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Mostafa Hossseini, CEO & Founder of Persyo Inc

Yes, Mostafa! I'm ready to invest in myself, change other people's lives and businesses and make a massive difference in my business by creating and implementing a simple marketing plan

I understand that I’m getting access to a one time offer worth over $3000 of training. This offer is available for a limited time and can be taken down any minute.

I also understand that this is a daily bootcamp to be held online, and that there will be 2-3 hours of homework everyday. I am committed to show up and do what it takes to take my business to the next level in these tough times.

I also understand that as part of
Simple Marketing Formula, I will get access to:

  • 6 Daily Live Training Sessions With Mostafa Hosseini starting on Monday April 27th and finishing on Saturday, May 2nd, 2020.
  • Pre Workshop Prep Check-list to get me ready for success
  • Classes start at 11:00 am and finish around 1:00 pm everyday (Mountain Standard Time, Calgary Time)
  • Access to the recording of the live classes in case I want to review the material
  • Step by Step daily plan to create and implement my marketing plan to deal with the current crisis
  • Access to Simple Marketing Formula Support Group to ask my questions and get feedback and support to create and implement my marketing plan successfully
  • Access to phone scripts to help me activate my current/past clients and get referral partners
  • Mastermind Sessions to help me with My top Challenges
  • Exclusive deals to get discounts on the tools to create and implement my marketing plan 
  • We will also have guest speakers that share their expertise on how to deal with these uncertain times. 

Yes, Mostafa! I'm ready to invest in myself, change other people's lives and businesses and make a massive difference in my business by creating and implementing a simple marketing plan

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Raving Reviews

Mostafa gave me the ability to simplify my marketing with easy to use tools. I was spoon fed exactly what I needed to know and made me realize how much we lack in the marketing department.
His information is backed up by statistics which ensures they stick. He’s also fun and cares about his clients success, Thanks Mostafa!
Will Jabali, CEO, Jabali Engineering
I knew I had to do something with my marketing plan for my special needs/accessible travel business but it all seemed so overwhelming! I met Mostafa and he made me feel like I could actually do this! You know how a lot of marketing feels like you are going in circles and you have no idea what the hell they just said?!? That is not Mostafa! He was very supportive and I especially liked his no BS approach!
One of the biggest take aways from Simple Marketing Formula for me was the weekly homework. It was straight forward and extremely valuable in creating my marketing plan! If you actually do the work, you will gain such a greater understanding of your business, your ideal client and how you can reach them. Thank you Mostafa for this great course! I highly recommend Persyo to any small business looking for some marketing answers!
Nikki Griffin
DIVINEwanderlust Vacations
Special Needs/Accessible Travel Professional
While Mostafa certainly appreciates the importance of a long term vision, he’s not a pie in the sky kind of guy. For me, who has struggled to determine what are the tangible next, bite-sized, CONCRETE steps that need to be taken, Mostafa has been a breath of fresh air. Mostafa paints the big strategical picture first, but in no time gets down to the nitty gritty of the do list. His marketing counsel is well researched and his advice is sound.
 I personally find Mostafa’s can-do attitude to be very motivational. I would recommend (and have) Mostafa as both a marketing consultant and a business coach.
Mikhael Horvath, CEO Enforma Inc
I’ve taken Persyo’s Simple Marketing Formula course twice and benefited greatly each time. Mostafa’s plan is simple in concept and powerful in implementation. He makes us work – what good doesn’t come from work? – and it’s completely redirected my marketing focus. Tremendous value.
Richard Sherry, CEO, The Bookkeeping Department 
In a 1 hour meeting with Mostafa, I learned more about marketing, and how to grow my business with actionable items that I had learned in a few years of training via books and online seminars! This has given me the confidence and trust for me to deal with Persyo on an ongoing basis!, 
David Lanciault, CEO, Lancelot Furnace Ltd

Yes, Mostafa! I'm ready to invest in myself, change other people's lives and businesses and make a massive difference in my business by creating and implementing a simple marketing plan

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About your Host, Mostafa Hosseini

Mostafa is a serial entrepreneur, author and speaker and for the past 10 years he has been helping businesses in variety of niches and markets grow and scale and become more profitable. 

This live boot camp is designed to help business owners come up with business and marketing strategies to cope with the current crisis and take their business to the next level and have all the confidence in the world about running their business and survive these tough times. 

As a business owner, now is not the time to seat down, hide, or complain about what is happening to us- It is time to take action that is backed up by a solid strategy and a plan to survive and grow our business.

Let’s work together, support each other and achieve tangible results for our business, our family and our society. It is on us, business owners, to rebuild the economy, create jobs and put food on many tables!


Business Coach , entrepreneurs, author and speaker - Mostafa Hosseini

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