Brigette Callahan

I met Mostafa at the JVX Virtual Live event last week and he offered this 6 day intensive course on the Simple Marketing Formula Intensive Boot camp. I jumped right in. Before this course I didn’t have a marketing plan. I didn’t even know what a marketing plan was even though I’ve worked all my career around marketing professionals. I have had a successful business for the last 20 years but never was able to grow it and I knew there were some missing pieces to my success and I figured maybe it’s “Marketing”.

In the course Mostafa created a foundation of integrity built around hard work and the commitment to really digging in. I felt this course was easily worth $2,000 plus so I played full out to see what I can get out of it. And the participants were awesome. We got to journey together and share or successes and failures and get valuable feedback on product naming, describing our offerings, etc.

In 6 days I have a completed 90-day Marketing Plan clearly outlined to monetize my business and secure consistent income. I now understand how important (and what) marketing is!!! And I feel equipped to begin this new journey of really growing my business, growing my staff and having a lot of fun clients along the way.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is serious about their business success and wants to get all of their questions answered with regards to Marketing. In 6 days I got a years worth, it seems. Thank you, Mostafa, I will never forget your generosity in providing this course.