Boost Sales Conversions with Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Improving Conversion with Customer Reviews

Hi everybody. Mostafa Hosseini here, a business and marketing coach. So here’s the top challenge. The challenge is people visit our website. And we’re not getting any calls, or people search for our service or for name, we show up on Google results. 

And we’re not getting enough calls. Or we’re just not converting enough leads to pain committed customers. How do we fix that?

Harnessing the Power of Social Proof

One of the ways to fix this issue is to get customer reviews and testimonials from existing and past customers. Now, how does it help you? You ever tried to like pick a hotel on Expedia or some other website where you’re trying to pick a hotel, and there’s some hotels that have a whole bunch of good reviews, and there’s a hotel that has either no review, or at a per review, or review is like three out of five, right? 

The guy that has more reviews and a more positive review review, it’s a lot easier to pick that person or that company over the others, because now they have established social proof, they’ve established credibility, right, and it makes it easy for you to pick them over their competition.

Encouraging Customer Participation

Or if you ever try to pick somebody on Airbnb, like, I’ve done this a couple of times where I tried to pick somebody to home or the house looks good. But I don’t know how to owner is, because there is no customer reviews. And I hate to be the first guy. I admit it, I’m not a first timer. I don’t like to be the first guy to try something. 

And most people are like that as well. If they don’t know how this person or company is, they have a hard time picking you over your competition. So the easy way to do this is you can craft an email to your existing or past customers and say, Hey, thank you for using us, I hope you’re happy with us and with our service. 

One thing that we’re trying to do is to grow our business and one of you and your review and your testimonial and your feedback helps us with that process. We’re wondering if you’d be open to give us your feedback and share your feedback here on Google or on Facebook.

Making the Review Process Effortless

You can use other outlets as well say Yelp or any any pretty much website or directory that you want to use, and then be like, hey, to do it, give them instructions, click here. And here’s how you do it, you need to log in, if you don’t have an account, say on Google, create an account and then give them instructions. 

Now, here’s it is an important tip for you to make it easy for people to give you a testimonial or review. You want to provide them with two or three sample testimonials and customer reviews than that they can read and see. And they could use to write their version of the review or testimonial.

Overcoming Hesitation and Generating Customer Reviews

Or they could grab that modify it and post it for you with their experience. Okay. The problem is if people have a problem with your product or service, or if they have a negative experience, they are champions and at writing reviews for a problem. Okay, but the moment you ask them for a positive review, most brains shut down. 

I don’t know how to do that. So when you provide a sample for them, it makes this a lot easier because we’re just conditioned that way. So make it easier for them.

Managing and Responding to Feedback

Now, if you don’t have very many reviews, say on Google, the first round that email your people, people are going to be hesitant to write your reviews because you don’t have very many. So out of 100 people, you probably get five or six of them that they will write a review. What you want to do is here’s the second tip, you want to repeat this process in a week or two. 

Okay, once you have five testimonials or customer reviews on Google or on Facebook, you want to email your list again and be like, Hey, thank you for being there. We need your review. Please write a review. Now when they click to see your listing. 

There’s five positive reviews and it’s easier for them now to give you their review, because they follow the social proof and they follow other people, especially if they’ve had a good experience with you and your business.

Utilizing Customer Reviews for Growth

Now, once you have these reviews now people will call you on Google, they will email you. You could use it on your website. You could use it on your marketing material. You can use it on your webinars, you could use it on your sales pitch and you could say hey, we have another 25 People that have are happy with this service. 

And then average rating rating on this product is say 4.8 out of five.

Dealing with Negative Feedback

The third tip that I have for you today is if somebody gives you a negative feedback, don’t lose your mind over it, it’s actually natural to get negative feedbacks. Okay? It’s not good. If you have 105, out of five ratings on Google or on Facebook, it is not good. People don’t believe you, they think it’s faked. 

They think that your cousins and your friends have written this or you made it up. Okay? So if you’re four out of five, or 4.8, out of five, 4.9 out of five, that’s a lot better than five out of five with like 100 customer reviews in there, okay?

However, you want to have a response to all those negative reviews, and professionally handled those reviews, okay, those negative feedbacks and say, Hey, we’re sorry, that you’re experiencing, you have a bad experience with us. 

We’d love to correct it and fix it. And please, let’s get in touch and fix this, even though if you don’t want that customer. But publicly, you should respond to that and handle it professionally.

Conclusion and Invitation to Learn More

Hope this tip works and hope it helps. Please give it a try and and let me know what you think. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, feel free to call me email me message me here on LinkedIn or Facebook. And I’d be happy to get back to you. Our course is starting next week called simple marketing formula. 

We discuss all of these more details and and we work on building a simple marketing plan that is doable, effective, and it’s actually something that will provide results and positive return on investment.

Taking Action for Better Marketing

To check our course visit I run a daily webinar explaining the process I shared the whole blueprint on how this thing should be done. So just by watching, just by watching the webinar, you’ll get a blueprint and if you know what you’re doing, you can actually run with it and do it yourself. 

If you want to join us in a group environment where you work with other business owners to build your marketing plan, get feedback mastermind, you’ll get to get referrals and business from them and pass business back and forth and get to know them and grow your network. It’s a good opportunity as well. 

Please like and share the video write a comment let me know what you think. And I’m on next video I’m going to talk more about another tip about conversion and how you can increase your conversion rates automatically and would a tiny bit of work. 

Mostafa Hosseini

Your business marketing coach, 

Have yourself a great day and look forward to serve and support


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Enhance sales Conversions with Customer Reviews & Testimonials with Mostafa Hosseini


What are customer reviews?

Customer reviews are comments or feedback from people who have used a product or service. They tell us if something is good or not.

How can testimonials help a business?

Testimonials are words from happy customers that tell others about their good experiences. They help businesses by showing that they are trusted and do good work.

Why are client reviews important?

Client reviews are important because they show other people what it's like to work with a business. They help customers decide if they want to use that business too.

How can businesses get more customer reviews?

Businesses can ask their customers nicely if they would share their thoughts about their experience. They can send emails or messages and give instructions on how to leave a review.

What should a business do if they get a bad review?

If a business gets a bad review, they should stay calm and polite and ask how they can make things better. It's important to show that they care about their customers.

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