Susan Goldstein

I just completed an AMAZING 3 day intensive Simple Marketing Formula Bootcamp with Mostafa Hosseini! The material and delivery are priceless! I walked away with a 1 page actionable plan to hit the ground running…everything from setting up goals to my niche and my offer, to how to get and retain clients (great new tips!), and SO much more! He explained everything thoroughly and made sure to answer all questions, then had us do an activity, go into small group breakouts to share and discuss, and then summarize for each topic. I felt super engaged, excited to learn SO much and be able to apply it, and grateful for the feedback to fine tune it. Every person offered value, and we bonded quickly…great connections! I plan to stay in touch! Today, I realized that I received more than just an actionable plan for my business, I also took a deep dive into an internal block in order to break through it. After I volunteered, Mostafa and fellow participants listened and helped me navigate and process it. I also enjoyed coaching others. I plan to attend the next one! I highly recommend it!