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How to apply the 80/20 principle to my business
Here's a breakdown of the entire program:
The 80/20 program is a proven specific step by step system used by hundreds of successful companies around the world to build profitable businesses.

The program consists of 8 steps that put you on your way to create a profitable business.

In each section, you will learn one important aspect of optimizing your business and by the end of the class, you will get a simple homework.

Each homework should take about 1 to 2 hours to complete during the week.

By following these steps you will be able to:
  •  Know exactly what you must focus your resources on and what you must ot focus on. 
  • Find where to spend your time and money to make a Massive difference in your business and life style. 
  • Create the right business that is aligned with your business goals, life style ,and your customer demands. A business your customers want to invest in on a daily basis
  •  Dociver how to literally work less and bring in more sales and profits
Component #1: The 8 Steps to Supercharge your business
Component 1: Clients
  •     Plan how to utilize your client list properly and profitably in your harmonized business model
  •     Define the financially viable niche market that you are also passionate to work with
  •     Discover the part of your market you want to focus on to create the biggest impact in other people's lives while growing your business successfully
Component 2: Services & Products
  • Find the most in-demand products for your target market
  • Discover how to double your profits in a short amount of time
  •     Learn where to focus your time and resources to maximize client satisfaction and profits
Component 3: Your team
  •     Plan your team structure base on their performance and KPIs 
  •     Identify who to focus on and spent your time with more often to double your team's results in 3 to 6 months
  •     Identify the best members of your team and learn how to refocus training to make the biggest impact 
Component 4: Marketing Activities
  •     Discover the fastest scientific way to find out which marketing activities are working and which ones are not
  •    Find the strategies and which ones to invest in to double the number of your leads 
Component 5: Expenses
  •     Find out the fastest way to reduce the expenses
  •     Get feedback on your content from your beta users and improve the training as you go if needed
  •     Continue building relationship with influential people in the market and get their feedback on your courses
Component 6: Time Management
  •    Learn how to build and focus your daily activities on the items that make 80% of your results
  •     Drag and drop your videos, PowerPoints, audio files and documents as you build your content; the easiest way to have your training site with no technical issues
  •     Setup your payment system to get paid online when you launch your program publicly
Component 7: Price
  • Get the simplest method to make price irrelevant
  • Find out how you can setup your service offering so customers are least resistant to your price 
  •     Prepare your promotional emails by using Ultimate Course Formula tested email series to invite people to your landing pages and sales pages
Component 8: Processes and procedures
  •      Find the fastest way on the planet to find the bottlenecks in your processes and procedures 
  •     Find areas of your process that can improve time by 80%
  •     Optimize your business processes in a few simple steps 
Why most people struggle with creating their online courses?
Although you know that you should take your knowledge and message online and sell it through online courses, like many other experts you  get overwhelmed with so many moving parts that are involved.

Many experts are concerned whether or not :
  •     They can sell their course after spending months of work producing the content
  •     They can create a course that brings actual results to their customers
  •     They can figure out the technology or find experts who have the required experience without costing them an arm and a leg
  •     They can find affiliates to send potential clients to their sales page
  •     They can succeed without having a mailing list or being known in their market
That is until you get access to Ultimate Course Formula
During this 8 week step by step system, you will have only 1 homework every week that will take about 4 hours to complete.
You will have a sense of certainty that...

  •     You are creating an amazing course for your tribe
  •     You create a course aligned with your customer demand
  •     You create a course that your customers will invest in to get access to and change their lives
  •     You create a course that influential people want to promote to their mailing lists and refer clients to you
  •     You will position yourself as the "Go To Expert" in your field
  •     You will be able to increase the value of your services and products ,and increase your prices as a result
I look forward to working with you, walking you every step of the way and helping you to help thousands of people live a better life while you build a successful business for yourself through creating a profitable business.

~ Mostafa Hosseini - Creator of "How to apply the 80/20 principle to my business"
I'm ready to invest and learn how to Supercharge my businesses while making a massive difference by applying these proven simple principles to my business
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