How to get More Cash Patients to Your Medical Clinic?

How to Get More Private Cash Patients to Our Clinic? in USA and CanadaHow to Get More Private Cash Patients to Our Clinic? in USA and Canada

Today I want to talk about how to get more cash patients? or how to get more private patients?

These people care more about their health, and they're willing to pay out of their pocket to be healthy, stay healthy and feel better.

right now you might have anywhere from 10%  to 20% of your business coming from these type of patients that are paying cash for their treatments, and you want to maybe have 50 or more percent of your business to come from this type of patients.

So let’s talk about how you can get more of those guys,

There are two parts.

Part one - Market Research

Part one is a market research process that will let you know “exactly” what you should offer to your private patients to get their business.

So here's how it works.

Get the list of your existing cash patients or your private patients from your CRM or invoicing software.

You need to call this list and get a hold of 10 to 20 of them.

There are eight questions that you need to ask them.

These questions will let you know about their challenges, fears, frustrations, their associated feelings, what they want to have in place and the result that they are looking for.

As they're giving you their responses, you need to write it down exactly as they're talking to you, word by word, so you can use the language in your conversations, on your website, on your marketing material and everywhere else.

Market Research Questions:

1- When it comes to our service, (or maybe to the pain that they're experiencing), what are the biggest challenges/problems you are experiencing? How does that make you feel?

2- When it comes to your back pain, what are the biggest fears/concerns that you're experiencing right now? How does that make you feel?

3- When it comes to service or product, what are the biggest frustrations or pains that you're experiencing?  How does that make you feel?

Next question allows you to know exactly what they want.

4- What do you want to have in place to overcome these challenges, concerns, and frustrations?

And they'll say something like: I want to have a massage, a treatment, an adjustment. Maybe I want to see a professional that knows what they're talking about.

Write down exactly what they're looking for.

5- What would your dream result look like when it comes to my product or service?  How would you feel about that?

6- If I'm going to create a service/package to help you go from your current problems to your dream results, what do you want to see included in this service/package?

7- What are you willing to pay for the package that you just described?

8-If we decide to go ahead and offer this service the way you described it, would you like to subscribe and sign up for it?

Now you know exactly what their problems are, and they told you exactly what they want to see in the service package.

When you offer them exactly what they want, they will most likely sign up.

This also establishes you as the expert, because you can use the language in your conversations and in your marketing material. That is powerful because you're now speaking to their pains, frustrations, wants, dreams, and their feeling.

As you know, people make buying decisions to satisfy a feeling or to avoid a certain feeling. Once you know what that feeling is, communicating becomes a lot easier.

By using this market research method, you can target your cash patients and offer them exactly what they want, keep them, and get more of those patients.

You must focus your energy and resources on these patients to get more of them.

So that's part number one; doing the market research to understand and know what exactly they want and offer them exactly what they want, at the price they want.

You can’t go wrong with that!

Part Two - Client Retention

Part 2 of this process is your client retention activities, which is extremely important, and most clinics are doing poorly in this area.

Grab the list of your private patients and focus most of your energy and resources on them because they're more profitable, they are more open and willing to use your service, they care about their health, and they pay for it out of their pocket.

You also don't want to wait for insurance companies for a month, two, or three, as they take their sweet time to pay you while you're carrying the overhead and waiting to get paid.

VIP Program

One thing you could do with your cash patients is to offer a VIP program to this group of people.

In the VIP program, you can offer them some guarantees, higher service level, exclusive access and more.

for example, they would get:

  • Access guarantee
  • Time guarantee
  • VIP events
  • Access to other VIP members through our closed FB group
  • Exclusive packaging and pricing
  • And more

Use the market research and go through the descriptions that they gave you to offer them exactly what they want as part of your VIP program.

for example, I heard about a chiropractic office that had a time guarantee as follows:

If you're part of our VIP program, and you have an appointment at three o'clock, you're going to get in at three o'clock. That is the guarantee; which is a problem with a lot of clinics out there.

With VIP programs, you can also offer VIP events. These events are exclusive to VIP members to let them mix and mingle, get to know each other and more.

for example, this could be a dinner, with wine and cheese to get together, mix and mingle, network and have fun.

Now by running these events, you're nurturing the list and that establishes you as the authority for bringing people out, connecting them and staying in touch.

At the events, you can ask and secure a few appointments with patients that need to see you for treatments.

Also, you can get a few referrals to their networks, which I'm going to talk about later.

Email marketing

Next thing you could do is to send a specific email to this group of people, to your private patients and address their top challenges, fears, frustrations, and what they want and how to get it.

Here are some topic examples:

  • How to fix this challenge?
  • 3 ways to fix this problem…
  • How to overcome this concern
  • How to fix this pain
  • Five steps to get what you want

It is specific to their needs and their wants and it allows you to communicate with them like you never did before.


Next one is encouraging referrals from your cash patients.

If I'm a cash client at your clinic, chances are that in my circle, I know more people that are like me, because people hanging out with people that are like themselves!

So you want to tap into that potential and ask for referrals, encourage referrals.

You can also work on offering a seven star service that will automatically bring more referrals from this group of people.

Direct Mail Campaigns

The fourth one is a direct mail campaign that you could send to your existing list, or to an affluent neighbourhood that is more likely to bring you more cash patients from people that are more concerned and care more about their health.

You can send them three consecutive direct mail pieces:

  • First one talks about their challenges.
  • Second one talk about what they want and what their dream results look like.
  • And the third one, you offer them your program or your solution.

You say something like (I know this is too simple, but this is the overall message):

Hi Name,

Here's what you're experiencing. Here's what you want to have, and here's a program designed specifically for your needs.

Give us a call to get more information about our program.

Facebook Retargeting

You can create audiences from the people that visit your website and create audiences out of the people that actually visited your clinic.

You can then follow them around on Facebook, Youtube, Google etc. and show them ads to stay in touch and bring them back to your website to book an appointment.

To get more cash clients, I would upload the list of my cash clients and ask FB to show ads to this group of people that are similar to my private patients. It is called Facebook Lookalikes, (your marketing person should know how to do this).


Anyway, those are my tips for getting more cash and private patients for your Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Dental clinic.

An Overview

  • First, do the market research understand exactly what they want.
  • Second, work on client retention with the specific tips that I shared to bring in more of those patients and get referrals from them.

If you have any questions about getting more private patients, I'm offering a free 30-minute planning and strategy session, where we can discuss your challenges and uncover obstacles that are sabotaging you from reaching your goals.

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Have yourself a great day

Mostafa Hosseini

Health Clinic Marketing Coach working with Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Dental  Clinics on their Growth and Profitability.

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