Does Cleaning your room improve Mental Health and Confidence? – Ep. 11

Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs Show  -Episode 11 

In this episode, Mostafa Hosseini will go over his “Confidence 52! Checklist”, and talk about “Does cleaning your room improve mental health and Confidence?”

You can DOWNLOAD the list at This is a list that Mostafa has built over the past 20 years while he has been working on boosting his confidence on a daily basis. The checklist will give you simple tools and techniques that you can try on a daily basis.

Over the years, Mostafa learned that growing a business has its own ups and downs and requires confidence on a daily basis. He is here to share those experiences with you through coaching calls, interviews, and monologues. Mostafa will share the wisdom he has gained through the years on starting, running and maintaining his businesses.

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  • Does cleaning up your room boost your confidence? 
  • Can a messy environment affect your confidence?
  • What do you need to do to clean up your mind? 


1:30 – If you have a lot of things going on in your mind, it’s more likely that your working environment is pretty messy too. 

2:18 – Spend a few minutes tidying up to help you boost your confidence. 

3:39 –  Getting rid of extra junk that you don’t need, will open up some room for your mind. 


Mostafa Hosseini  0:01  

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening. Wherever you are in the world. Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs. My name is Mostafa Hosseini. I’m your host for the show. At Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs, our aim is to share tips and actionable advice to help you boost your confidence. These are advice and actionable stuff that you could use on a daily basis and use it when it comes to running your business. 

Today, we’re doing Episode 11 of the show. I’m going over my Confidence 52! Checklist. This is a checklist of things to do that I have put together over the past 20 years. These are things that I’ve done, and I am doing. I’m sharing the checklist with you. There are 52 items on the list that you can do that will instantly help you boost your confidence and boost your self-esteem in running your business and your day to day life. 


Cleaning Up Your Room Will Boost Your Confidence - Ep. 11
Spend a few minutes cleaning up and organizing everything to help boost your confidence.

I’m talking about how cleaning up your room and your environment will help you boost your confidence. This is more of a mindset approach and a mindset thing. That is your environment. What you have created around you is a representative of your mind. So if you have a lot of things going on in your mind, and it’s a mess in your head, it’s more likely that your working environment, your room, and the rest of it is pretty messy too. 

There are two things going on. One is what’s going on in your head and in your mind? Two, what’s going on in your environment? Usually, the environment wins when it comes to what you’re doing. So if you’ve got a pretty messy environment, everything is disorganized. Things are not looking good if your room and your working environment is not tidy and not organized. It’s going to be hard to work in a messy environment. 

That’s why when you spend a few minutes cleaning up and organizing everything and tidying up, it helps you boost your confidence. I just did this about an hour ago, as I was getting ready for this episode. Had a few things laying around that I didn’t need to be on my desk and around in my working environment. It was like, what am I working on? 

What you have created around you is a representation of your mind.

By the way, everything that I do, and basically bring up whether here or in my courses and in my coaching program, are things that I have done and I am doing. We have seen the results from it. Otherwise, I would not share it with you. Now, I just ran around, picked up a few things and papers. I had coffee mugs. Tea mugs and everything. Got rid of it all. Cleaned up my desk and I instantly felt better, right? 

Think about it as a computer. When your computer has too many programs running their RAM or the temporary memory in your computer kind of clogs up. There’s too much going on and it slows down. So when the environment is messy, you can’t really do much, since it’s not optimized. It’s hard to work in a messy environment. 

When you get rid of the extra junk and extra stuff that don’t need to be there, you open up some room for yourself, for your mind. So that you can operate in that environment in your room, in your bedroom and the rest of it. Then boost your confidence that way. 

The other side of it is when there are things that are sitting around in your working room or in your office. In the past few months, a lot of people have been working from home. I think this is more relevant now than any other time. It’s like there’s like things laying around that you have to move. You have to clean up and you have to get rid of it, but you ignore it. Right?

The fact of the matter is when you ignore them, it’s still sitting in your mind. It is still bugging you. Even if you pass by them, it’s still there. Just sitting in your mind as a thing that you have to do, right?

Cleaning Up Your Room Will Boost Your Confidence - Ep. 11
It's going to be hard to work in a messy environment.

Most of the time, the stuff that you have to do, to clean up and organize is a matter of five to 10 minutes. But once you do those five to 10 minute tasks, like it probably took me a grand total of three minutes to get rid of all this stuff. Reorganize everything, put the papers in one side. Put the books on the shelf. Take everything upstairs. Then I have a clean working environment and I’m feeling better already. I am confident in a place that I’m working in. 

It’s going to be a short episode here. What I would like to ask you is, if you have things that need some a bit of organizing and tidying up, go ahead, spend a few minutes, organize your room, your working environment, especially your home office. Make sure the place that you’re working at and working from is clean, tidy and organized. So you can confidently and comfortably spend time there. Get work done. 

Again, if you haven’t downloaded my Confidence 52! Checklist, go to You can download the Confidence 52! Checklist right there. Now, what I’d like to ask you to do is go ahead and try this. Come back and leave a note for us. Let me know how it worked out for you. Whether you instantly felt better, or it didn’t make a difference. Just let us know what basically your experience was.

Clean your working environment so you can confidently get your work done.

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Anyway, I hope this tip was useful. Make sure you download the checklist. Try it and share your experience. Let me know and let others know how it worked out for you. I hope you found this useful. My name is Mostafa Hosseini. Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs and I look forward to seeing you next week. Bye now.


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