Kenny Dusseault

I sat down with Mostafa and told him that I was planning on starting my own business. I showed him my plans, told him what I had thought of, and asked for any advice he may have on starting up on my own.

Not only did he thoroughly review every plan I had made already, he then laid out a simple marketing plan for me, as well as next steps. He then sat down with me again two days after his son was born and took an hour to walk me through how to run market research questionnaires, pricing structures for my new business, lead generation strategies, time management strategies, as well as oh so much more.

If you are starting a business and are concerned with the amount of work you have ahead of you, you NEED to meet Mostafa. His business coaching strategy and guidance lays things out so easily and makes it almost impossible to feel disorganized or overwhelmed.

Thank you Mostafa, you are so obviously passionate about what you do, and incredibly helpful!