Boost your Confidence In 45 Days or Less

Mostafa Hossseini, CEO & Founder of Persyo Inc

Yes, Mostafa! I'm ready to invest in myself, change other people's lives and businesses and make a massive difference in my business by boosting my confidence

I understand that I’m getting access to a one time offer worth over $3000 of training. This offer is available for a limited time and can be taken down any minute.

I also understand that this is a weekly bootcamp to be held online, and that there will be 2-3 hours of homework every week. I am committed to show up and do what it takes to build an unshakable confidence to take my business to the next level in these tough times.

I also understand that as part of
Simple Confidence Formula, I will get access to:

  • 6 Video Training Sessions 
  • Pre-Workshop Prep Check-list to get me ready for success
  • Access to the recording of the live classes in case I want to review the material
  • Create my One Page Personal Plan
  • List of Daily Affirmations to help me boost my confidence every day
  • Methods to overcome my top Challenges, Fears and Frustrations 
  • Templates and resources 
  • And more 

Yes, Mostafa! I'm ready to invest in myself, change other people's lives and businesses and make a massive difference in my business by boosting my confidence!

You MUST attend this workshop if you

  • Own a business and you would like to be more confident on a daily basis
  • Are afraid of being Rejected when you reach out to potential customers
  • Are feeling inadequate (your internal voice sometimes says: I am not enough)
  • Lose your motivation, when you don’t get results
  • Are afraid of being judged unfairly (wondering what they are thinking of me)
  • Think I should be further along with my business than where I am
  • Doubt about what you are capable of doing
  • Wonder whether it is ok to reach out or ask for help
  • Have a fear of putting yourself out there on video, and being visible on social media
  • And more 

This workshop is for you want to:

  • Get better at really taking control of your mindset
  • Comfortably convey your knowledge to your audience 
  • Get in front if a camera whenever you want without worrying about it!
  • Discover the secrets of people that are in the business, and what they do to maintain their state
  • Have your confidence and keep it
  • Learn some practical things, like how to get motivated quickly when you need it
  • Going through the scenarios in which you are rejected and learn how to handle them
  • Having a structured plan and a daily routine that helps you with your confidence 
  • Be charismatic, confident and have good vibes
  • Be wanted, accepted, and get invited
  • And more 

About your Host, Mostafa Hosseini

Mostafa is a serial entrepreneur, author and speaker and for the past 10 years he has been helping businesses in variety of niches and markets grow and scale and become more profitable. 

Over the years, Mostafa learned that growing a business has its own ups and downs, requires confidence on a daily basis, and is here to share those experiences with you.

This live boot camp is designed to help coaches, consultants and experts get to know themselves better, work with our community to take their confidence to the next level and have all the confidence in the world when it comes to running their business. 

Mostafa also runs a show called:  Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs. Through interviews and monologues, Mostafa shares the wisdom he has gained through the years on confidently starting, running and maintaining his businesses. 

To learn more about it please visit

If you are an entrepreneur or if you are somebody that has launched a business and struggling with your confidence and trying to figure out what your next steps are in growing and scaling your business confidently, this Bootcamp is going to be for you.”

Let’s work together, support each other and achieve tangible results for our business, our family and our society. 

Mostafa Hosseini - Business Coach - Simple Marketing Formula Bootcamp