David Grinder

I just went through Mostafa’s “Simple Marketing Formula” 6-Day Bootcamp this May. He hit it out of the park. Outstanding class. A ‘No-Brainer’ that everyone should attend. This is not a copy-writing class so-to-speak, where you write a bunch of copy. This is a Business Class for Business owners. You roll up your sleeves and address the the various pieces of your Business and your Business Marketing puzzle, which gets you incredibly clear. Including: Goal Discovery, Target Market, Your Offer, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Client Retention, Numbers & Budgeting, etc. – from a Business point of view. What it is, where were at, what we should do, and then build out the foundational pieces. The 3-Pronged format of: Teaching + Workshop + Masterminding every day just nails it. At 2.5 hours per day is just the right amount of bite-sized chunks, so not overwhelming. I do have to say, the Value delivered is without compare. It was the most generous offer I’ve ever partaken in…WOW is all I can say. What a quality human being. You will never find this much crucial value for the dollar anywhere. This material is a crucial 1st step. Cover these areas, before you’re building the wrong walls, in the wrong places. Save your yourself and your Business a year or even a Decade of frustration trying to figure out how all these pieces fit with your Business. You finish the Class with your Marketing Plan in Hand. You must attend if you’re serious about having success. Don’t bother if you just want some information. This is a high participation class, where you get the job done.