Addressing Duplicate Orders and Opt-In Form Errors

Duplicate Orders and Opt-In Form Errors by Mostafa Hosseini

Addressing Duplicate Orders

Ever have those “Oh no” moments? Yeah, we had one last week.

So there I was last Thursday, with my team on Zoom, doing some call reviews.

We always learn a lot from these and use them to coach and inspire our team.


Identifying Duplicate Errors

The puzzle began when we noticed a trend in numbers.

My team was getting a TON of sample pack orders from folks who’d already ordered one!

Imagine my jaw dropping when I realized we were getting like, 20 duplicate orders a day!

My client’s goal was simple: get these sample packs into customers’ hands so they’d fall in love with his products.

But, the problem?
Loads of them weren’t even receiving the packs.

Me: “Hold up, team… Why the flood of reorders? My gut’s telling me something’s off!”

Franco, one of my team members, visibly concerned:
“Most of these reorders have…wrong addresses.”

Steph, nodding in agreement, confirmed the same.

Me thinking: “Did we do something wrong?!”
I got worried!

So, I looked around and traced this back to an opt-in form.


Ensuring Confirmation in Opt-In Forms

Picture this:

When you fill out an order form, hit submit, and expect a screen to pop up that lets you review and confirm your details, right?

Well, that screen was nowhere to be found!

No confirmation!

I remembered John, my customer, was always worried about customers not getting their samples.

I mean, can you blame him?
They’re like $50-$60 each.

That’s a hole in the wallet when you add it all up!

Plus, unhappy customers = a quick way to becoming the last choice in the market.

So I recorded the process, errors and all, on Loom and rushed it over to John.

Email subject: “Red Alert: Potential 6-7 figure problem…”

John replied quickly: “WOW, Thank you!”


Actionable items:

Test your forms and funnels today!
Don’t wait. You could be losing money!

And then, you know what?

Follow up and stay in touch with customers to find and fix issues like this.


To your massive success 

Mostafa Hosseini

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What are duplicate orders, and why are they a concern?

Duplicate orders refer to multiple orders placed by the same customer for the same product or service. They can be a concern because they indicate potential errors in the ordering process, leading to customer dissatisfaction and financial losses due to extra expenses.

How can I identify and prevent address errors in my orders?

To identify address errors, regularly review order data for inconsistencies and utilize confirmation processes in your ordering system. Prevent errors by implementing address validation tools and providing clear instructions for customers to verify their information before submission.

Why is optimizing opt-in forms crucial for customer satisfaction and retention?

Optimized opt-in forms ensure a smooth and error-free customer experience, reducing the likelihood of issues like duplicate orders and incorrect addresses. By prioritizing user-friendly forms with confirmation steps, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, improve retention rates, and mitigate potential revenue losses.

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