’m trying to say is there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of improvement opportunities that if you don’t do it, you’re not gonna even people who can give me feedback saying you have improved a lot. That’s great, because that shows up elsewhere in life and business as well.


Charlene Tessier  33:07 

But every everybody starts we all start at the beginning, every famous Youtuber, if you follow so I follow some really amazing if you go back to there, you can do a search and find their first videos, they will be terribly busy. Fagor because everybody starts really at the same place. And so if you just keep showing up, like he said, then you’re going to have results over time. And you don’t go from zero to where we’re at now with one stream.


Mostafa Hosseini  33:40 

Absolutely. Absolutely. And one thing you mentioned you did you said you did 50 or 45 solo episodes.


Charlene Tessier  33:49 

Yeah, well, 75 The last time I counted. I’m hoping I’m probably going to blitz because I did that Blitz. That’s why I did so many streets. A blitz again in January. Well, you probably do 30 days, right again. It’s just one of blitz that I usually streamed at least twice a week, sometimes three times a week. Volume my string. Yeah.


Mostafa Hosseini  34:12 

And I think when you do an interview, it might be a little easier than when you’re doing solo. So that might be a maybe a good way to break in and become more confident.


Charlene Tessier  34:24 

Yes, it is a good way. And then of course the excuses again coming up, who wasn’t me and my show. I don’t have any interviews. You know, it’s always another hurdle and you can come up with every excuse to stop yourself. I


Mostafa Hosseini  34:39 

love it. Love it. So what do you figure would be the best way to get people to actually stop and watch a video when they’re scrolling on social media?


Charlene Tessier  34:50 

Well, the best one is the hook. So the hook has to be of course in the video, but it has to be also written in the subject or the main you know the main law That’s the main way to get people to stop. The other way is you’ve got it going on as well, some branding.

And I’m using streamer too. And I have like a full frame branding. And that also is just people, if they see that branding, you know, they recognize brands, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be a famous brand. But that’s also what a lot of my audiences like, how come I see you everywhere, because we don’t know when they’re going to see that video. And if I’m pumping out five to six videos a week, I’m like, kind of saturating their feed to be honest.

And over time, they’re like, I don’t this person keeps bugging me I look at this. So yeah, and helps to get people to stop as well, because they recognize not only the face, but the color scheme and what you have going on there. Love it.


Mostafa Hosseini  35:47 

One thing that I just got that we’re going to do moving on from our next show is we’re going to to put what they’re going to get out of this episode at the very top of the show description. And then so they would see it and be like, Alright, I want that. Because right now we say join me and x to learn about this. But that could be richer. If we say, here are five things that you’re going to get out of joining us. And then there are a lot more likely to join you.


Charlene Tessier  36:12 

Yeah, yeah. Although it’s harder, I guess for you because you have the interview. And when I do interviews, it’s tougher, because I don’t know sometimes what they say. I do very random, random, unscripted, more. Like I don’t even ask questions, ask the questions in advance. I told I have a we’ll have random questions and just get whatever the wheel gives them. So


Mostafa Hosseini  36:36 

So we I liked this spontaneous nature of the live interview. That’s what I liked about it. Like you, I don’t know what you’re gonna give me as an answer. And then I guess I’ve had to learn how to manage and handle and how to ask follow up questions and dig deep and which, which is a skill that I that I enjoy, that allows me to connect with my audience. That’s another thing that I’ve learned over the past couple of years.


Charlene Tessier  37:08 

Yeah, I agree. I like it when the interviews are not fully, like you can ask. Yeah, I’ve been to some where they really asked exactly. said they never deviated no follow up. I was just like, oh, wait, it’s almost as almost the same as being scripted in a wave. It’s like, I’m


Mostafa Hosseini  37:28 

falling asleep here, buddy. Good. Yeah, I think there is that learning curve, and then that getting used to process? Yeah, we’re in the beginning, maybe you’re not comfortable going live, either solo or with someone else. But then as you develop your skills and your confidence, then you could do more and more and add more into it. Mm hmm. Yeah. Have you had that experience as well? Like, obviously, you you’re you you have improved in, I guess, multiple ways.


Charlene Tessier  38:08 

Oh, what do you mean exactly? Sorry, lucky,


Mostafa Hosseini  38:11 

improving your skills when you’re alive as you do it, then you develop your skill and confidence?


Charlene Tessier  38:17 

Yes. Yeah. I mean, there’s certain initial hurdles, you got to get over, like talking to the cam, and then, you know, having your rehearsal points, you know, and then now I’m, weirdly like, I didn’t know how to, like do long form blog posting, because I did you know, I thought I wasn’t a good copywriter. And now that I’m doing more videos, I’ve actually went back to like, try to learn copywriting so I can have better video.

So it was kind of funny that it looped loop that Lee, but if it just had to do blog posts on getting to copyright, it was like, Ah, no, thank you. That’s not for me. So I’m always trying to of course, improve like hooks improve the copy and improve even the structure and how I do the live streams. I’ll experiment try different things.


Mostafa Hosseini  39:05 

Absolutely. So for people that are planning to do solos and an already want to come up with different topics, there could be the objection that I’m not creative all the time. Okay, yeah. How can I make the content when I’m not feeling creative? Or I’m not feeling inspired to go out there and, and, you know, inspire my audience? How do we go about that?


Charlene Tessier  39:33 

Yeah, I think that’s like, people asked me that. First of all, if you’re already creating some kind of content, short form, even short form posts, original content talking about you probably have a lot that you can actually use as a jumping point for video. You don’t have to reinvent all the content again, use what you already got as a starting point. I actually get a lot of ideas from my audience who gives me feedback.

And so that’s how I ended up with, with a huge list of content that to be honest, I don’t know, if my lifetime I will get through it, because there’s more stuffs always coming in. And there’s always to say the same, like this one show how to be confident on video is a huge, huge topic. And I don’t know, for me, I could spice this up at least 20 different ways and get like, really into the, I don’t know, like, the granular like hooks, I did one last year, just really like the step by step in depth process of how my thinking is, and how I brace or Miranda hooks, like, and I talked for 1520 minutes on that one thing alone.

And so I think you can’t run out if you really get deep into something, you know, and I think your audience likes that. Because a lot people give very high level stuff. And if you give literally the how to, it’s like, you know, you’re not only showing your expertise, but people feel they got the value out of it, because they can do it.


Mostafa Hosseini  41:08 

Right? Absolutely. Absolutely. And I think if if you’re you could even break it up into multiple episodes, I’m gonna go really deep into how to become confident on video, you could do 20 episodes on that, and cover 20 different questions and different 20 different aspects of it. And so that you don’t run out of content.


Charlene Tessier  41:32 

Oh, easily. And every single aspect. There’s many angles to this. People don’t think about that, but they can take different angles for. So you could say if I did the hugs again, right. So I showed you how to do it step by step, then I can do. Showing, showcasing three of the best copywriters, how they do hooks, what converts, you know, at a showing my top converting hooks in the last six months, like all of those are spins on the exact same time, right.

And so, now you have this infinite guessing. Because like I said, once you start spinning it like that, you will have more than you will ever be able to probably produce in terms of time original content anyways, it’s quite a lot.


Mostafa Hosseini  42:18 

Absolutely. And I think just like you said, you could have a couple of dozen different titles for the same content. And looking at looking at it from different angles, like you said, Yes, yeah. And that’s easy to do. Because you can even Google it, I guess. And get some suggestions from Google on different topics.


Charlene Tessier  42:43 

Yeah, well, we can start typing, right? What do they give you? The things everybody’s asking? And, you know, start with those 10?


Mostafa Hosseini  42:55 

Yeah, like, I’ve done this, where I go on Google, and I do a search about, let’s say, I put the word, say, digital marketing, or how to learn how to do marketing on LinkedIn, then Google will show you there’s a couple of sections that they say people also search for these other terms. And there’s like, those are some content and I think video ideas or even blog ideas.


Charlene Tessier  43:23 

Yes, yeah. And so you know, you don’t have to even come up with it yourself in a new way. I think it’s good to I use the Google that what you’ve done that gets kind of whatever tip or hack, because you got to answer the questions that people are looking for? Of course you can you want to have your original creative take on stuff. I’m not saying you shouldn’t. But answering the questions that people are actually searching for means more people are going to find your content. And we’re going to find you.


Mostafa Hosseini  43:53 

Absolutely. So even for this this live the title, we could have that three seconds that people are wasting on live streams, how to be confident on video, how to set up live streaming on LinkedIn, how to go live on Facebook, and we talked about so many different things that we could repurpose this content, like, probably for the rest of the year.


Charlene Tessier  44:23 

Yeah, there’s, there’s a 45 minute show. I can repurpose a 10 minute stream into three, at least, no more than that. Three short posts, and then three videos, short videos, and then one long form. So it was like 10 minutes. Yeah, absolutely. Think about that.


Mostafa Hosseini  44:41 

Yeah, if you if you record a 10 minute 20 minute video, if you do one minute snippets and posted on all of our social media, then you could just do one and then you have content for like 20 days. Basically. I know I was out There is a software called lately. It’s an AI machine that automatically chops up your written video or audio content and repurposing your content posts it all over social media. Pretty good. It’s called lately.


Charlene Tessier  45:17 

Did you try the AI Hal house?


Mostafa Hosseini  45:20 

Pretty accurate and it’s really good Gary Gary Vee and a bunch other people use it.


Charlene Tessier  45:28 

Okay, well, another a few two other friends or no three of my friends purchase some kind of AI writing content writing thing. And I was like, Oh, come on, how can it really and then like showed me their clothes, and they bought another one that does make your video even. I was like, it’s kind of just serving. So if you absolutely I tools, it’s a bit shocking. Yeah,


Mostafa Hosseini  45:52 

yeah, I actually recently test that an AI machine called quill quilter. Qu Q something quill bought. And it rewrites your content repurpose as your written content. It’s amazing. Like, if you haven’t post and you know, this is doing really well. You could put it in there, it would rewrite it and repost it again with the same maybe different title. Yeah, same topic. It’s amazing. AI is doing really good.


Charlene Tessier  46:26 

Now it is I mean, just few years ago, it was like


Mostafa Hosseini  46:30 

it was just beginning a few years ago.


Charlene Tessier  46:32 

Now I’m pretty surprised how much it’s evolved.


Mostafa Hosseini  46:36 

Absolutely. So Charlene, please tell us about your gift.


Charlene Tessier  46:40 

Oh, my gift, well, this time, it’s not really well, it’s a gift as well. And since it’s my live event happens to be zoom virtual event it interactive panel of eight experts plus myself who are going to help you to get more people to show up for your workshops, master classes, live streams, other virtual events, trainings, courses, everybody needs to try to get more people in there.

And these eight marketing experts have all had successful multiple launches, successful launches, and they’ve all done multiple launches, and they are going to be there live, not in a stream. So you can actually come to this mic, open the floor, gonna open the floor, and you can ask your questions directly to the panel of experts. So I invite you to come and be a part of that event, it’s happening at the end of this month on October 27.

And if you can’t show up live, don’t worry, I will send you the replay. But if you can come live, you get to get the ear of eight, not include my nine experts


Mostafa Hosseini  47:48 

love it. But getting people to show up for virtual events is a is an important topic. I know. The show up rates have gone down over the past couple of years, like in the beginning of COVID to show show up rates were better. But over time as as as it gets saturated, and people get tired of the what did he call it? Zoom? What? Yeah.

And so getting them to actually show up is an art. And you’ve got to learn how to do it. So the link is in the comments. And it is in the descriptions of the the show. So go there and tapping to eight people’s eight experts, wisdom, knowledge and expertise on, on how to get people to show up and do a proper lunch because it’s important.

It’s live, you can ask questions and and the rest of it. That’s valuable. That’s that’s a that’s a great gift.


Charlene Tessier  48:46 

Yes, I hope to see you guys there. So we’ll be coming in just the secret. I have it three, three times a year and I already have it for 2020. And maybe maybe he will be there next time. So


Mostafa Hosseini  49:03 

we’ll be happy to. So let me ask you a few personal questions. Okay. All right. What’s it what’s a new thing that you have tried recently?


Charlene Tessier  49:13 

That I have tried recently? A new thing. It could be


Mostafa Hosseini  49:17 

even a drink. It could be something big, small, whatever.


Charlene Tessier  49:22 

Something new that I have tried recently? Who my Um, let me think about those. I might have to pass.


Mostafa Hosseini  49:30 

Maybe a new topic. Maybe you ate something. You went somewhere. Talk to someone you did some something out of your comfort zone?


Charlene Tessier  49:40 

Uh huh. Let me see. Well, the thing is funny, it’s still very restricted so I don’t get access to too many things. So trying something new is not super easy. One of the things we are going to try very soon which I I’m super, super excited. Is that a Christmas we were not really going to probably be able to exit the country. But we want to go on holiday to a tropical place a tropical island as you will and I did not know. But in Berlin there’s a huge hangar.

Huge it was for building blimps are something long time ago that they abandon and turn it into an a giant tropical island. And we’re gonna stay there overnight in a tent for two days, and we just booked our tickets, and I’m very excited. So we don’t fly, we just drive. And it’s very tropical place in December over the holidays. And that’s why I’m so excited to try it. That’s new.


Mostafa Hosseini  50:43 

All right, cool. something new coming up. Love it. What are your top two or three favorite books that have made a difference? massive difference, maybe your life or in your business?


Charlene Tessier  50:55 

Okay, Mr. Brooks, let’s see, cash advertising is the newest one I’ve been reading. It’s a copywriting psychology of copywriting book that I’m really kind of nerding out on. What other book is there? There’s so many that I have read


Mostafa Hosseini  51:12 

a recommend all the time or something that had a big impact on business or personal.


Charlene Tessier  51:20 

Actually, for our four hour workweek, even though that is quite old, a lot of people have read that. And what else have I read? I mean, even though it’s older, I mean, it’s still really good one. And you can take a lot of lessons from that. And actually the one that kind of inspired me to have the dream. Originally, when I had an offline business, I dreamed of really having a location independent business just sounds like so such an amazing dream.

And at the time, there was a woman who wrote a book in Vancouver called The Suitcase Entrepreneur. And she was like, she kind of outlines how she does it and living the dream. It’s not quite that again, as I said, the moving from offline online is not as direct as people would think. But that was the one that sort of inspired that and four hour workweek both inspire me to have kind of location independent business.


Mostafa Hosseini  52:12 

Love it. Love it. So cash vertising, four hour workweek and Suitcase Entrepreneur. Those are three books that you probably know, what’s one advice that had made a massive change or difference in your life or business.


Charlene Tessier  52:30 

So this one I call has come back to me quite a bit was when I first started out my business. So I left my I was public sector job and I started my small bookkeeping business then at the time. And I had a mentor there, who reminded me is like, always remember that running a business is a marathon. It is not a sprint.

And because I was at the very beginning, like literally first year because I was like Yeah, buddy, like whatever. Now, you know, almost like 10 years later is like, yeah, it’s like the longest. And you really appreciate that every year that kind of goes by at that creating a business startup or physical. It’s a marathon and it’s not it’s not a sprint.


Mostafa Hosseini  53:22 

Love it so creating a business is a marathon it’s not a sprint. Oh,


Charlene Tessier  53:26 

well we all think of it that way right? We all essentially when we first start our business a Dream Dream Big we say Oh that guy had that big launch I’m gonna have big launch and then I’ll be you know millionaire and hope you’re running that’s the spirit mentality almost never happens that way as you probably know as well.


Mostafa Hosseini  53:43 

Love it. It always takes time to build up and it’s not an overnight thing. Absolutely. What advice would you give your 20 year old self?


Charlene Tessier  53:55 

My 20 year old self was all definitely is to essentially take action sooner. Right I wanted to actually I started pretty when did I start my business I think 30s or 20s I really didn’t want to have business but again it’s like this was entrepreneur living the dream sounds very nice. And took me like over 10 years to finally like kind of work up the nerve to really do anything even though I have business degree and I you know I was educated I could have done it but you know I think that just just doing I wish I did it even sooner failed sooner to be honest because a lot of fails. And then do it again. Yeah,


Mostafa Hosseini  54:39 

really like waiting for the perfect moment or perfect time to get started.


Charlene Tessier  54:44 

Part of me was waiting. Where are you waiting for like a perfect Yeah, yeah, the perfect idea. I think a lot of us like Oh, when I have the perfect product, perfect service perfect. Whatever.


Mostafa Hosseini  55:00 

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Now, Charlene, if you had a Facebook or a Google ad, a digital ad that everyone on the planet could see, what would your message be for people of Earth?


Charlene Tessier  55:16 

business wise, or just?


Mostafa Hosseini  55:20 

You have one message everybody could see what would it be?


Charlene Tessier  55:24 

Um, one message that they could see would be just, yeah, start doing the thing you love, do it, do do it right away, don’t procrastinate, delay, you know, make every excuse, take the action to move towards whatever your dream is.


Mostafa Hosseini  55:50 

Absolutely. That’s that’s perfectly said. Like thinking Wait, waiting and procrastinating doesn’t really adds any value or doesn’t make the idea better or worse. Just. Charlene, this has been an amazing conversation. And the topic of becoming more confident on video and on a live stream and live video is really essential. I know a lot of people are struggling with it. Is there anything that you want it to talk about or share, but we didn’t get a chance to


Charlene Tessier  56:27 

buy under so many thanks to live streaming. A lot of people asked me for a framework, I can give a really quick framework that I use for pretty much for my soul for my solo ones. And it’s just actually three parts, I actually start with a story, because stories are a lot more engaging than you blabbing on about yourself.¬†

So story that’s going to relate to the topic that you’re going to talk about, then I do a lesson. So that’s usually the body of the content, that’s usually when people over teach and it gets kind of dry. So try to do it short, but give the content and then give an example how to actually use the thing, use that usually ties into the story and to the lesson. And that is a very engaging framework that was very simple, and works quite well for solo videos.


Mostafa Hosseini  57:18 

Beautiful. Beautiful. That’s a good. So starting with a story. Did I get that right?


Charlene Tessier  57:24 

Yes, it’s not a random story, story that ties into that story, a story a personal story, people want to get to know you. And we love, love stories and stories, hooks people on a level that you if I just started talking about Anita lapel mic, good to have a camera, that’s, that’s nice, you need that, but that isn’t gonna probably hook you to watch me in the first, you know, minute or so of my video, that’s pretty dry.


Mostafa Hosseini  57:55 

Absolutely, stories are a lot more engaging, then how to knowledge and five ways to do this, and 12 ways to do that. And


Charlene Tessier  58:05 

you can still have that I still do the three ways to whatever, but that doesn’t come to later, right? I always put that into the middle, which is that, but most people start with that. And that is honestly, and you know, you got this opportunity to be live to be authentic, to have a personal connection.

And that’s why people say they feel they know me because they get to see a personal side of me. They get to see, you know, the story brings out you as a person much more than you’re much more than just your content. Then his next tip, I’m not saying he doesn’t have good tips, but he’s a lot more than just his next, you know, digital marketing tip. Oh, absolutely.


Mostafa Hosseini  58:47 

Absolutely. Yeah. And when I said that I meant like in the beginning like to connect with people about if you have a story behind a four step process, it’s a lot easier to grasp it digested, take it and be engaged in and, you know, take action on it versus here’s four steps to go live on LinkedIn.¬†

For example. Right, exactly. Yeah. So love it, love it, start with stories, and then share your solution. So that there’s that connection there. Yeah. Beautiful. All right, gang, thank you for joining us at Go grab and attend Charlene egg, upcoming events, how to get more people to show up to your virtual event. If you run a coaching business, if you run any type of business, most events are are virtual, we’re still not out of COVID.¬†

And now that I think a lot of people have learned to do virtual events. I think a lot of them are actually going to stick to virtual events. Yeah, like, oh, it’s easy. I don’t have to leave my house. I don’t have to pay for a venue. It’s cheaper, more profitable and rest of it.

Obviously it’s not face to face, but it’s going to be there and it’s not going anywhere. So the link is in the comment It is in the descriptions go grab the link and join them live ask your questions. And if you search for Charlene and if you wanted to tap into her wisdom she you can find her on LinkedIn.

That’s her sweet spot that’s where she hangs out and share you can even watch her live videos on LinkedIn and as you can see she does have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to going live and engaging people and and becoming confident on video. So thank you for joining us. If you have any questions, put them in the comments, make sure to like and subscribe to the video, whichever channel you’re watching, and I look forward to seeing you on our next episode. Bye now.


Charlene Tessier  1:00:45 

Bye Thank you


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