Kenny Dusseault

I sat down with Mostafa and told him that I was planning on starting my own business. I showed him my plans, told him what I had thought of, and asked for any advice he may have on starting up on my own. Not only did he thoroughly review every...

Tim McCann

I attended Persyo's quarterly planning workshop and feel I obtained the tools to achieve my long and short term business goals. There is lots of introspective work required but it's definitely worth it. Goal setting is one of the most important things you can do for your business success.

Vishal R.

What an amazing workshop by Mostafa Hosseini of Persyo Inc. Can’t wait to start implementing what I’ve learned here today and take my business to the next level! Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a veteran, I highly recommend this quarterly workshop.

Richelle Wiseman

I attended Mostafa's 90 Planning Workshop two weeks ago and it was terrific. He is an excellent communicator and has developed great tools and resources to help business owners get clarity and motivation to set goals. I highly recommend Mostafa as a business coach. He is very knowledgeable, and has...

Chacha Chansiri

Persyo Marketing is great, I would highly recommend you to use this Marketing company. Mostafa Hosseini, the owner is a generous marketer. His advise was amazing when I found difficulty time on my marketing challenge. He will definitely giving you a great advise and guild you through difficult economic time.

Tricia Breckon

I had a goal setting session with Mostafa and he was fantastic! He followed a clear plan/outline and helped me see connections between my goals to help me develop a strategy to set myself up to succeed in meeting those goals. I'm looking forward to taking action and am excited...

Tulio Sanchez

Im an entrepreneur and my experience with Peryso was amazing. I worked with Mostafa and he helped me a lot with the launch of the marketing campaign for my business furthermore the coaching and mentoring time whit him was terrific. I strongly recommend Peryso for your marketing activities.

Ahmad Hamed

When I joined Simple Marketing Formula, I had very little information about marketing techniques. This course is rich in content and provided me with lots of new ideas. I enjoyed the course as well; it is simple and designed for simple people like myself to understand. Objective of course is...