Handling Customer Rejection: Persistence Pays Off

Handling Customer Rejection: Persistence Pays Off

Handling Rejection with Persistence

This morning at 7:07, Stephanie, one of my team members, called. She wasn’t happy!

I was heading out for my morning coffee run.

She said, “I have a bunch of people in my call folder who are not interested, and when I call them, they’re not taking it. Can we get rid of them?”

These are people we have called earlier this year and they didn’t show interest.

Me: Let me look into this and get back to you.

I logged into the account and examined the folder, did a quick search, and found 538 people who had previously stated that they were not interested!

Understanding Customer Perspectives

Call her right back.

Steph: I just don’t want to be pushy with these people. A lot of them just hang up on me.

Me: You see, Steph, we cannot abandon these customers just because they said they were not interested on a call earlier this year.

May be they had a bad day

May be we mishandled the call

May be they thought it was a sales call


Maybe they didn’t have a project or any business with us.

Does that mean I should abandon these customers?

Building Positive Customer Relationships

Steph: “No!”

Me: I’ve had many cases where I started a call, and the person was rude and seemed extremely busy, often just wanting to get back to Instagram and Facebook! 😉

But after I showed that I’m here to help, they calmed down and engaged in long conversations with me.

If every time somebody acted like they were not interested, I took it to heart, I’d have to shut down the business!

Let’s focus on the positive side. We are reaching out to serve and support and these people think they are getting a sales call.

It is not their fault. They are getting cold calls every day.

Once we show them that it is not a sales call, they put their guard down and engage.

That’s when the real magic happens!


To your massive success 

Mostafa Hosseini


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How can I handle customer rejection effectively?

Customer rejection can be managed through persistence and a focus on building positive relationships. By understanding potential reasons for rejection and demonstrating genuine interest in helping, you can turn initial disinterest into engagement.

Why is customer engagement crucial in marketing strategies?

Customer engagement is vital as it fosters stronger relationships, builds trust, and increases the likelihood of conversions. By actively engaging with customers and addressing their needs, businesses can create a loyal customer base and improve overall marketing effectiveness.

How can I improve customer relations despite initial disinterest?

By persistently engaging with customers and demonstrating genuine interest in helping them, you can overcome rejection and build stronger relationships over time.