Goal Setting: Embrace Charlie Munger’s Reverse Thinking

Goal Setting - Embrace Charlie Munger's Reverse Thinking with Mostafa Hosseini

Today I am working goal setting for the year! 📅✨

I followed Charlie Munger’s Reverse Thinking method. Let’s flip it and talk about how to NOT reach the goals. 

Then, identify which ones you are doing, and important ones to avoid.

And, don’t do them! 🚫

– Be super lazy. Working hard? Nah, that’s not smart.

– Planning for the business? Set goals? Why bother? I hope things turn out fine.

– Get all excited about those goals, then slip back into the old routine. Classic!

– Look at the goal once and then never again. I am smart!

– Todo lists? Nah, who needs to prioritize or organize? Let’s wingit!

– Start a bunch of projects. Then, get distracted by something new and shiny. Half-finished is the new finished! ✨

– Hang out with negative people. That helps a lot! 👎

– Social media all day? Yes, please! Likes and comments are life. And, I need a Fan badge! 👍💬

– Read everything and stay confused. The more confused, the better. At least I can brag about how much I know! 📚

– A tiny bit of success? Party time! Big goals can wait. 🎉

– Why do practical stuff when I can attend seminars and hoard information? Knowledge is power… there are medals for that.

– Be a cheerleader for others. Let them take all the risks. Safe and sound! 📣

– Listen to every fear. Risks are scary. Better to play it safe and look good. 😱

– Feedback? Coaching? Nope, I’m going solo. No need for outside opinions. 💪

There you go!

A perfect plan for staying exactly where we are.

Feel free to add your tips in the comments! 💬👇

To your massive success 

Mostafa Hosseini


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What is Goal Setting and why is it important?

Goal Setting is when you decide what you want to achieve and make plans to reach those goals. It's important because it helps us stay focused, motivated, and organized as we work towards our dreams.

What is Reverse Thinking?

Reverse Thinking is a clever way of problem-solving where we approach challenges by thinking about them in the opposite direction. Instead of going straight ahead, we look at things from a different angle to come up with creative solutions.

Who is Charlie Munger and what can we learn from him?

Charlie Munger is a smart thinker known for his wise advice on making good decisions and achieving success. We can learn valuable lessons from him about being patient, thinking carefully before acting, and always learning from our mistakes.